GTA 6 map leaked, Amazon bans Aukey, Venom 2 unveils its trailer, recap of the week

A new leak of the GTA 6 map confirms a return to Vice City, Amazon puts Aukey aside because of the false opinions, Venom 2 is finally entitled to its first trailer… welcome to the recap of the week!

The questions have rushed this week. Revelations like the one at one end of the GTA 6 map have put Vice City’s eventual return to the saga back to the fore. A video of a Redmi smartphone running on HarmonyOS jeopardized Xiaomi’s promise not to give up on Android. Amazon, for its part, is looking for the right method to fight fake reviews on its platform, and for doing so has punished Aukey, one of its most popular resellers. Some certainties remain, however, thanks to the first trailer for Venom 2 unveiled by Marvel, but also the arrival of Starlink in France, accompanied by an impressive price package.

Aukey pays the price for his questionable practices

Aukey is no longer allowed to sell his products on Amazon. The supplier used to hire people to leave false reviews on their devices. The latter had, a few days after their purchase, to write a fictitious comment on the marketplace and could then keep the product as payment. To avoid getting caught with his hand in the bag, Aukey asked his “fans” to wait 5-7 days before posting their review. Too weak a precaution, it seems since Amazon has decided to ban the supplier of its rays. “We have long-standing policies to protect the integrity of our store, including product authenticity, genuine reviews, and products that meet our customers’ expectations.”, justified the platform.

aukey charger

A new piece of the GTA 6 map is revealed

Fake or not fake? Suspicions remain around supposed revelations of the GTA 6 map. While a first leak caused a stir in the gaming world, a new piece of what could be the title island has appeared on 4chan. The photo reveals the southern part of the area, green and visibly sparsely inhabited. As usual, it is better to take this information with a lot of caution. Rockstar is extremely silent about the progress of development and it seems difficult to verify the veracity of the material available to date. Patience, therefore.

GTA 6 artwork

Starlink drops off its suitcases in France

99 € / month. This is what you will have to pay if you decide to purchase the Starlink subscription, which has just landed in France. Added to this is the kit at 499 € including Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables, satellite dish and mounting tripod. Finally, do not forget the € 59 shipping and handling costs. In total, it will therefore be necessary to pay € 657 to take advantage of Elon Musk’s Internet connection. SpaceX specifies that registrations are open “to a limited number of users per coverage area ” and “orders will be processed in order of arrival, on a first come, first served basis “.

Credit: Starlink

Xiaomi will he leave Android for HarmonyOS?

We already know that Huawei looks kindly at Chinese manufacturers with its new HarmonyOS operating system. We know less, however, what the response of these manufacturers is. Although a few brands have mentioned their interest in a possible migration, no tangible evidence has emerged to date. Until the publication of a video showing a Redmi smartphone running visibly on the operating system. On ignition, the screen displays “Powered by HarmonyOS”. However, Xiaomi has previously assured that its smartphones will not be ditching Android anytime soon. Case to follow.

xiaomi harmony os

Discover the first trailer for Venom 2

Despite the rather mixed reviews of the first installment, Marvel presented Venom 2 this week. the daily life of Eddie Brock and his alien parasite, but also to confirm the presence of Cletus Kassidy, serial killer well known to fans of Spider-Man comics. The latter will come into contact with another alien symbiote to become Carnage, Venom’s nemesis. In the cast, we of course find Tom Hardy accompanied by Michelle Williams and Reid Scott. Woody Harrelson will play Carnage, while Naomie Harris will take on the role of Shriek. See you next September.


Our tests of the week

This week, we the Zenfone 8 as well as the reissue of Mass Effect have been in the editor. Asus’ latest phone has many great things: it offers udo solid photo experience, both on its rear sensors and selfie, its battery largely does what is asked of it and the Android interface is carefully crafted. On the other hand, we regret the very poor heat management and too much contrasting colorimetry. From € 699. The remaster of the first 3 Mass Effect is neat, with a welcome readjustment of the gameplay. This is a great opportunity to dive back into the cult saga, even if its price 60 € and 70 € can challenge when there is little improvement.

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