Grenier player attacks YouTube, failed fiber connections annoy a mayor, the recap

The Youtubeur Joueur du Grenier is going to file a complaint against the platform, a mayor wants to solve the problems of fiber connections, Microsoft refuses that you install Windows 11 on an incompatible PC… Here is the recap of the week.

People have visibly recovered this week. On the one hand, we have Frédéric Molas, aka Joueur du Grenier on YouTube, who is about to sue his own platform for censorship. On the other hand, a French mayor has had enough of the problems of fiber connections and has decided to take the bull by the horns. Amidst all of this, Apple is forced to remind that bitter-tasting batteries aren’t ideal for its AirTags, and Microsoft that Windows 11 is only for compatible PCs and not others. Meanwhile, Gaia has joined the ranks of Android Auto.

Le Joueur du Grenier files a complaint against YouTube

By posting his video on Duke Nukem, Frédéric Molas alias Joueur du Grenier did not have any illusions. ” Go for it, I estimate its lifespan in its uncensored version of just a few hours, ” he had written at the time of the release. It was not lacking, since said video has effectively been deleted. The Youtubeur then posted a second video in a “censored” version, hoping that it remains on the platform. Unfortunately, it has also been withdrawn. “I have reached a degree of disgust with this platform which is such that even knowing that it is our main source of income, I wish it to die “, he testifies. He thus decided to sue YouTube.

youtube attic player
Credits: Wikipedia

Gaia makes its debut on Android Auto

Already on the strength of the cartography of Ware and TomTom NaviGO, Android Auto now has the versatility of Gaia. Thanks to the detailed directions of the routes recorded in the Gaia GPS application, Android Auto offers hands-free navigation for a safer and more convenient driving experience, whether in town or on country roads “, Gaia teams said. It is therefore now possible to access the routes provided by the GPS, provided that they are passable by car.

gaia android auto
Credit: Gaia

Do not use bitter-tasting batteries on your AirTags

AirTags can be very practical for watch your child and make sure it’s safe, but one major concern is that their batteries are easily accessible and can therefore be ingested by younger children. Also, some parents have opted for bitter-tasting batteries to dissuade them from making their meals. A solution that would be far from ideal according to Apple, which specifies in a support document that “l CR2032 batteries with a bitter coating may not work with AirTag or other battery-powered products, depending on the alignment of the coating to the battery contacts “. The only solution for the firm: do not use Airtag to track your child.

Duracell bitter taste
Credit: Duracell

Faced with failed fiber connections, a mayor decides to act

With on average 20% of fiber connections that turn out to be unsuccessful, nerves are starting to heat up on the user’s side. This is particularly the case of Jean-Louis Vaudescal, mayor of the small town of Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames who, after having decided to completely review the installation of the town, explains that“It all stopped overnight.” In question, the NRO, the optical connection node, to which all residents have access, which they do not hesitate to do in the event of a breakdown. Also, the mayor decided to regulate operations on the NRO, by requiring operators to ask for permission before doing anything.

mayor chaos fiber optic
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No need to try to install Windows 11 on an incompatible PC

Since the announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft has been categorical: at a minimum, a TPM chip on its motherboard to install the operating system. For now, it is possible to circumvent this obligation with the beta version of the OS. But the editor warns: this will no longer be the case after the launch of the final version.“Our strategy is not to allow you to bypass the hardware requirements for Windows 11. We will always prevent you from updating your PC if it is not supported because we really want to make sure it is. secured “.No more backdoor methods to have the right to the OS therefore, you will need to make sure you have a compatible PC.

Windows 11

Our tests of the week

This week, we invite you to discover the affordable smartphone from Samsung, wireless headphones from Nothing and the latest from Vivo. the Galaxy A22 4G benefits from a very good OLED screen, a very decent photo system and a satisfactory autonomy for such a low price, namely € 219. But the latter is felt in terms of performance, not very impressive and the audio part rather missed. The Nothing Ear 1, they are beautiful, comfortable and deliver a very good sound. But their application leaves very little control and choice of customization. Interesting for € 99. Finally, the Vivo V21 5G shines with its quality photo module, its pleasant platform and its long-lasting autonomy. But its power leaves much to be desired and it disappoints on the audio side. € 449.

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