Gray’s Anatomy: the 10 saddest episodes in the medical series

The 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy it’s been a real ordeal for fans of the medical series. However, there is no denying that viewers have faced many other trials throughout the seasons. Starring Ellen Pompeo, the series is known for addressing themes such as death, relationships (loving and friendship), complicated family situations and much more.

Looking at all the seasons, here are the 10 episodes that made us cry the most. So, already separate the tissue and come check out these memories with us!

See the 10 saddest episodes of Gray’s Anatomy:

10. How To Save a Life

(Source: ABC / Disclosure)(Source: ABC / Disclosure)Source: ABC

Just by reading the title of this episode, we should already know that he would be one of the saddest. After all, the song “How To Save a Life” was the soundtrack for other touching episodes. In this particular chapter, Derek helps some patients who have been in a car accident, and then he also suffers an accident.

After a series of wrong medical decisions, Derek is pronounced dead. That was the end of the relationship between the neurosurgeon and Meredith, a theme that has followed fans since the first episode.

9. Fight The Power

The 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy is addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is only natural that some of its episodes make the list of the saddest chapters in the medical series. In “Fight The Power”, we met Bailey’s mother for the first time. However, we barely had time to get used to it, since Elena is infected with the virus.

Next to her mother until the last minute, Miranda sings “My Girl” for her, creating one of the most exciting scenes ever recorded.

8. Good Mourning

At the end of season 5, we discovered that the unknown patient who arrived at Seattle Grace, as he was called at the time, after being hit by a bus was actually George O’Malley. Then, in the first episode of season 6, he dies on the operating table and the surgeons deal with what happened.

The episode is especially sad for Callie. After all, George’s mother says that, in the eyes of God, she remains his wife and, therefore, should decide the fate of her organs.

7. All I Could Do Was Cry

(Source: ABC / Disclosure)(Source: ABC / Disclosure)Source: ABC

In this episode of Gray’s Anatomy, April needs to deal with the news that her first baby had a fatal condition. Her son’s bones with Jackson were still broken in the womb and they decide to have the child anyway. However, the child dies in his arms.

6. Things We Said Today

Adele and Richard also had their share of problems during the series. The climax was when Adele needed surgery and Bailey postponed her marriage so that she could be his surgeon. So, everyone believes she is fine, but she suffers a heart attack and dies.

5. Flight

It is even difficult to talk about this episode without goosebumps. In “Flight”, Derek, Mark, Meredith, Lexie, Cristina and Arizona are in a plane crash and need to take care of each other until help arrives – which takes a few days to happen.

Lexie is trapped under the wreckage of the plane and the doctors know they won’t be able to help her. Upon realizing that she would die, she and Mark finally admit the love they feel for each other, just so that she dies.

4. Going, Going, Gone

(Source: ABC / Disclosure)(Source: ABC / Disclosure)Source: ABC

It does not stop there. In the next episode, doctors from Gray’s Anatomy they are back at work, but Mark remains unconscious. Derek and Richard talk about something that “needs to happen at 5 pm” and, later on, we find out that this is the time when Mark will be removed from life support devices.

With that, he becomes the 2nd doctor to die in the plane crash. So, doctors decide to rename Seattle Grace Hospital as Gray Sloan in honor of Lexie and Mark.

3. Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

Although Cristina is undoubtedly one of the toughest doctors who ever went through the series, watching her being abandoned at the altar was not easy. Especially since she had finally decided that she really wanted to spend the rest of her days with Burke.

2. Losing My Religion

After cutting Denny’s LVAD wire, Izzie believes that everything is fine with her future husband. However, a complication of the surgery causes him to die before the two of them can even have a first date outside the hospital. So, Izzie needs to deal with his death and also with all the problems of his career.

1. Sactuary

(Source: ABC / Disclosure)(Source: ABC / Disclosure)Source: ABC

Without a doubt, the saddest episode of Gray’s Anatomy it was Sanctuary. With two parts, the episode follows a shooting at Seattle Grace, committed by a man who wanted to avenge the death of his wife. In addition to losing Charlie and Reed, Derek is also shot and Cristina needs to operate on him with a gun pointed at his head. All of this, of course, while Meredith loses the baby she was carrying.

So, how is your heart after this list of the saddest episodes in the series? Comment on what you thought of the ranking and what you expect from the 17th season of Gray’s Anatomy in the space below and share the article on social networks!

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