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Grand Chase (Image: Handout/KOG)

Grand Chase always will be one of the most important games of my life. For nine years, between 2006 and 2015, I spent a lot of time — and money — evolving my characters and having fun. Because it is an online game, I was still able to meet wonderful people, who, over time, became my best friends. In the following lines, I share some memories that I cultivated in these years of adventure through Ernas.

A time when everything was simpler

at the time when Grand Chase arrived in Brazil in 2006, I remember experiencing a collective excitement with friends at school. At that time, the publisher Level Up was a reference in the Brazilian market because of the success of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online — another game that is part of my life to this day. Therefore, everyone was excited about the debut of another game from the company.

The internet was not so accessible today, especially in the region where I live. Then, the news took a while to arrive and there were not many specialized sites providing information about Grand Chase. All we knew was that the game was going to have three female characters and side-view action gameplay.

Grand Chase’s gameplay was simple and fun (Image: Handout/KOG)

The dubbing was the biggest differentiator of Grand Chase

One of the points that caught my attention the most in the game was the different gameplay of everything I had seen in online games, so far. I was a player Ragnarok Online, MU Onlineand other MMORPGs based on clicking the mouse to move and attack.

not case of Grand Chaseyou only needed the mouse to navigate the menus. All combat depended only on your keyboard skilland that was amazing to me.

Although I loved the gameplay right away, another feature of the game hooked me much harder: dubbing the characters’ lines in Brazilian Portuguese. When I heard the swordswoman Elesis speaking “Fatal Blow!” for the first time with the unforgettable voice of Samira Fernandes, I fell in love with the game.

Survival mode was the height of fun

Grand Chase even had a PvP championship at Anime Friends, in São Paulo (Image: Reproduction/YouTube Level Up)

That strong connection made me dedicate nine years of my life to the game. Over that time, I met people with different personalities and backgrounds, but who had something in common: the love for Grand Chase.

I still remember the late nights spent in the clear playing the survival mode, from PvP (player versus player), with my friends while we were chatting on MSN or Skype. During those hours, it was as if there was no problem going on in real life.

Being around these people did me good, because I really felt included in that group. We laughed together, gossiped and sometimes even fought, but everything was fine after a while. Grand Chase it was like a conducting wire that connected us more and more, as we were playing and evolving at the same time.

Exaggerated microtransactions were a problem

To stay strong in Grand Chase, you had to spend money (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

There was, however, a problem that bothered many people: the need to spend real money to get stronger in the game. Because it’s a free game, Grand Chase always relied on microtransações to profit — a very common practice in the video game market.

However, in certain cases, the advantage conceived by cash items — the virtual currency purchased with real money — it was exaggerated. Because of this, the game became known as “pay to win”.

When you’re playing with friends, it’s normal not to want to be left behind. Some content required strong characters, and that put a weight on people’s shoulders, which felt compelled to spend money. During these nine years in the game, I must have invested around R$ 4 thousand in my account.

Was it a considerable expense? Yea, but I don’t regret, even losing my account after the closure of Level Up servers in 2015. In addition to having a lot of fun and meeting wonderful people, the amount I spent in cash has been diluted over the years. So, the damage to the wallet was not that serious after all.

The end of Grand Chase ended some ties

Closing of Grand Chase had a live concert in Brazil to celebrate the game (Image: Reproduction/YouTube Level Up)

As I mentioned above, everything was great until the fateful day when Level Up announced the shutdown of servers from Grand Chase in Brazil in January 2015.

At that time, the game’s South Korean developer — the KOG Games — did not give very clear explanations about the shutdown of the game. I just remember feeling a deep sadness, because it was like a piece of my life was being erased out of the blue.

I didn’t think too much about the money spent or the time devoted to the game, which wouldn’t come back to me. In my head, the biggest loss would be no longer having that game that connected me to my friends. The relationships built and the stories lived could be lost forever. Just the thought of going through this was painful enough.

With the end of the game, some friendships really weakened and I had to say goodbye to some people. Some relationships have a beginning, a middle and an end., but that doesn’t mean anything bad. Certain individuals pass through our lives, mark us and leave, just like the natural cycle of the world.

On the other hand, I managed to keep more friends around than I thought. Back in 2006, it was difficult to keep in touch, because the internet had limitations. Today, there are several ways to stay present, even distant. That’s how I stayed close to my best friends, who have been with me for over 10 years.

The game ends but the memories remain

Grand Chase is over, but the memories live on (Image: Handout/KOG)

Even though the game is over, the memories and the bonds will be kept for ever with me. I know that Grand Chase came back through Steam, but I prefer to keep the good memories of the past.

The game is the same, but the feeling when playing is not the same anymore. In this specific case, there is no denying my nostalgia.

For you, reader, which game has marked your life for years? Do you have an experience similar to the one you just read about? Share your story with us in the Community of technoblog!

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