Grand Casino Tycoon Review

Las Vegas can be considered the cradle of civilization when we consider the world of gambling, casinos, entertainment and the rich. Who has never wanted to go to the Nevada region to have fun or go crazy there?

This desire grows even more for Brazilians, who are not used to slot machines, betting tables and that card game worth a good deal of money.

I’m not talking about that 10 reais a round trick. I’m talking about something completely legal.

Powered by Stillalive Studios, who became well known with the franchise Bus Simulator, Grand Casino Tycoon arrived on the market so that the company could discover a genre that was not so intimate.

In addition, a style driven by new ideas, which not even the most experienced in the field tycoon decided to consider. But did the idea of ​​building a casino in the digital world work?

Show me the money!

Grand Casino Tycoon presents you with two ways to play, one sandbox and another one, which looks like a mission mode. In the first, the player explores the world of casinos at random, starting from scratch and with lots of money. In it, everything will be unlocked.

In mission mode, more robust and with a background, you need to meet different expectations, such as the budget of the place, the well-being of customers and fulfilling objectives to pass the stage and have the right to explore new casinos.

You are hired by a millionaire to manage your gambling venture. The beginning of the adventure works as a good learning experience, where the main game mechanics will be presented.

Practically the entire adventure serves as a tutorial for the sandbox mode, as the first missions put you face to face with the possibilities to grow the enterprise. The player always starts with a lot of money, which facilitates the development of the casino.

In the smallest detail

The construction of a bookmaker, in Grand Casino Tycoon, goes through several situations that intertwine. The first of these is the most important: the betting equipment.

At the start of the game it will be possible to build slot machines, video poker and low stakes tables. They just don’t survive on their own. It is necessary to have food and drink around the fun. For this, the player will be able to create a real food hall.

But don’t think that this alone will solve the situation. It is still necessary to make the environment pleasant, with music and lots of decoration. Each type of bettor has a preference and it will be essential to analyze all of them to make the scenario more prone to spending.

After all, your big task is to make customers spend, spend and spend even more. This will only happen if they are happy. This game of satisfaction is not complex, it works in a simple way and the developers have implemented everything in an easy to manage way.

There is no great crisis management and even less those complicating ingredients, which somehow hinder the gaming experience. Grand Casino successfully fulfills this challenge.

the puzzle

The idea of ​​making a management game and building a casino appealed to me. However, the insertion of an element made the development of the game massive, boring and tedious.

The title divides casino patrons, making each one of them have a preference. Some like funk, others jazz. Some like noisy machines, others like caviar. So-and-so likes a wine, cyclano prefers a stronger drink. And so on.

The big thing about all of this is that Grand Casino Tycoon requires your betting room to be divided into areas. Customers should not mix, because if this happens, you will hardly profit.

They will be dissatisfied, sad and will hardly use their rich money. Of course this ingredient makes the game more complex, but it ends up running away from the proposal of a Tycoon game.

The company wanted to innovate in this sense, but it seems that it backfired. This is because customers end up wandering through all areas of your business. This makes it difficult to implement an area dedicated to each type of gambler, whether you are compulsive or addicted to slot machines.

feel in vegas

The graphic part is another detail that draws attention. As much as it is a game Tycoon, Grand Casino can fill a considerable space in the immersion with an acceptable look. Even with the isometric view it’s easy to feel inside a casino.

The characters have a life of their own, but they could be more polished, even though the company’s intention was to leave them with a cartoony look. Apart from this detail, all the other ingredients in the game are well made, in excellent taste.

One factor that unfortunately didn’t please me was the fact that it was not possible to rotate the camera 360 degrees. We know that not inserting this movement helps a lot in optimizing the game, which is impeccable.

However, the lack of movement provides blind corners in the game, which hinders an exact construction and especially in the choice of items in each part of the betting room.

Worth it?

Grand Casino Tycoon tries to bring you into casino management, but when you least expect it, you have to solve your customers’ problems and tastes. The first hours of construction are fun and enjoyable. Afterwards, it all turns into a puzzle to solve little snags that stress more than amuse.

Satisfy customers and be happy even if they lose money

Voxel Grade: 65


  • Game is in PT-BR
  • Simple management

Negative points

  • Satisfying customers gets in the way
  • simple graphics
  • 2 hours of game and it’s already

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