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O GPD XP Plus is the new handheld console from the Chinese manufacturer GPD, with a look inspired by the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. able to run android gamesthe video game has a 6.8-inch screen and controls on the sides of the device — which can be changed at any time, depending on the type of game, thanks to the magnetic modules.

GPD XP Plus (Image: Publicity/GPD)
GPD XP Plus (Image: Publicity/GPD)

The device arrives to replace the old GPD XPlaunched in November 2021. With a design almost identical to its predecessor, built in gray aluminum housing, the GPD XP Plus received improvements processor performance, storage speed and wireless internet connection quality.

In the internal components, the console has the chip MediaTek Dimensity 1200, which promises to deliver more performance than the MediaTek Helio G95 used in the previous version. According to the manufacturer, the latest processor outperforms in several performance tests even Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888, used in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and Asus ROG Phone 5, for example.

GPD even thought of equipping the GPD XP Plus with the newly announced Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 — dedicated chip for handheld consoles that promises to run games at up to 144 FPS. However, the company dropped the idea due to “known restrictions and high pricing policies”.

Among the other improvements of the device are the UFS 3.1 storage (was UFS 2.1 in the previous version), and the adoption of Wi-Fi 6 instead of Wi-Fi 5. In addition, the 6 GB RAM memory It has LPDDR4X standard and reaches speed up to 4266 MHz. already the 7,000 mAh battery Supports 65W fast charging.

Like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, the GPD XP Plus can be connected to an external display to display the games in higher quality. The device’s USB-C port supports video output in resolutions from 4K at 60 Hz or 1080p at up to 168 Hz.

GPD XP Plus comes with three modular controls

Modular controls of the GPD XP Plus (Image: Disclosure/GPD)
Modular controls of the GPD XP Plus (Image: Disclosure/GPD)

As a major differential, the portable video game brings modular controls. Thanks to the magnetic connectors on the sides, players can change the joystick on the right at any time. In the console box there are three control options: one for shootersanother for MOBAs and a traditional module inspired by the Xbox.

The GPD guarantees that the magnetic modules are resistant, able to withstand up to 1.1 kg of force without breaking. The controllers charge when they are connected to the device, just like the Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch.

Get technical – GPD XP Plus

A complete technical sheet of the GPD XP Pluswith all the details of the internal and external components, you can check it out below:

  • Screen: 6.81-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, 388 ppi and 60 Hz;
  • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 1200 octa-core;
  • RAM memory: 6 GB LPDDR4X operating at 4266 MHz;
  • Internal storage: 128GB UFS 3.1 with microSD card support up to 2TB;
  • Drums: 7,000 mAh with 65W fast charging;
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and mobile networks up to 4G;
  • Sensors: compass, gravity and gyroscope;
  • ports: 1x USB-C, 1x headphone and microphone combo;
  • Operational system: Android 11 and GPD Metro UI;
  • Dimensions:
    • 233 x 83 x 18 mm (controle de Xbox);
    • 216 x 83 x 18 mm (shooter controller);
    • 205 x 83 x 18 mm (MOBA control);
  • Weight:
    • 370 grams (Xbox controller);
    • 350 grams (shooter control);
    • 330 grams (MOBA control).

price and availability

The GPD XP Plus is in the crowdfunding phase on the Indiegogo website, with a global launch forecast for May 2022. The manufacturer wants to raise US$ 200,000 before making the device available for sale.

There is still no final price for the handheld console. It is worth mentioning that the previous model — the GPD XP — hit the market at a cost US$ 341 (approximately R$1,576 in direct conversion).

With information: Liliputing, Gizmochina, GPD.

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