Government Admits to Work with Partners for Pre-Work Cards Not to Be Tender Tender

But also not through direct appointment. So through what?

Jakarta, IDN Times – The government recognizes the election provider who are partners of the Work Card are not done in a tender auction. Because, there is no organization of goods or services paid by the government to digital companies that are partners.

Executive Director of Managing Management of the Work Cards Denni Puspa Purbasari said the process did not go through an auction because the program budget of Rp5.6 trillion would be directly received by 5.6 million participants benefiting from the Work Card Program.

“Because the money is in Babun (State General Treasurer). The money goes directly to participants, not at ministries / institutions. Perpres 16/2018,” Denni said in a virtual webinar, Friday (6/19).

However, according to him, the Work Card Program has involved the Government Goods / Services Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP). “LKPP, which we invited from the beginning of the drafting of the presidential regulation, said that this was not an auction for the procurement of goods and services in the Work.”

1. Do not enter LKPP because the funds are given directly to participants

(Illustration of the appearance of the pre-employment card application) BETWEEN PHOTOS / Aditya Pradana Putra

This was conveyed by Denni in line with the statement of the Director of the Communication Program Panji Winanteya Ruky Panji Card. Panji said the government in this program provided funds to the people who would take part in training that could be used to pay for training costs on line which are available.

“So, there is no procurement of goods and services by the government provided by the companies, because we do not pay them. And they do not provide training on our orders, because it is not the government that chooses but the people themselves,” Panji said in video conferenceWednesday (4/23).

2. All Workers Card partners are also not directly appointed

Government Admits to Work with Partners for Pre-Work Cards Not to Be Tender Tender(BETWEEN PHOTOS / Nova Wahyudi)

Although not through a tender auction, Panji also confirmed the election provider not done through direct appointment, but a Cooperation Agreement (PKS). Panji also explained that the people affected by COVID-19, especially for layoff victims, needed an acceleration of government assistance programs.

The Project Management Office (PMO) Project has been directed to immediately work with digital platforms that are ready to provide services marketplace for training in accordance with Regulation of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy (Permenko) No. 3 of 2020.

In the legal umbrella, it is stated that the period of this cooperation is two years, but it also depends on the cooperation agreement between the provider of the platform and the training institute. The requirement for training institutions to participate in the Pre-Employment Card program especially in the COVID-19 pandemic period is to have a training program on line, digital content, has website link, must have a minimum NIB.

“In the early days, it was still a direct cooperation agreement, not a designation. (The provisions) are in the Permenkonya (Permenko No 3 of the Economy 2020),” he said.

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2. Airlangga denies that the selection of the Pre-Employment Card is not transparent

Government Admits to Work with Partners for Pre-Work Cards Not to Be Tender TenderCoordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto. (IDN Times / Hana Adi Perdana)

The Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto answered the accusation about the selection of the vendor of the Pre-Employment Card training which was considered not transparent. He said the government had curated the selection of Pre-Employment Card partners.

“We are using national capabilities. Of course we have the digital reputation. We have 2,000 partners, which is important, we can on line. Second if offline talking quality and others. We have curated and added because it does not match the demographics because of the corona virus, “he said in a live chat with Fun IDN Times.

Airlangga added, the government also did not curb the participants of the Work Card to vote provider the training.

The vendors chosen by the government are seven startup including Tokopedia, Skill Academy by Ruangguru, What You Want to Learn, Bukalapak, Pintaria, Your School, Pijar Mahir, and one other is Sisnaker from Kemenaker.

“So the eight platforms are competing with each other. So that’s an election for individuals. The government is not directing,” he added.

3. Conditions to be provider Pre-Employment Card partners

Government Admits to Work with Partners for Pre-Work Cards Not to Be Tender TenderWorkforce Card budget allocation. IDN Times / Rahmat Arief)

Assistant to the Deputy for Manpower at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs Yulius, there are several requirements to become a partner of the Employment Card. Some of them are having adequate IT.

“To become a platform, there are conditions for example, having national coverage. Having adequate IT. Don’t be foolish. Having their own portal and also having a work competency-based training institution,” he said.

Yulius added, platforms that have these requirements may not necessarily be selected as Pre-Employment Card partners. “Later the PMO will clarify, see again, oh this turns out to be appropriate or not,” he added.

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