GORICA – DINAMO 0: 0 Great Gorica postponed the celebration of the champion to the helpless Dinamo

GORICA and Dinamo played 0: 0 in the game of the 30th round of the HNL. Dinamo needed a victory at Gorica in order to secure a new Croatian title tonight, but the Blues fans will have to be patient at least until next week.

Excellent Gorica did not allow Dinamo to celebrate the title on its field. The match ended without goals, and according to what was seen in the 90 minutes of the game in Gorica, we can even say that the home team was closer to winning all three points than the future champion. This is Gorica’s first point against Dinamo in the eight games they played in the HNL.

Gorica was not afraid of Dinamo, they played bravely, smartly and firmly and deservedly took a big point. Kristijan Lovrić provided an excellent game for Gorica, and the best goalkeeper for Dinamo was Dominik Livaković, who saved his team on several occasions.

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Match progress:


93 ‘Lovric dangerously from a free kick, Livakovic defends with small problems

90 ‘Livakovic saves Modra again

87 ‘We haven’t seen such a helpless Dinamo for a long time

85 ‘Lovric again, now by the door. Lovrić’s ninth shot from 11 Gorica

81 ‘Lovric is on target but unsuccessful. Of Gorica’s ten shots, as many as eight were directed by Kristijan Lovrić

80 ‘Ten more minutes for Dinamo to defend the title tonight

74 ‘Lovric shoots again, but inaccurately

68 ‘Again great Livakovic saves Modra. Suk left the ball at 16 meters for Lovrić who beats in the very corner, but the Dinamo goalkeeper breaks it

56 ‘Calmer period of the match. Both teams seemed to squeeze the brakes

52 ‘Igor Jovicevic is substituted. Ivanušec goes out and Gojak enters

50 ‘After a big mistake today, bad Čabraja Ademi beats, and Kahlina defends excellently

49 ‘Livakovic showed why he is a representative unit. For a long time, the ball circled around the penalty area of ​​Dinamo, while Hamad did not pull the return ball from 12, 13 meters, and Livaković defended brilliantly

46 ‘The second half has begun and immediately after a sharp cross by Lovric new problems for the insecure Teophile


45 ‘Judge Vidulin seeks the help of VAR. Lovric’s cross was extended by Lovric’s head into five meters where Ndiaye was. The crowd did not see best what happened except that the Gorica player fell. However, after reviewing the video, Vidulin showed that the game should continue

41 ‘Great chance for Gorica and Lovric. At 25 meters, Guardiola knocked down one of Gorica’s players. However, Lovrić hit only the living wall, more precisely Ademi in the stomach, which collapsed on the grass

36 ‘Great penetration of Hamad on the right side, he immediately scored in 16 meters for Lovric, but his shot went high over the crossbar

33 ‘Čabraja makes an error. He handed the ball to Mora, who pulled it and passed it to Oršić. The Dinamo striker shot from the same position as a moment ago, but hit the outside of the net

32 ‘Lovric has been booked and must now be careful not to get a second yellow card

30 ‘Dinamo could have done this much better. Petković found Oršić nicely on the left side at some 18 meters, and Dinamo’s winger waited and messed for a long time until Gorica’s defense took the ball from him. He could have shot at the door sooner

21 ‘A new mistake in the defense of Dinamo. Suk passed Ademi, then Teophile’s mistake, after which Lovrić shot from the edge of the penalty area. Guardiola blocks and the ball is in the corner

Dinamo is having a hard time living in these moments, Gorica is better due to big mistakes in defense.

17 ‘Now Livaković saved Dinamo. The defense of the guests reacted badly, and Kristijan Lovrić came to the ball and beat, but Livaković broke

15 ‘After a series of half-chances, here is the first serious opportunity. Luka Ivanušec created a chance for himself and hit from ten meters, and Kahlina defended excellently

1 ‘The match has started


GORICA: Kahlina – Muhammed, Steenvoorde, Jovicic, Cabraja – Suk, Babec – Kalik, Hamad, Lovric – Ndiaye

DINAMO: Livaković – Moharrami, Theophile, Gvardiol, Moubandje – Ivanušec, Moro, Ademi – Kadzior, Oršić, Petković

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