Google Wear OS makes a big debut at Samsung

Samsung formalizes its two new watches, the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. If these two models benefit from a brand new processor and new features, such as snoring analysis, they mainly benefit from a major novelty: the integration of Android Wear (based on Google Wear OS), the new Google operating system, developed in collaboration with Samsung.

This is customary for Samsung: the launch of many connected objects, in addition to new very high-end smartphones, takes place during the summer. This year, the South Korean giant has decided to release two new foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. In terms of connected accessories, we are entitled to new headphones, the Galaxy Buds 2, which offer a reduction of active noise for less than 150 euros. But Samsung is also renewing its range of connected watches, with two new models: the Galaxy watch 4 series. And it is precisely these that will interest us here.

Two small details should be added before starting: Galaxy Watch4 replaces Watch Active2. As for the Watch4 Classic, it replaces the Watch3.

Samsung galaxy watch 4

Samsung offers 5nm Exynos to its Watch4 watches

Samsung is therefore launching two new watches at the same time, the Galaxy watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. On a purely technological level, the two watches are very similar. It is mainly on their size and their uses that the two accessories will differentiate themselves. One nevertheless offers a screen of 1.2 ″ (396 x 396 pixels), while the other offers a screen of 1.4 ″ (450 x 450 pixels). One has a 247 mAh battery (for the 40 and 42 mm models), while the other has a 361 mAh battery (for the 44 and 46 mm models).

As recently announced by Samsung, the Watch4 benefit from a brand new Exynos W920 processor engraved in 5 nm, but also a new screen. And in terms of capacity, they go from 8 to 16 GB of storage.

In short, there is something new on the hardware side. Autonomy side, despite the integration of a new processor, Samsung admits that nothing has changed compared to the previous generation. In the best case, it will be necessary to be satisfied with a lifespan of less than 2 days before the watch cries of famine. This is little. In contrast, charging time has been significantly reduced : we go from 2h30 on Watch 3 to 1h40 on Watch 4.

Samsung galaxy watch 4

Finally, and it is also an interesting novelty: the watch is provided with a compass. Handy for getting your bearings when you don’t want to constantly take out your smartphone. Obviously, the Bluetooth model of the Watch 4 will need to connect to it to download maps of the surroundings, while the Bluetooth edition can do without.

Android Wear joins the new Samsung smartwatches

The main novelty of the two watches is undoubtedly the adoption of the Wear OS operating system, called Android Wear. Samsung therefore draws a line on Tizen, his home OS, for the benefit of the Mountain View company. If Samsung and Google have collaborated on the development of this new OS, Samsung has nevertheless added its own overlay on its watch. According to the manufacturer, the goal is to allow users to access a wider choice of applications, while taking advantage of the Google ecosystem. The other side of the coin is that an Android smartphone is essential to actually manage the watch.

Samsung galaxy watch 4

The Watch 4 series therefore benefit from all the applications that Android Wear watch users are familiar with, but rest assured: to check the watch and all its measurements concerning your physical condition, it is always advisable to call on the Samsung Health Monitor. . As a result, despite the change of watch OS, you can recover all the data that your old Galaxy Watch was able to save.

Another small novelty: when you download an Android application on your smartphone, it is also automatically installed on the Galaxy Watch 4 (provided of course that it is compatible with the connected watch, of course).

Samsung galaxy watch 4

Watch 4 can do it all and could almost replace your smart scale

The watch is now able to perform a full body analysis in about 15 seconds. The accessory can thus determine your BMI, your bone density, your muscle mass, your body hydration, etc. In short, it could almost replace a connected scale, except that it is not able to estimate your weight.

Samsung has also incorporated a new feature into its watch, related to sleep tracking. Be careful, this may not appeal to everyone: the Galaxy Watch 4 is able to detect the snoring of its wearer!

Samsung galaxy watch 4

Price and availability of Watch 4 series

In terms of price, the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic each come in different versions. Here’s a recap:

  • Watch 4 Bluetooth – 40 mm – 269 €
  • Watch 4 Bluetooth – 44 mm – 299 €
  • Watch 4 4G – 40 mm – € 319
  • Watch 4 4G – 44 mm – 349 €
  • Watch Classic Bluetooth – 42 mm – 369 €
  • Watch Classic Bluetooth – 46 mm 399 €
  • Watch Classic 4G – 42 mm – 419 €
  • Watch Classic 4G – 46 mm – 449 €

The Watch 4 is available for pre-order from August 11 until August 26, 2022. For any pre-order placed before this date on its site, Samsung offers € 50 trade-in bonus, 2 bracelets and € 50 credit valid on Google Play .

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 07

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