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O Google revealed, this Wednesday (8), the 2021 surveys. The Brazilian list is led by trends, such as singer Marília Mendonça, Eurocopa and Palmeiras. The list also cites events that have marked the last few months, such as the 2021 Olympics and the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as questions such as “What is a cringe”.

Google (Image: Benjamin Dada/Unsplash)
Google (Image: Benjamin Dada/Unsplash)

The list that brings out the main trends of 2021 is an annual tradition. In the new edition, the Buscas do Ano list was led by singer Marília Mendonça, who, unfortunately, also appears in the Deaths category of the survey. The other surveys are related to sports: Eurocopa, Palmeiras, Libertadores and Brasileirão.

The sport also appeared in the 2021 report at other times. This is the case in the list of events, where the 2021 Olympics are in first place. The list also brings other facts that marked the year, such as the vaccine against COVID-19 (new coronavirus), the WhatsApp blackout and the Henry Borel and Lázaro cases.

COVID-19 listed other categories. In the grouping “Near me”, the search for “Vaccine COVID-19 near me” is found in second place. In “How much does it cost”, the question “How much does the COVID-19 test cost” appears in third place, shortly after the survey “How much does an oxygen cylinder”, which is the leader of the list.

All over the world, the searches of the year were carried out by the following terms: “Australia vs India”, “India vs England”, “IPL”, “NBA”, “Euro 2021”, “Copa America”, “India vs New Zealand ”, “T20 World Cup”, “Squid Game” and “DMX”.

Remember that the list does not indicate the most searched terms of the year, but the main trends based on the search terms that had the greatest increase in interest in 2021. According to Google, the list represents the subjects and terms that grew the most in the search engine, which piqued interest or were on the rise.

Check out the full Brazilian list below:

Google in Brazil: see surveys of the year in 2021

Searches of the year

  1. Marília Mendonça
  2. Eurocup
  3. palm trees
  4. liberators
  5. brazilian


  1. What is cringe?
  2. What is basque?
  3. What happened to WhatsApp?
  4. What is polytrauma?
  5. What studies icetology?


  1. 2021 Olympics
  2. COVID-19 vaccine
  3. whatsapp down
  4. Caso Henry Borel
  5. Lazaro case

Olympic Athletes

  1. Rebeca Andrade
  2. Isaquias Queiroz
  3. Simone Biles
  4. Rayssa Leal
  5. italo Ferreira


  1. decorated nails
  2. Hyaluronic acid
  3. Short hair
  4. Alopecia
  5. Belly button piercing

football clubs

  1. palm trees
  2. Corinthians
  3. São Paulo
  4. PSG
  5. Santos

How to make

  1. How to make a vegetable garden at home
  2. How to make cat toys
  3. How to make a Pix
  4. How to make homemade serum
  5. How to backup WhatsApp

How to be

  1. how to be a cold person
  2. How to be a Free Market delivery person
  3. how to be a hacker
  4. how to be an actress
  5. How to be a model


  1. eternal
  2. Black Widow
  3. Zack Snyder’s Justice League
  4. Venom: Time of Carnage
  5. Invocation of Evil 3


  1. Marília Mendonça
  2. MC Kevin
  3. Lazaro Barbosa
  4. Paulo Gustavo
  5. Bruno Covas

Music (Lyrics)

  1. Girl from Rio (Anitta)
  2. Little Star (Di Paullo & Paulino with Marília Mendonça)
  3. Cherry Lipstick (Israel & Rodolffo)
  4. God Protect Me From Me (Chico César)
  5. Drivers License (Olivia Rodrigo)


  1. Karol Conká
  2. Silvio Santos
  3. Luciano Szafir
  4. Lucas Hairstyle
  5. MC Livinho

Close to me

  1. pet shop near me
  2. COVID-19 vaccine near me
  3. Park to ride a bike near me
  4. Open market now near me
  5. florist near me

TV shows

  1. BBB 2021
  2. Power Couple
  3. On the edge
  4. save yourself who can
  5. The Farm 2021

How much

  1. How much does an oxygen cylinder cost
  2. How much does a dental implant cost
  3. How much does the COVID-19 test cost
  4. How Much Does Tooth Whitening Cost
  5. How much does a side lipo


  1. brownie from nescau
  2. Rain Cookie
  3. Green corn cake
  4. blender carrot cake
  5. Blackberry jam


  1. Round 6
  2. Bridgerton
  3. Invisible City
  4. Sweet Tooth
  5. Wandavision

became meme

  1. Cringe
  2. palm trees
  3. Mia Khalifa
  4. millstone peace
  5. creamy

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