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O Google Photos unlimited is coming to an end. The option to save photos and videos in high quality will also occupy the storage of the Google account, as announced at the end of last year. The change is expected to take effect from next week and will also reach new Google Pixel phones.

Google Photos (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi / Tecnoblog)

Google Photos (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi / Tecnoblog)

The new policy changes the storage management of the platform. Currently, when uploading photos and videos in high quality, files do not consume the storage shared between Google Photos, Drive and Gmail. Original quality backup, on the other hand, uses space in the cloud as files are submitted.

From June 1st, high quality shipments will also use the account space. This means that, after that date, the files submitted to the platform will use the 15 GB space offered by the company free of charge. Storage can also be expanded by subscribing to a Google One plan.

The change, however, will not affect media that are already stored in high quality. According to Google, only photos and videos sent on or after June 1, 2021 will consume account storage. As a result, media previously saved in this category will not count towards the Google Photos limit.

Google also pointed out, at the time, that a good part of its users will be able to use the service with free storage, of 15 GB, for some years. The company also made available a page that estimates how long the user will have free space to make their media backups. Go to the tool:

Google also confirmed that future Google Pixel phones will come without Google Photos unlimited. But despite the recent change in storage policy, the company has begun to alter the benefit to the brand’s phones with the Pixel 3a and 4.

Google Photos on Android (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

Google Photos on Android (Image: André Fogaça / Tecnoblog)

Google Photos will no longer have unlimited backup

As of the 1st, high quality shipments will also start to use the 15 GB storage offered by Google, as with the original quality option. This account space, it is worth remembering, is also shared with Google Drive files and Gmail content.

Users can also hire more storage to store more files, emails, photos, videos and the like when signing up for Google One. In addition to expanding the limit, the service also allows for sharing the quota with other family members. Check out the options and values ​​for each plan below:

  • 100 GB: R $ 6.99 per month or R $ 69.99 per year;
  • 200 GB: R $ 9.99 per month or R $ 99.99 per year;
  • 2 TB: R $ 34.99 per month or R $ 349.99 per year.

Even though the move ends unlimited free storage, looking for an alternative to Google Photos may not be as simple a task. As noted by the Android Police, in addition to saving photos and videos, the service also offers several features for editing images, including a tool to apply the popular bokeh effect. The platform even has shared albums, memories and more.

The service is still compatible with several platforms, not limited to Android only. Apple Photos, for example, also has storage of photos and videos in the cloud, as well as tools for image editing. The service, however, is aimed at branded products, such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac, even though it can be accessed through the iCloud application for Windows.

The user also has less free space on iCloud (5 GB), which is also used to store files, backups, emails and the like. To get more storage, you need to opt for plans whose monthly fees start at R $ 3.50, with 50 GB, and go up to R $ 34.90, with 2 TB. The expansion is still available when hiring the Apple One package, with prices starting at R $ 26.50.

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