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O Google made available new job openings for Brazilians this week. Opportunities are available both in São Paulo (SP) and Belo Horizonte (MG) and serve areas such as software engineering, marketing and more. O iFood it also opened 300 exclusive spaces for black people. already the Locaweb started an internship program. Discover these and other opportunities below.

Google's main building in the United States (Photo: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)
Google’s main building in the United States (Photo: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

Google opens vacancies in São Paulo and Belo Horizonte

Google announced more than 100 vacancies in São Paulo (SP) and Belo Horizonte (MG). Opportunities are available for areas such as Software Engineering, Google Cloud, Marketing, among others. “The selection processes are carried out completely online and are open to candidates from all over Brazil”, they informed.

Details of job openings can be checked directly from Google’s careers page: The company also offers exclusive opportunities for people with disabilities.

iFood has exclusive vacancies for black people

iFood kicked off the Food Includes Black People recruitment program. The initiative aims to offer opportunities for different positions and different areas of activity exclusively for black people. In this sense, the company also announced the opening of 300 vacancies to serve this audience only.

“The program will last for 4 months, from November 2021 to March 2022. The first contacts of the program’s selection process take place between December and January and the hiring will take place in the following months”, they informed. “But applicants have a chance to participate in the program until March of next year.”

Check out all the details on the initiative’s page:

Locaweb launches its first internship program

Locaweb is inaugurating its first internship program. The initiative is aimed at university students who are attending the fifth semester as of January 2022 and covers several areas. In addition, the opportunity is open to other business units, such as Bling, Etus, Octadesk, Ideris and Credisfera.

To participate, it is necessary to have availability for a journey of 30 hours per week for twelve months. The vacancies are for the on-site, hybrid and remote models, while the selection process will be carried out remotely. The offer also offers some benefits, such as health insurance, transportation vouchers, meal vouchers and more.

Interested parties can apply by November 30, 2021:

dr.consult opens vacancies for the internship program

There are also internship vacancies at dr.consulta. The company has opportunities available for all corporate areas, such as Technology, New Businesses, among others. The program is open to anyone who is taking any higher education course with training scheduled from December 2022 to December 2023.

The start date is expected in January 2022 and the duration is up to two years. In addition to remuneration, interns are entitled to benefits such as meal vouchers, transportation vouchers, gympass, among others. Registration is open until the 28th: ​​

Stark Bank has 11 tech jobs and more

Stark Bank is another company with opportunities available. fintech has opened 11 vacancies in the following areas: Software Engineering, Compliance, Customer Success, Marketing, Business and People. To participate, simply access the company’s website:

Job vacancies on Tecnoblog

In addition to the opportunities listed above, it is worth remembering that Tecnoblog is also hiring. If you want to be part of the largest independent technology vehicle in Brazil, check out the open positions in communication and technology.

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