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O Google I / O 2021 will be held between the 18th and the 20th of May, this time online, due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Still, the event promises great news, including details about Android 12, improvements for Google Assistant and other surprises focused on hardware. If you are eager to know what awaits us in a few days, follow the list below with everything to expect about the conference.

Google (Image: Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash)

Android 12

The first rumors about Android 12 emerged in 2020, and many of them were confirmed throughout this year. In February, Google released the first preview of the new version of the operating system with improvements in user experience and privacy and security, which includes greater control over the use of cookies and more restrictions on the MAC address of the device.

Chat widgets on Android 12 (image: reproduction / XDA-Developers)

Chat widgets on Android 12 (image: reproduction / XDA-Developers)

The second preview, released in March, also brought the possibility of enabling the compact mode, which facilitates the use of the cell phone with just one hand. And in April, a leak revealed changes in the interface and in some features, including the screenshot, which will be able to natively capture non-visible parts of the screen, as is already possible on Galaxy phones, for example.

Android 12 is also expected to have more gaming and multitasking features and to optimize the camera app to take better advantage of recent cellphone technologies with many megapixels. The biggest news should come during the event.

Pixel Products

Google should also take the opportunity to unveil the Pixel Buds A, the company’s cheapest headphones. The devices have been the target of many leaks in recent months, raising expectations about an upcoming launch.

Some less strong rumors even suggest the launch of a Google Pixel 5a compatible with 5G. Maybe Google will decide to leave this announcement for the second half, after all, but it is worth waiting for, anyway.

Google Assistant

As is already tradition, the conference is expected to bring exciting news to Google Assistant. Over the last year, the software gained several controls focused on voice commands, expanded its integration with third-party applications and achieved greater autonomy to access the Agenda and Meet in multiple accounts. In addition, the assistant also had his Routines process redesigned for a better experience in the smart home segment.

What’s to come? We don’t know, but Google has already revealed that it is working harder to make its assistant better understand contexts through BERT. From there, the expectation is that even more interesting ads from the AI ​​point of view are about to appear.

LG K51S with Google Assistant

Google Assistant (Image: Darlan Helder / Tecnoblog)

Wear OS

Much is still said about Wear OS. Google recently released an update to its system, offering compatibility with Gboard to make typing on small touch screens easier.

Add that to the fact that the company is also accepting feedback from users and, of course, it is worth mentioning the purchase of Fitbit. It seems like an appropriate scenario for a wearable ad, right? Let’s wait and see what happens. Maybe Google still waits a little and only introduces a Pixel smartwatch in a few months.

Anyway, there are recent rumors about Wear OS coming to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which leaves us hopeful for some details about the platform during I / O 2021.

And what else?

The list of other news that would be welcome for this year’s event includes the arrival of Stadia to Chromecast with Google TV, as well as the integration of the dongle with Nest Audio.

There is also a chance (albeit small) that the company will finally decide to make some kind of announcement related to its Whitechapel processor, expected to debut with the Pixel 6.

To know, in detail, everything that Google has to present, just stay tuned in the coverage of Tecnoblog in the next days.

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