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O Android 12 brings a button that unifies Wi-Fi and mobile network settings in the notification center. The new “Internet” shortcut, however, has become the target of criticism from OS users recently. In response to the complaints, the Google defended and explained the change on Monday (25).

Android 12 (Image: Disclosure / Google)

The episode revolves around the new shortcut for managing your internet connection. Traditionally, Android separated the buttons to turn Wi-Fi and mobile networks on and off with a single tap. But this behavior was changed in Android 12 after the two keys were merged into a panel known as “Internet”.

The “Internet” button takes users to a new screen with quick Wi-Fi and mobile network adjustments. Through it, it is possible to activate or deactivate internet access by 3G, 4G and 5G. Further down, there is also the option to turn Wi-Fi on or off and access networks found in the surroundings without having to open the system settings.

The novelty, however, was not very well received. This is because, as reported by the complaints, it is no longer possible to switch between networks or disable them with a single tap. Now, unlike before, the act of pressing the new button takes users to a new window to then make these adjustments.

New Dashboard
New “Internet” panel for Android 12 (Image: Playback/Google)

Change aims to facilitate access to adjustments, says Google

Google gave some explanations about the change on Monday (25). On a support page, the company said the change is intended to promote “a more intuitive user experience” by switching the connection between Wi-Fi and mobile networks on Google Pixel. They also justified the change in the same publication:

“In our user studies, we found that the majority of users disable Wi-Fi to force their cell phone to connect to mobile networks [em caso de instabilidade na conexão]”, they explained. “Users who turn Wi-Fi off often forget to turn it back on, resulting in possible mobile data overuse. Our research has shown that this has been an issue for users, so we made the decision to address this with this release. With the changes we’re making, users with Wi-Fi connection issues can simply switch to their carrier with two quick taps.”

Google also stated that it is thinking of bringing improvements to the “Internet” panel in the future. This is the case of the option to switch mobile data from one line to another, if the mobile uses two carrier chips (Dual SIM). The new page will also become accessible from the lock screen soon.

Users criticize change in shortcut to manage Wi-Fi and 4G from Android 12 (Image: Adrien / Unsplash)
Users criticize change in shortcut to manage Wi-Fi and 4G from Android 12 (Image: Adrien / Unsplash)

Users question Google’s change

But Google’s explanation didn’t dampen tempers and didn’t stop users from sticking with their grievances. “’Two quick taps’ is ironic; there’s nothing quick about two taps,” said one person in a comment made to the post. “It used to be a tap for Wi-Fi and mobile data. Nobody asked to be changed.”

“This new internet button is the only reason I’m going back to Android 11,” said another user. “Please bring back an option to toggle Wi-Fi and independent mobile data. I never leave my mobile data on for more than a few minutes when I’m out and about and it’s annoying having to do two top-down taps of the screen.”

“This new ‘Internet’ thing is weird, and I say it because it’s not a shortcut or quick setup – and therefore it shouldn’t even be there!” said another person in the Google publication. “Please stop forcing terrible changes that we don’t want or don’t need. Or at least give us the option to come back.”

Android 12 notifies you if microphone or camera is being used (Image: Press / Google)
Android 12 notifies you if microphone or camera is being used (Image: Press / Google)

The change is part of Android 12, which received its final version in October. The successor to Android 11 draws attention for its remodeled look, with the Material You interface, which brings elements to make it more personalized. This is possible with the function that adjusts system colors based on wallpaper tones.

The update also has improvements to ensure more privacy for users. In addition to the new dashboard, the system has adhered to colored indicators to alert you when an application is using the camera or microphone. The update also brings improvements to games, notifications and more.

The new version of Android started to be released to cell phones from the Google Pixel line in recent days. Remember that the calendar and list of devices eligible for Android 12 depends on the manufacturers. But Google said devices from Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands began receiving the update later this year.

With information: 9to5Google, Android Central and Google (Support)

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