Good Amazon Prime Day 2021 plans: how to take advantage of them?

Amazon Prime Day 2021 is fast approaching. The event is being held this year on June 21 and 22. For 48 hours, the e-commerce giant will offer an avalanche of promotions and good deals. Here’s how to prepare for it.

Amazon prime day

🔥Prime Day 2021 Amazon: how to take advantage of good deals?

While the sixth edition of Amazon Prime Day begins in just a few days, on June 21 and 22, 2021, it is already possible to do good business and take advantage of the good Prime Day deals available before the hour.

If you plan to do some shopping during the two days of promotions exclusively for Prime Program members, it is best to be ready in advance and be a Prime subscriber before the promotions start.

The price of the Prime subscription is € 5.99 per month or € 49 per year. It quickly pays for itself, given the advantages it offers such as free delivery within one working day and priority access to flash sales to name a few.

🎁How do I take advantage of Prime free for 30 days?

As a reminder or for information, if you are not yet a Prime member, you can take advantage of a free trial for a period of 30 days. A trial offer valid only for people who have never subscribed to Prime.

After your free trial, you will be billed at 5.99 per month for Amazon Prime, with no obligation. The 30-day free trial allows you to take full advantage of the great deals of Prime Day Amazon, the two days of crazy promotions dedicated to Prime members with exceptional flash sales, especially on Kindle e-readers, Amazon Echo speakers and many other products .

If you don’t want to pay in the following months, just go to your Amazon Prime account settings and unsubscribe. Quick and easy handling that can be done right after subscribing to the trial offer: you will continue to benefit from it for 30 days and make sure you do not forget to do so before the first withdrawal.

For 18-24 year olds, the subscription is 24 euros per year (6 months free). Suffice to say that at this price, the offer is already interesting if you take into account the delivery costs offered. For consumers who order online frequently, this is arguably the best deal on the market.

❓ How not to miss the best Prime Day 2021 deals?

Worthy of the promotions of a Black Friday, Prime Day allows you to do good business before summer. Like all the other major shopping events of the year, a few recommendations are in order to be well prepared for Prime Day tips.

Thus, if you do not want to miss any good deals and make as much savings as possible during these 2 days of promotions, we advise you to set a budget not to be exceeded to avoid compulsive shopping. Here is a small recap of the tips to put in place during Prime Day 2021.

  • 1. Set a budget that should not be exceeded : Try to limit yourself to the products that you really need. Why buy a product on D-Day that will “catch your eye with its low price” and then end up at the bottom of a drawer. This is called a “compulsive buying” which won’t really save you money.
  • 2. Make your list of desired products according to your budget : Establish it as soon as possible.
  • 3. Check the prices, compare them and follow them. : When you set your mind to making your list, write down and follow the prices of the products you want to buy and don’t limit yourself to just one store to make the comparison. In general, Amazon offers the best price on Prime Day.
  • 5. Follow our tips : In this regard, we will list the best tips according to the categories we find (smartphones, SSDs, Amazon Echo devices, etc.). Perhaps one or more of the products that interest you will be there, but in this case, you will have to stay connected and not delay to take advantage of them because usually the best products on sale sell out quickly.

Of course, the PhonAndroid tips team will follow the daily offers with interest and relay the best tips. According to the good plans put forward, it will also be necessary be responsive, especially if the product you are interested in is subject to a large discount. It could be that the copies in stock will run out in a few minutes.

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