Gojek’s boss’s letter about employee layoffs that make us sad

Jakarta, IDN Times – Gojek’s co-CEO Kevin Aluwi and Andre Sulistyo sent a letter containing termination of employment to 430 of their employees. Based on the written statement received, the electronic mail is an internal email for all Gojek employees.

“We apologize profusely we have to make difficult decisions for us to implement this. The journey is becoming more difficult because we have to part with 430 employees, who have been close to our daily work partners, then also the closure of GoLife and GoFood Festival – a business that has an important role in the history of Gojek, “it said in the letter, Tuesday (6/23).

In addition, both Kevin and Andre both wrote their personal letters. Here’s the contents of the letter.

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1. Kevin confess this is his mistake

IDN Times / Rachel Rinesya

In Kevin’s letter, he apologized for the layoff decision that had befallen hundreds of his employees.

“To you who have to leave Gojek, please know that this is the fault of both of us, me and Andre, not you. We apologize this time for disappointing you,” he said.

Kevin was grateful for the contribution of 430 employees and promised to help in their career journey.

“We will help you as much as possible to be able to go further in your career. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if there is something you want to talk about,” wrote Kevin.

2. Andre claimed to be naive because he thought Gojek would continue to grow

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Gojek's boss's letter about employee layoffs that make us sadIDN Times / Reynaldy Wiranata

Just like Kevin, Andre claimed to be naive because he thought Gojek would continue to grow.

“We did not anticipate enough of an unavoidable decline like the current pandemic, and now we pay for it,” Andre said.

He knew, this decision caused sadness, anger, and disappointment for the 430 employees who were laid off. But he hoped that they would not lose their love for Gojek as their career.

“You will always remember and feel proud, that you have an important role in making this happen. We hope you can continue to remember your time while on Gojek. You always have a large family on Gojek who are ready to help and always wish you success. Do not hesitate to let us know if you need a reference from us, support or just a friend to share, “said Andre.

3. Go off the layoffs of 430 employees and stop a number of services

Gojek's boss's letter about employee layoffs that make us sadIllustration of layoffs (IDN Times / Arief Rahmat)

Reported earlier, Gojek announced termination of employment (layoffs) of 430 employees or a total of 9 percent of all Gojek employees.

Most come from divisions related to GoLife and GoFood Festival. Services like GoMassage, GoClean and GoFood Festival were stopped.

This decision was made based on an evaluation of the macroeconomic situation and changes in community behavior, which became more alert to activities involving physical contact or activities that did not allow distance.

Both of these businesses, GoLife and GoFood Festival require close interaction, and have experienced a significant decrease in demand in recent months as the COVID-19 pandemic arose.

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