Going to South Sumatra Not Using Masks, KPK Chairman Reported to MAKI to Dewas

Jakarta, IDN Times – Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Komjen (Pol) Firli Bahuri was again in the public spotlight. This time, he was again reported by the Indonesian Anti-Corruption Society organization (MAKI) for not wearing a mask when visiting Baturaja, OKU Regency, South Sumatra on (6/20).

In one photo submitted by MAKI, Firli is seen interacting with children without wearing a mask. In fact, in accordance with the provisions of the World Health Organization (WHO) when outside the home must wear a mask so as not exposed to COVID-19.

MAKI’s coordinator, Boyamin Saiman said, what was done by Firli was the same as violating the health protocol established by the government.

“So, on Monday (6/22) we submitted a complaint of alleged ethical violations by Firli, the Chairperson of the Corruption Eradication Commission to the Supervisory Board through electronic means,” Boyamin said through a written statement on (6/22).

Then, the argument presented by Boyamin in his report? What was Firli’s response after he knew he was reported to the KPK Dewas?

1. As law enforcement, Firli allegedly did not comply with health protocols during the pandemic

KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri when interviewed at the Shangri-La Hotel in Surabaya, Wednesday (4/3). IDN Times / Ardiansyah Fajar

Boyamin said that Firli was in the OKU Regency for his personal interest, namely visiting the graves of his parents. At that time, he had met with dozens of children, but the former South Sumatra Police Chief was not wearing a mask, so it was considered to violate the COVID-19 protocol.

“Supposedly, before making a meeting or greeting the children all were certainly wearing masks,” Boyamin said through his written statement.

Both Firli and the children, he said again, are groups that are vulnerable to COVID-19 exposure. Because, Firli is over 50 years old.

“Supposedly, as law enforcement, Firli complies with government directives regarding the COVID-19 protocol,” he said again.

Uniquely, in the photo, several police personnel who were escorting Firli were actually seen wearing masks. So, the action was really in contrast.

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2. Firli Bahuri is not the first time dealing with Dewas KPK

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Going to South Sumatra Not Using Masks, KPK Chairman Reported to MAKI to Dewas(KPK Chair Komjen Firli Bahuri) BETWEEN PHOTOS / M. Risyal Hidayat

At the end of the complaint letter, Boyamin requested that the KPK Supervisory Board conduct an investigation and provide a decision related to alleged ethical violations committed by Firli. Boyamin hopes Dewas can impose sanctions based on the degree of error if the complaint is proven.

In fact, this is not the first time Firli has been reported to the KPK Dewas. On (7/2), the former West Nusa Tenggara Regional Police Chief was also complained of by the Anti-Corruption Commission for Employees. The reason was that Firli returned one of the investigators who was involved in examining a bribery case involving a PDI-P cadre, Harun Masiku. Police investigators known to be named Rossa Purbo Bekti had to be taken for granted their fate was unclear because Headquarters Trunojoyo also never felt pulled back.

“The return of Kompol (Police Commissioner) Rossa Purbo Bekti has caused many irregularities, given that there is no request from Kompol Rossa to return to the police,” said WP Chairman, Yudi Purnomo.

Rossa’s tenure is also still long until Wednesday, September 23, 2020. The Indonesian National Police canceled the request for withdrawal through official letters Friday, January 21 2020, and Saturday, January 29, 2020.

3. Firli claimed to bring three types of masks while in South Sumatra, including e-masks

Going to South Sumatra Not Using Masks, KPK Chairman Reported to MAKI to DewasBETWEEN PHOTOS / Nova Wahyudi

Meanwhile, in his written statement, Firli denied not wearing a mask when visiting his hometown in South Sumatra. In fact, he claims to bring three types of masks. First, e-mask that I put in my pocket, secondmask, which I put and clipped between the nostrils and third, N-95 mask.

“On the way I use a mask and there is when I open the mask. The mask I had a few moments to hold it,” said Firli on (22/6) then.

The reason Firli did not wear a mask when meeting children as in the photo, was because he wanted to sing the song Indonesia Raya.

“However, for the e-mask and the mask that I put on my nose remained attached,” he said defensively.

Firli also claimed to understand his journey as Chairman of the KPK would always be highlighted by the public. However, he regretted that the criticism did not match the facts. However, Firli regarded it as a job risk as the head of the interfaith commission.

“Even if Odin The All Father comes down from asgard to earth and becomes the Chairperson of the KPK, he will certainly be criticized,” he said, referring to the mythology whose character was appointed into Marvel comics.

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