Godzilla vs. Kong: first reactions highlight monster fights

Godzilla vs. Kong is the next chapter of MonsterVerse and will put two of the most famous creatures in cinema to fight. The film opens on the 26th, but some critics have already been able to watch the film and comment on the first impressions. According to them, director Adam Wingard got the fight sequences right, which compensates for the weak plot about the human characters. Check out the main reactions below.

The two MonsterVerse titans meet in the fourth film in the franchiseThe two MonsterVerse titans meet in the fourth film in the franchiseSource: IMDb / Reproduction

Mike Reyes – CinemaBlend

Godzilla vs. Kong it’s amazing! It is true that it seems that something is missing, but this is part of why I love it so much. The fights are epic, and Adam Wingard brings his style and color to MonsterVerse. This is a high-flying adventure, with fun characters, a really fun villain and an absolutely blockbuster feel in each frame. I will definitely see it at the cinema, since 3D / IMAX looks like it will only add to the experience. This world is so bright and colorful that it’s hard not to love looking at it. Godzilla vs. Kong it’s fun, with capital letters. We are getting close to a balance between history and spectacle, and I am optimistic about what the future of MonsterVerse can bring ”.

Adam Holmes – CinemaBlend

Godzilla vs Kong is another solid release from MonsterVerse. Even if they could have used more time to explore the franchise’s mythology more deeply, if you’re really looking forward to seeing Godzilla and King Kong collide in a fight for ages, you won’t be disappointed “.

Eric Eisenberg – CinemaBlend

Godzilla vs. Kong it’s not exactly a mental whirlwind, but it’s definitely fun to watch. The first act of heavy plot is balanced by some awesome monster battles, and there is wonderful design work. I wanted it to sound more like the summit of MonsterVerse, but I like the movie it is ”.

Steven Weintraub – Collider

“Used to watch Godzilla vs Kong twice. Human scenes are exactly what you expect and are not worth talking about. The Godzilla and Kong part are the reason you pay to see this movie on an IMAX screen. Each of them has scenes that show their power and the third act is great “.

Perri Nemiroff – Collider

“As expected – and probably as it should be – titan fights are the best parts of Godzilla vs Kong. Adam Wingard definitely has the eyes to make the most of these moments! I still don’t think they figured out how to incorporate human characters, but the cast of first aid ”.

Ben Pearson – Slash Film

Godzilla vs Kong it is much better than Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. Every part of humans is still bad, but the action of the giant monsters in this one should satisfy people who are interested in a film like this “.

Erik Davis – Fandango

“Saw Godzilla vs Kong and it’s a great 10! Monster fights are great and beautiful – huge fights, all well designed and super intricate. Solid story, strong cast, really good soundtrack. A real midnight monster movie and my favorite among the four modern Godzilla / Kong films. I’m not crazy about the previous Godzilla movie (it’s my least favorite of the four) – the story is confusing and you can’t really see the fights. It is completely different here – the history and the fights are very incredible “.

Shannon Mcgrew – Nightmarish Conjuring

Godzilla vs Kong is a visual spectacle with special participation of jaw-dropping fight scenes between two iconic titans. Wingard’s style of direction is abundant in a colorful and breathtaking way that also refers to the 80’s kaiju style. Needless to say, this film is an explosion “.

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