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Globo released the schedule of releases for Globoplay’s catalog in December 2021. The list, although short, brings some interesting highlights such as the end of Secret Truth 2 and the documentary series The Race of Vaccines – Prevent Senior, an investigative report that will show how the agreement, specializing in the elderly and with nearly 600,000 clients, found itself at the center of one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of Brazil. Check out the news in the list below.

Globoplay application (Image: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)
Globoplay application (Image: André Fogaça/Tecnoblog)

The series that debut in December on Globoplay

Dia 3 — The North Water (temporada 1) — Hoping to escape the horrors of her past, Summer finds herself on an ill-fated journey with a murderous psychopath. In search of redemption, their story becomes a tough fight for survival in the arctic desert.

Day 7 — Secret Between Friends — Olivia’s relationship seems perfect. After being proposed in marriage, several events reveal a world of secrets and mysteries.

Dia 20 — Sex Appeal — 1993 miniseries with Luana Piovani, Camila Pitanga, Danielle Winits, Carolina Dieckmann, Cláudia Rangel, Elizabeth Savalla, Dennis Carvalho, Mário Gomes, Nico Puig, Felipe Folgosi, Betty Lago, Cleide Yáconis, Walmor Chagas.

Carolina Dieckmann, Renata Lima, Luana Piovani and Camila Pitanga in Sex Appeal, 1993 (Image: Divulgação/Globo)
Carolina Dieckmann, Renata Lima, Luana Piovani and Camila Pitanga in Sex Appeal, 1993 (Image: Divulgação/Globo)

Doctor Who (Undated, Season 13) — An eccentric extraterrestrial, known as the Doctor, travels through time and space in his spaceship, the TARDIS, to protect Earth and the cosmos from all kinds of danger.

Covert Affairs: Confidential Matters (Undated, 5 seasons) — Fresh off the farm, Annie Walker must adapt to the challenging life of a CIA agent under the guidance of her manager, Auggie. But she soon realizes that her recruiting may have to do with her latest boyfriend.

Monk: A Different Detective (Undated, 8 seasons) — After his wife’s unsolved murder, Adrian Monk develops an obsessive-compulsive disorder, a fear of germs and contamination, which costs him his detective work. However, he continues to solve crimes with the help of the former boss.

The soap operas for December

Day 1 — Secret Truths 2 — Part 4 — Years after Alex’s disappearance, his daughter Giovanna wants to find out what really happened and get revenge on Angel. The young model is sure that her former rival is responsible for her father’s possible death and will do anything to make her pay for the murder.

Day 6 — The Savior of the Fatherland — 1989 soap opera with Lima Duarte, Maitê Proença, José Wilker, Betty Faria, Francisco Cuoco, Susana Vieira, Lúcia Veríssimo and Luís Gustavo.

Day 15 — Secret Truths 2 — Part 5 (end).

Maria do Bairro (No date) — A garbage collector, Maria is taken in by a wealthy and influential family. At the De La Vega mansion, the humble young woman will fall in love and face many obstacles to be happy.

The Bronx, Part 2 (No date) – Two young people from different backgrounds will have their destinies traced in one of the most dangerous regions of Colombia, dominated by organized crime, drugs and poverty.

Beyond Usurper (No date) — A year after the events of the end of “A Usurpadora”, Paulina is diagnosed with a serious illness and secretly prepares a new Mrs. Bracho to take her place.

December movie

Day 4 — Marighella — A biographical film about Carlos Marighella, Brazilian Marxist writer, politician and guerrilla who lived in the 20th century and was killed by the Brazilian military dictatorship in 1969.


Day 9 — Murilo Couto 2021 (stand-up) — Back at Globoplay for another good-humored retrospective, Murilo Couto comments on the main highlights of the year, such as vaccination, BBB and the Olympics.

22nd — Poesia Que Transforma (documental series) — Bráulio Bessa will meet Brazilians whose stories meet his, through his poetry. In each episode, a poem is built from the stories that are revealed by its characters. With a poetic and documentary language, the life of Brazilians will be shown and how they overcome difficulties and write their stories.

The Race of Vaccines — Prevent Senior (No date) — the episode brings all the background to the scandal involving the Prevent Senior health plan, accused of concealing deaths of patients who participated in a study carried out to test the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. As “The Vaccine Race – Parallel Market”, this episode will enter separately on the platform and not inside the others “Vaccine Race”.

Gilberto Braga: My Name is Novel (No date) — The unprecedented special will honor one of the greatest authors of Brazilian dramaturgy, Gilberto Braga, who died last month. In this 45-minute documentary, we will revisit his work, recalling the main projects and characters that marked Brazil. Archive images of the novels are mixed with interviews granted by the author himself, who narrates emblematic passages in his history.

2021 Retrospective (No date) — Retrospective of the year.

children’s content

Master Moley: By Royal Invitation (Filme) — The story of a young mole and his adventure to pick a rose in the Queen’s Garden, not knowing that this simple act will change, not only his life, but the lives of all the moles.

Master Moley (Series) — Hidden far below Windsor Castle, an ancient magical book has slumbered for a thousand years. Legend has it that the Moley Mystic Manual of Magic awaits a chosen mole to bring peace between humans and moles. Master Moley dreams of the day he will become the chosen one.

Schedule for live channel subscribers

On the 8th, at 9:15 pm (Multishow) — Multishow Award — Presented by IZA and Tatá Werneck, the Multishow 2021 Award celebrates music and rewards the greatest highlights of the year.

Day 17 (GNT) — What’s This Story Trophy, Porchat? – Second edition – In the Trophy, Fabio and Dani Calabresa announce the night’s categories, point out the nominees and recall the most memorable stories of the season. In the studio next to them, we have an audience of 12 nominees who interact throughout the broadcast with our presenters and also tell other stories.

On the 22nd, at 10:30 pm (Multishow) — Vai que Cola – Christmas Special — After a year back in Meier, Christmas is coming and the family is excited! There’s a terrible cold front coming to town and the hottest gang in Meier needs to find a way to make another Christmas memorable.

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