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Another week has passed and we are here to tell you everything that was featured, shall we? Recently, Jovem Pan showed a video of Kwai with a game scene as if it were in Ukraine. The error became the agenda here in the technoblog and it was one of the most talked about topics. already in TB community, we had discussions about the Globoplay subscription, dropped chargers and much more. Come with me to see what happened between February 26th and March 4th.

Community 109

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Is it worth subscribing to “Globoplay + live channels” as a linear TV service?
  2. Are all USB-C ports on notebooks suitable for recharging?
  3. Does anyone know where to find a USB3.0 Micro-B to USB-C adapter?
  4. How to have an MP3 Player (music player) spending little?
  5. Is there any risk of the battery catching fire after the charger is dropped on the floor?

LucasMiller wants to know: is the subscription to Globoplay+channels live worth it for those who enjoy watching linear TV (in that traditional way)? His concern is mainly in relation to delay in live broadcasts and fluidity in SmartTV’s — his second option is Directv Go. According to the people there, despite having a slight delay, it’s nothing that gets in the way too much. Do you agree?

Globoplay allows you to watch Globo channel live and for free
Globoplay website (Image: Reproduction / Globoplay)

Who showed up there was also Tantrum. The topic of the time is how to have a music player for little money — the cell phone he currently uses has no memory and it is no longer possible to find MP3 players from brands such as Philips and Sony on the market. Between an MP3 from parallel brands and buying another cell phone (only used), the second option won as a suggestion.

What to do if a charger falls to the ground? Will the battery later explode? This was the concern of the dodecahedron, who after the fall was afraid to use the accessory. Reader Keaton calmed him down and said that if it’s not a chinesium charger no problem. But if this happens to you, just in case, follow the advice given there in the topic “Give it a squeeze to see if it has cracks, if so… replace.”

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

  1. Suspect of smuggling Xiaomi of R$ 2 thousand becomes target of Federal Justice
  2. Young Pan shows Kwai video with game scene as if it were in Ukraine
  3. Samsung reportedly slowing down 10,000 Android apps on Galaxy phones
  4. STF determines blocking of Telegram profiles and threatens to suspend app in Brazil
  5. 99Pay and PicPay reduce limits for credit card payments

Fake news is here, fall whoever wants to! There is little care when it comes to believing a fact that happened to you and even more when going over it to avoid confusion. Recently, while talking about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Jovem Pan showed the scene from the Arma 3 game, shared on Kwai, where a fighter jet detonating bombs and dodging gunfire while flying. Of course, the subject became a joke and reverberated on social media.

Scene from the game Arma 3. (Image: Publicity/Bohemian Interactive)
Arma 3 was mistaken for real conflict in Ukraine (Image: Handout/Bohemian Interactive)

Speaking of fake news, Telegram ran the risk of being suspended here in Brazil. It all started in January when the STF demanded the blocking of three accounts linked to Bolsonarista Allan dos Santos. With no answers, on February 25, the body was tougher: it gave the messaging app 24 hours to fulfill the request or it would be suspended and have to pay a fine. No way out, the messenger blocked the channels within the stipulated time.

Using 99Pay and PicPay to pay credit card expenses (and earn miles) is getting harder and harder as the two fintechs announced changes this week. Now, at 99Pay, the limit for payment by credit card, without fees, has been reduced to R$100 and the excess amount will be taxed at 2.8%. PicPay went even further: a 3.99% fee (per transaction) will be charged on any card payment.

I close our weekly summary here. Don’t forget to follow the technoblog and participate in the discussions in the Community to stay on top of all the news. To the next.

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