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Netflix has increased the streaming service’s monthly fee by up to 22%, and this has not been well regarded by users of the platform. O Globoplay took advantage of the hook and announced that it will not increase subscription fees until 2023.

Globoplay secures the monthly fee for those who subscribe until the end of the year (Image: Reproduction/Globoplay)

The announcement was made by the company both on Twitter and on open TV, in a piece in which ex-BBB Gil do Vigor warns comedian Paulo Vieira to have “No reasons” to cancel all streaming services and stay with Globoplay only , in a clear affront to Netflix.

The price freeze has an important limitation: the measure will only be valid for those who subscribe to Globoplay until the end of 2021, which allows Globo to readjust prices for new subscribers next year.

Another detail should also be considered: Globoplay has a promotion in the annual plan that gives 25% discount on the subscription, but it ends at 9am on Saturday, July 24th. Interested parties can contract the package for R$ 178.80 in up to 12 installments, which is equivalent to R$ 14.90 per month.

Subscribers to Globoplay will also get a free year of Deezer Premium and three months of Apple TV+. See current plans:

traditional Globoplay

The traditional package gives access to Globoplay’s collection and live broadcast of Globe (only in selected cities) and Future Channel:

Monthly plan annual plan
Globoplay Standard BRL 22.90 BRL 238.80
(12x of BRL 19.90)
Globoplay with Disney+ BRL 43.90 BRL 454.80
(12x of BRL 37.90)
Globoplay with Premiere BRL 84.90 (does not have)
Globoplay with Telecine BRL 49.90 (does not have)

Globoplay with live channels

The packages with live channels include all the content of traditional Globoplay, in addition to on-demand titles and linear (live) transmission from the stations Globonews, Multishow, SporTV (1, 2 and 3), GNT, Viva, Gloob, Gloobinho, Megapix, Universal, Studio Universal, Syfy, Canal Brasil, Off, BIS and More on Screen.

Monthly plan annual plan
Globoplay + live channels BRL 49.90 BRL 514.80
(12x of BRL 42.90)
Globoplay + live channels with Premiere BRL 99.90 BRL 1,138.80
(12x of BRL 94.90)
Globoplay + live channels with Disney+ BRL 69.90 BRL 718.80
(12x of BRL 59.90)

Netflix raised the price and became very expensive

The price policy is a good answer from Globo to Netflix: the most popular streaming service in Brazil adjusted the monthly fee by 21.8%. The company justified the increase by expanding the catalog of films and series.

See how Netflix’s plans were and how it turned out:

Netflix plan new monthly price old monthly price Increase
Basic (1 screen, no HD) BRL 25.90 BRL 21.90 18.3%
Standard (2 screens, up to Full HD) BRL 39.90 BRL 32.90 21.3%
Premium (4 screens, up to 4K HDR) BRL 55.90 BRL 45.90 21.8%

HBO Max encourages account sharing with friends

Another indirect was played against Netflix: HBO Max also publicly took a stand in favor of account sharing. In response to financial educator Nath Finanças, the streaming service said it does not prohibit friends, family and acquaintances from using the same login:

Login sharing is a reality for many people, but many streaming services do not allow this practice in their contracts. See an excerpt of the Netflix terms of use:

“The Netflix service and all content viewed through the Netflix service are intended solely for personal, non-commercial use, cannot be shared with people outside your family.. During your Netflix subscription, Netflix grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to access the Netflix service and watch Netflix content.”

This limitation also exists in Spotify Premium family:

“To be eligible for Family Premium Plan Subscription, the account holder and the secondary account holders must be family members and reside at the same address..”

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