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At news from Globoplay in September include classic novels, films and national and international series. Gray’s Anatomy fans can celebrate, as the 16th season – as well as the first, if they want to re-watch – will be available on the streaming service. Bates Motel, series inspired by the movie Psycho, and American Horror Story: 1984, ninth season of the series, also arrive on the platform. See the list.

Globoplay news in September [Exclusivo]

Gray’s Anatomy

The long-awaited 16th season of Gray’s Anatomy, a drama series that shows the life of doctor Meredith Gray in a hospital in Seattle, debuts on Globoplay. Are you ready to start watching the show? The first season will also be available in streaming.

Bates Motel

Inspired by the horror film Psycho, the series will have all five seasons on Globoplay starting in September. After her husband’s death, Norma Bates decides to buy a motel to start her life with her son Norman again. Their troubled relationship takes Norman on dark paths.

Family relationships

Noveleiros will be able to review Manoel Carlos’ novel Laços de Família, originally shown in 2000 on Rede Globo. Do you remember? The story has the iconic scene of Carolina Dieckmann’s character shaving her hair due to chemotherapy, to the sound of Love by Grace.

family ties Carolina Dieckmann / reproduction


Bates Motel – Seasons 1 to 5
Drama and Mystery Series (50 episodes)
Year of production: 2013 – 2017

Synopsis: After her husband’s death, Norma Bates decides to start a new life by opening a Motel. In this new journey, the relationship between mother and child takes young Norman on dark paths.


How to Become a Deity in Florida
Comedy Series (10 episodes)
Year of production: 2019 – in production

Synopsis: After seeing her husband lose everything in a pyramid scheme, Krystal needs to find a way to support his daughter and infiltrates the same association that brought her down to get back on top.


Drama and Crime Series (8 episodes)
Year of production: 2019 – in production

Synopsis: After a fight that resulted in her husband’s accidental death, Ingrid Williksen convinces the deceased’s twin to assume his brother’s identity.


The Division – Season 2
Police and Action Series (5 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: After the result of the elections for governor of Rio de Janeiro, Venâncio gains even more power and Santigo and Mendonça trace a complex and risky path through the system. They suffer the consequences of past actions and their fate is uncertain.


Family relationships
Soap opera
Year of production: 2000 – 2001

Cast: Vera Fischer, Carolina Dieckmann, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Tony Ramos, José Mayer, Deborah Secco, Marieta Severo, Giovanna Antonelli, Luigi Baricelli, Regiane Alves, Helena Ranaldi, Daniel Boaventura, Alexandre Borges.
Author: Manoel Carlos
Director: Ricardo Waddington


My good, my evil
Soap opera
Year of production: 1990 – 1991

Cast: Sílvia Pfeifer, José Mayer, Lima Duarte, Nívea Maria, Cássio Gabus Mendes, Lizandra Souto, Lídia Brondi, Marcos Paulo, Adriana Esteves, Yoná Magalhães, Armando Bógus, Ariclê Perez, Françoise Forton, Thales Pan Chacon.
Author: Cassiano Gabus Mendes
Director: Paulo Ubiratan

Other September releases on Globoplay

Diary of a Confined – Season 2
Comedy Series (6 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: Staying at home became a way of survival in times of pandemic and the days seem to repeat themselves. Now, Murilo tries not to go crazy touching life inside the house.

diary of a confined Globoplay September / reproduction / globe

Christine’s New Adventures – Season 1 to 5
Comedy Series (88 episodes)
Year of production: 2006 – 2010

Synopsis: Christine is a divorced mother who has to deal with the hectic routine that is divided between motherhood, work and single life.

Dead End – Season 1 to 3
Drama, Mystery and Science Fiction Series (18 episodes)
Year of production: 2016 – 2018

Synopsis: In a world where there is no electricity and all adults have mysteriously disappeared, Rose and her friends must survive and find out what happened.

Gray’s Anatomy – Seasons 1 and 16
Drama Series
Year of production: 2005 – in production

Synopsis: Follow the life of Meredith Gray and her fellow doctors through a journey of professional and loving challenges in a Seattle hospital.

American Horror Story – Season 9
Horror Series (9 episodes)
Year of production: 2019

Synopsis: A group of friends go to work as a counselor at Camp Redwood. However, they did not expect the gardener to be a serial killer who escapes the sanatorium and returns to the camp in search of revenge.

american horror story / reproduction

Santo Forte – Season 1
Crime and Drama Series (13 episodes)
Year of production: 2015

Synopsis: After a mystical experience, taxi driver João da Cruz has visions about his passengers. In addition to remaining present in the family, he faces the challenge of preserving his gift.

So, what most aroused your curiosity? Have you decided what you will see at Globoplay in September?

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