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Globoplay announced the new catalogue for the month of October and has options for the whole family. Among the highlights are Secret Truths II; a Lulu Live, which will show Lulu Santos’ new tour with the presentation of her single Innocent‘ and the series Vlog da Berê 2 to amuse the kids.

Secret Truths II brings a plot full of mysteries. (Image: Disclosure/Globoplay)

Globoplay news in October [Exclusivos] 📺

Secret Truths II

It all starts when Guilherme (Gabriel Leone), Angel’s husband (Camila Queiroz), dies in a mysterious car accident. At the same time, Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) has just arrived from Paris and accuses Angel of having killed her cousin Guilherme, as well as her father Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi). To prove her accusations, she hires private investigator Cristiano (Romulo Estrela). The story unfolds through the confrontation between the two and the involvement of both with the charming detective.


Novel reborn, aired between March and November 1993 on Globo, is divided into two phases and tells the story of colonel José Inocêncio who arrives at the cocoa farms in Ilhéus, Bahia, with the promise of “not dying” and ends up building a true empire of cocoa. After a few years, he marries and has four children, however he rejects the youngest, João Pedro (Marcos Palmeira), because he believes he was responsible for the death of his wife during childbirth.

Lulu Live

Globoplay will broadcast Lulu Santos’ new tour on the 9th. Produced by LP Simonetti, the live will feature the participation of the band Melim to present the singer’s new single Innocent‘which will be released two days before the show, on the 7th.

Vlog da Berê 2

Vlog da Berê 2 is an original Globoplay series aimed at children. With 10 episodes, the second season shows more of the spells and pranks of the young sorceress Berenice in her vlog that is recorded inside her own room.

All Globoplay releases in October


The Bronx – Part 1
Year of Production: 2019

Synopsis: Two young people from different backgrounds will have their destinies traced in one of the most dangerous regions of Colombia, dominated by organized crime, drugs and poverty.


Year of Production: 1993

Renascer is a classic of Brazilian dramaturgy. (Image: Disclosure/Globoplay)


Vlog da Berê (Season 2 – 10 episodes)
children’s series
Year of Production: 2021

Synopsis: With a magical cell phone, Berenice creates the Vlog da Berê to make recordings inside her own room in the Blue Building.


Famous in Love: Touching the Stars (Seasons 1 & 2 – 20 episode)
drama and romance series
Production Year: 2017 – 2018

Synopsis: College student Paige Townsen has to deal with the fame and glamor of Hollywood life after getting the chance to star in a hit movie.


Fitness 2008
Year of Production: 2008

Other releases in October

Secret Truths II (Part 1 – 20 Episodes)
Year of Production: 2021

Law & Order: SVU (Seasons 1-14 – 319 episodes)
drama and cop series
Year of Production: 1999 – (in production)

Synopsis: Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler are in charge of the New York Police Special Victims Unit that investigates sex offences.

Law & Order: SVU is also on Globoplay in October (Image: Reproduction/Globoplay)

The Last Ship (Seasons 1 to 5 – 56 Episodes)
action and drama series
Production Year: 2014 – 2018

Synopsis: Captain Tom Chandler and his crew are on an offshore mission to find a cure for a virus that has wiped out much of Earth’s population.

Renting Husband – Part 1
Production Year: 2013 – 2014

Synopsis: Griselda Carrasco works as a handyman to support her children. Everything changes after her fate crossed with Teresa Cristina, a rich girl full of tricks.

Stand-Up exclusivo
Year of Production: 2021

Synopsis: Marcus Cirillo tells the hilarious stories of a countryman who walks through this world without a gate and what are his impressions after moving to the big city.

In the Dark (Season 3 – 13 Episodes)
drama and comedy series
Year of Production: 2021

Synopsis: Visually impaired, young Murphy leads a life of excess, but finds a purpose when a friend is murdered and she is the most interested in solving the crime.

Lie to Me (Season 1 – 4 Episodes)
drama miniseries
Year of Production: 2021

Synopsis: After a marital crisis, Anna Fallmont and her husband are looking for a fresh start in Australia, but the arrival of their children’s new nanny could pose a great threat.

Evil – Supernatural Contacts (Season 2 [Parte 2] – 7 Episodes)
thriller series
Year of Production: 2019 – (in production)

Synopsis: A skeptical psychologist and a priest in training investigate mysteries involving the Catholic Church, including demonic possessions, spirits and supposed miracles.

Evil – Supernatural Contacts (Season 2 [Parte 2]). (Image: Disclosure/Globoplay)

Clube do Araújo (5 Episodes)
documentary series
Year of Production: 2021

Synopsis: Felipe Araújo starts planning his new tour. The series will show the entire process of creating an exclusive party that unites three national passions: sertanejo, pagode and football.

Nurses: A New Era (Seasons 1 to 4 – 24 episodes)
medical drama series
Year of production: 2018 – 2020

Synopsis: In a hospital in Denmark, in the 50s, nursing students live the dramas and discoveries of being the first to graduate in a class with women and men together.

For Globoplay + live channels subscribers



Rolling Kitchen Brasil

Two celebrity couples face off in a culinary competition. Cooking at different workstations, each member of the duo is responsible for preparing a dish, without any kind of communication with their partner. They need to use all their knowledge to present two delicious dishes. The couple who get the best evaluation from the trio of judges wins the dispute and takes the trophy home.

Unpublished episodes every Thursday at 9.30 pm, live.



TVZ Season Juliette – End of Season

In the new season, TVZ brings the phenomenon Juliette to the forefront of the attraction. In addition to presenting the traditional music video parade of Multishow, the presenter will receive guests for a lot of live music.

Unpublished episodes from Monday to Friday, at 6:30 pm, live.

Juliette is in front of TVZ. (Image: Disclosure/Multishow)


Go Cola (T9 – special episode)

In the new season of Vai Que Cola, the group from Dona Jô’s pension returns to Meier. This first special episode brings Valdo’s memories, as a tribute to Paulo Gustavo.

Unpublished episodes of the season from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm, live.

Audio releases on Globoplay

Abuse: The Culture of Rape in Brazil

Synopsis: Journalist Ana Paula Araújo leads the podcast on the culture of rape in Brazil, an adapted version of her literary work of the same name.

And you, have you already chosen what to watch on Globoplay in October?

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