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O Globoplay informed what will be the news in the catalog for the month of July. Among the highlights are the second part of the fourth season of The Good Doctor, the documentary Erasmus 80, to celebrate the singer’s 80th birthday and the first season of Malhação. Yes, the one from 1995. The third season of Manifest — The Mystery of Flight 828 completes the group of exclusive firsts.

The final of the fourth season of The Good Doctor is one of the highlights of Globoplay in July (image: Disclosure)

Globoplay news in July [Exclusivos] 📺

The Good Doctor – The Good Doctor – 2nd part of the fourth season

The second part of the fourth season of The Good Doctor’. It features eight remaining episodes that show the tireless routine of Doctor Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) and other health professionals at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, where the characters continue to deal with their personal dilemmas and professional challenges.

Erasmus 80

Tremendão is also highlighted in July. Brazilian rock pioneer and Jovem Guarda icon, Erasmo Carlos celebrates his 80th birthday with the premiere of the original documentary ‘Erasmo 80’, which reveals unprecedented images of the Tijuca gang, the Jovem Guarda, international success, friendship with King Roberto Carlos and his powerful influence on behavior, fashion and attitude over the decades.

The doc is produced by the team of the program “Conversa com Bial”, on TV Globo, the same nucleus responsible for the series ‘Em nome de Deus’ and ‘Arnaldo Sessenta’, also available on the streaming platform.

Manifest – The Mystery of Flight 828

the third season of ‘Manifest – The Mystery of Flight 828’ also debuts exclusively on Globoplay with drama, action and many shocking revelations. As the Stone family strives to keep their friends safe and make their enemies believe the unbelievable, new challenges will test your trust in each other and in callings. Staying together is more important than ever because no matter what happens, it’s all connected.

Fitness – Season 1 (1995)

In April 1995, the first season of ‘Malhação’ arrived at TV Globo to deal with issues of the youth universe, such as sex life, relationships with family and friends, in addition to doubts about the professional future.

Having the academy as the common point of the characters’ lives, history marked generations and revealed great talents, such as Carolina Dieckmann (Juli), Fernanda Rodrigues (Luiza), André Marques (Mocotó), Cláudio Heinrich (Dado), Danton Mello (Héricles ), between others.

All Globoplay releases in July


FBI: Most Wanted – Season 2 (15 episodes)
drama series
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: An FBI team is dedicated to tracking and catching criminals who are at the top of the organization’s outlaw list.


Fitness (1995)
Year of production: 1995

Cast: Danton Mello, Juliana Martins, Luigi Baricelli, Carolina Dieckmann, Cláudio Heinrich, Fernanda Rodrigues, Patrícia de Sabrit, Ana Paula Tabalipa, Pablo Uranga, André Marques.

Directed by: Roberto Talma and Gonzaga Blota

Globoplay News July

The first season of Malhação debuts on Globoplay in July (Image: Reproduction/ TV Globo)


Hilda Hurricane
Year of production: 1998

Cast: Ana Paula Arósio, Rodrigo Santoro, Danton Mello, Thiago Lacerda, Rosi Campos, Débora Duarte, Eva Todor, Carlos Vereza, Arlete Salles, Paulo Autran, Mário Lago, Tarcísio Meira, Stênio Garcia.

Directed by: Wolf Maya and Ricardo Waddington


series of dram, cop (6 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: After working for years on the US-Mexico border, the American Ben Clemens starts to cooperate with the people he always tried to keep away from his country.

Other July releases

Manifest – The Mystery Of Flight 828 – Season 3 (13 episodes)
Drama Series, Fantasy
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: A plane reappears five years after taking off, but for passengers only five hours have passed. Once presumed dead, they now face a mysterious reality.

The Good Doctor – The Good Doctor – Season 4 (Part 2 – 8 episodes)
Series: Drama, Doctor
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: A young doctor with autism starts working in a famous hospital. In addition to the challenges of the profession, he will also have to prove his ability to his colleagues and superiors.

O.C.: A Stranger In Heaven (Season 1 to 4 – 92 episodes)
drama series
Year of production: 2003 – 2007

Synopsis: Ryan, a teenager who gets involved in many robberies, is adopted by a high-class family and realizes that not everything in that noble place is as perfect as it appears.

Globoplay News July

The O.C also debuts on Globoplay in July (Image: Reproduction)

New Life: A New Life (Season 1 – 33 chapters)
Novel – Drama; Romance
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: The different worlds of Yasemin, married to a rich and powerful businessman, and Adem, an ex-military, mix when he becomes her personal bodyguard. In this position, he will have to protect her from threats from enemies, including her own husband.

Fatmagul (169 chapters)
Drama; Romance
Year of production: 2015 – 2019

Synopsis: The beautiful Fatmagul lives in a humble village in Turkey. Marriage marked with a childhood love, the young woman sees her life take another turn after being the victim of tragedy.

Erasmus 80
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: The 80 years of Erasmo Carlos, pioneer of Brazilian rock, are contacts with unprecedented images: the gang from Tijuca, the Jovem Guarda, international success, friendship with Roberto Carlos and his powerful influence on behavior, fashion and attitude throughout of decades.

School of Geniuses – Season 6 (26 episodes)
children’s series
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: The graduation year of Escola de Gênios promises to be unforgettable. It is the last year of Isaac, Tesla, Otto, Nico, Margot, Zaza, Bruno and Loma! The arrival of the agreement with the Silicon Valley Institute of Advanced Technologies marks the beginning of a new phase.

The big news will be an exclusive interface for students, which enables communication between partner schools from around the world. Furthermore, dating ends and others begin; a new student shows up at school; Nico is different; Bruno keeps a secret; and more surprises are ahead, even more so when Robotec starts occupying the School of Geniuses.

A Million Things – Season 3 (Part 2 – 11 episodes)
drama series
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: A group of friends realize they need to enjoy life more when one of them suddenly dies. Along the way, they see that friendship may be the only way to save them from themselves.

Charmed – New Generation – Season 3 (Part 2 – 11 episodes)
Drama Series, Fantasy
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: After the tragic death of their mother, three sisters discover that they are powerful witches. In this third season, Maggie continues to pursue her professional ambitions, Macy returns to her scientific roots and Mel’s activism is rekindled.

July launches for Globoplay subscribers + live channels



good live music

In the new season of Música Boa Ao Vivo, Ivete Sangalo welcomes great artists for exclusive presentations and unusual partnerships.

New episodes every Tuesday at 20:30, live on Multishow.


Tô de Graça – Season 5

The Graça community is undergoing changes with the construction of a housing complex. Moacir hesitates and is replaced by Moreira. Briti meets Vilso and hopes to get unstuck

New episodes from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm, live on Multishow.



Tropical paradise

Paula and Taís are identical twins, but with completely opposite personalities. Paula was born in the fictional city of Marapuã, in the interior of Bahia, but moves to Rio de Janeiro and, there, meets Taís. Paula is in love with Daniel. When she meets Taís, she is very happy, but soon her sister is cold and cunning, and will do anything to get along at other people’s expense.

New chapters from Monday to Saturday at 3pm.



Medina world

One year after the start of the global pandemic, Gabriel Medina returns to competition. In addition to the changes in the circuit, his life also took a turnaround. For the first time in his career, the two-time world champion chose not to follow his stepfather Charles as coach. Just married, he decided to travel only with his wife, model Yasmin Brunet. 2021 also brings the debut of surfing at the Olympics and Gabriel is one of the country’s biggest bets in the category.

Faced with so many transformations, the program is also reinventing itself. The series starts to be narrated from Gabriel’s point of view, as a diary where he documents not only events, but also his feelings about them.

New episodes every Monday at 9pm, live on OFF.


06/07 and 07/07

Wimbledon Tournament – Quarter Finals Broadcasts

Live, at 9 am, 11:30 am and 2 pm

07/08 and 07/09

Wimbledon Tournament Wimbledon – Semi-finals

Live, at 9am and 12pm

07/10 and 07/11

Wimbledon – Finals

Live at 10am and 1pm


Euro Cup Final

Live at 4pm


Tokyo Olympic Games

What are you going to watch on Globoplay in July?

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