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The news from Globoplay’s August catalog has already been announced and soap lovers have a lot to celebrate. Among the highlights of this month are the premieres of The trip, a soap opera that was a success in 1994 and has as its central theme the life after death, and Once Upon a time, Globo’s 6 pm soap opera that shows the daily lives of three generations and how there is no right time to love and be happy.

The Journey (Image: Press Release / TV Globo Collection)

Globoplay news in August [Exclusivos] 📺

The trip

The soap opera The trip its central theme is the afterlife. The plot is guided by Alexandre (Guilherme Fontes), a rich and delinquent young man who, after being convicted of robbery followed by murder, kills himself and starts making the lives of everyone he believes responsible for his tragic fate. Alexandre’s love is limited to Dina (Christiane Torloni) who, in turn, sees the lives of Téo (Maurício Mattar), Raul (Miguel Falabella) and Otávio Jordão (Antonio Fagundes) being gradually destroyed.

Once Upon a time

Written by Walther Negrão and directed by Jorge Fernando, the 90s plot shows how the relationship between widower Álvaro (Herson Capri) and lawyer Bruna (Andréa Beltrão) is shaken by the arrival of sweet Madalena (Drica Moraes) to the fictional Nova Esperança .


Mexican soap fans don’t miss out on waiting either. It’s time to remember the phenomenon seaman, starring actress and singer Thalía, who celebrates her 50th birthday in August. The plot tells the story of a girl, of the same name, who lives with her grandparents and her dog in a region on the Mexican coast. From a humble and uneducated family, the young woman is enchanted by Sérgio (Eduardo Capetillo), who appropriates her innocence to take revenge on her father and stepmother, with whom she has a troubled family life.


The police drama, series reboot Walker, Texas Range, originally starring Chuck Norris, brings the life of police officer Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki), who, after a tragic event with his wife, returns to his hometown in Texas with his two children. There he will fight local crime, following only his own rules.


In Globoplay’s exclusive series, Coyote, the American Ben Clemens starts to cooperate with the people he always tried to keep away from his country, while working for years on the US-Mexico border


Belgravia depicts the story of the Trenchard family in early 19th-century London, which seeks to be among the elite and ends up at the center of a web of intrigue due to a traumatic event in the past.

lucky friends

in the long lucky friends, unprecedented and exclusive in streaming, Rita (Rosi Campos), Nina (Arlete Salles) and Nelita (Susana Vieira) have been friends since very young and have always dreamed of getting rich. The wish comes true when, after 50 years of playing in the Mega-Sena, they earn enough to tidy up their lives, find for the first time the opportunity to live without dedicating themselves only to others and hide their husband’s prize to enjoy among themselves .

All Globoplay releases in August


Chicago P.D (Seasons 5, 6 and 7 – 64 episodes)
police series
Production year: 2014

Synopsis: The Chicago Police Intelligence Unit, led by Detective Sgt. Hank Voight, fights organized crime, drug trafficking, murder and more.


The trip
Soap opera
Year of production: 1994

Cast: Christiane Torloni, Guilherme Fontes, Antônio Fagundes, Andréa Beltrão, Maurício Mattar, Lucinha Lins, Miguel Falabella, Thais de Campos, Suzy Rêgo, Jonas Bloch, Laura Cardoso.

Directed by: Wolf Maya.


Charmed – New Generation (Season 3 – Part 2 – 11 episodes)
drama series
Year of Production: 2021

Synopsis: After the tragic death of their mother, three sisters discover that they are powerful witches. In this third season, Maggie continues to pursue her professional ambitions, Macy returns to her scientific roots and Mel’s activism is rekindled.


Once Upon a time
Soap opera
Year of production: 1998

Cast: Drica Moraes, Herson Capri, Andréa Beltrão, Tuca Andrada, Claudio marzo Elias Gleizer, Nair Bello Claudio Heinrich, Nívea Stelmann Deborah Secco, Diogo Vilela, Antônio Calloni.

Direction: Jorge Fernando.


Marimar (Part 1 – 70 episodes)
Soap opera
Year of production: 1994

Cast: Thalía, Eduardo Capetillo, Chantal Andere, Alfonso Iturralde, René Muñoz, Marta Zamora, Carlos Becerril.

News from Globoplay in August has A Viagem, Marimar, Once Upon a Time and more / Disclosure

Marimar (Image: Publicity)

Other August releases

Coyote (Season 1 – 6 Episodes)
police drama
Year of production: 2020

Cast: Michael Chiklis, Juan Pablo Raba, Adriana Paz, Kristyan Ferrer, Octavio Pisano, Julio Cesar Cedillo, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams.

No Fear of the Truth (Seasons 2 & 3 – 25 episodes)
drama series
Year of production: 2018 – 2020

Synopsis: After a traumatic event in his childhood, Manu uses his computer skills to become Gus, an anonymous hacker who seeks to fight crimes and injustices on the internet.

The Weight of Truth (4 seasons – 34 episodes)
legal drama series
Year of production: 2018 – 2021

Synopsis: Attorney Joanna returns to her hometown representing a company against a group of sick girls. Moved, she risks her career and unlocks secrets along the way.

Belgravia (Season 1 – 6 episodes)
period drama series
Year of production: 2020

Cast: Philip Glenister, Tamsin Greig, Harriet Walter, Saskia Reeves, Paul Ritter, Alice Eve, Richard Goulding, Jack Shalloo, Ella Purnell.

Prodigal Son (Season 2 – 13 episodes)
fantasy series
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: With special skills to solve murders, Malcolm Bright secures a job with the Police. However, the position reactivates traumas linked to a famous serial killer: his father.

For Life – Fighting for Justice (Season 1 – 13 episodes)
biographical series
Year of production: 2021 – 2021

Synopsis: Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Aaron Wallace becomes a lawyer in jail, seeking justice for his fellow prisoners and for his own freedom.

Walker (Season 1 – 19 episodes)
crime drama series
Year of production: 2021 – in production

Cast: Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Molly Hagan, Keegan Allen, Violet Brinson, Kale Culley, Coby Bell, Jeff Pierre, Mitch Pileggi.

August launches for Globoplay subscribers + live channels

Tokyo Olympic Games
Full coverage
Live and full for subscribers

Tokyo Paralympic Games
Full coverage
Live and full for subscribers



I, Silvana Lima

Silvana Lima, from Ceará, broke barriers in the world of surfing throughout her career and, despite all the obstacles in front of her, she managed to establish herself as one of the biggest female names in the sport. Let’s get to know the story behind the victories, the fight after each defeat and the backstage of the athlete’s life, who became a national reference.
New episodes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm, live

Italo Park (Season 2)

World champion Italo Ferreira will take a vacation at his home in Baía Formosa and invites his group of friends for a week of great fun at Parque do Italo.



Pleasure, Luiza

On the program “Prazer, Luísa”, singer Luísa Sonza presents the songs of her new project “Doce 22”, and receives guests to sing and talk about various subjects, in addition to opening her heart and her intimacy.
New episodes every Saturday at 8pm, live.



The Dark Energy Enigma

Over 5 episodes produced by black directors and directors, Emicida will present other possibilities of reality suggested by the non-white perspective of society. The central subject of the program will be approached through dialogues with varied guests and each episode will be a new invitation to a deeper immersion within the theme.
New episodes every Wednesday at 23:30, live.


What a Marvel! delivery

In the new season of Que Marravilha Delivery, chef Claude Troisgros and partner Batista will cook for those who spend the day on the run, taking hot food to you. Delivery girls and boys take a break, put their feet up and relax. They will receive at home one of those recipes that they know so well for its aroma, but that perhaps they have never tasted. And the coolest, made with the chef’s special touch.
New episodes every Tuesday at 10 pm, live.



Bugados (Season 3)

Bugados tells the amusing story of a defender of the galaxies, a cosmic skateboarder and a robot, who escape the screens to experience real-world challenges and adventures.
New episodes from Monday to Friday, at 5:15 pm, live.

What about you, what do you intend to watch on Globoplay in August?

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