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With the arrival of April, Globoplay released which series, soap operas and documentaries arrive during the month on the streaming platform. And I’m going to advance: the news is good for the soap operas on duty! Titles like Americathe eight o’clock soap opera, and Workout 2009, sixteenth season of the juvenile plot, are some of the highlights of this list. See below for more details about the productions and check out all the news that arrive in April on Globoplay.

Globoplay launches in April and what we recommend watching / Globo / João Miguel Júnior
America (Image: João Miguel Júnior / Globo)

April premieres on Globoplay to keep an eye on 👀

Day 11 – Workout 2009 [Novela] – Available until then only for subscribers of the Globoplay package + live channels, Workout 2019 debuts this month in the standard streaming catalog. Sixteenth season of the juvenile plot, initially it had as protagonists the couple Bianca Bin and Micael Borges, but, as the episodes unfolded, it put the spotlight on Humberto Carrão, who became the young woman’s new romantic partner.

Set in a period of financial crisis at the Múltipla Escolha high school, the plot had its first episodes set in Ceará, in the middle of a music festival, and showed the protagonist – a young local girl, in love with her best friend – meeting the high school veterans. .

A very special season and wanted by fans of the soap opera, the season has names like Sophie Charlotte, Nathalia Dill and Caio Castro in its cast.

Day 25 – America [Novela] – Great success of the eight-hour track on Rede Globo, America was written by Glória Perez and premiered on the network in 2005, having the great responsibility of replacing Senhora do Destino, one of the most popular plots of the time.

In her story, we meet Sol, a young woman of humble origins, who dreams of living in the USA. Willing to cross the Mexican border to enter the country illegally, she bumps into her path, however, with the rodeo rider Tião, an honest man, with whom she falls in love.

Putting on the agenda themes that had been little explored in the network’s soap operas, such as the reality of illegal immigrants, America it had difficulties in registering good ratings in its beginnings, but it gradually fell into the public’s favor and became a great success of Rede Globo.

Day 28 – Heartless [Temporada 2] – And it’s not just the soap operas that are among the highlights of Globoplay’s April catalog! Desalma, the original streaming horror series, gets its second season this month.

In this new phase of the plot, the arrival of an ancient witch in the city of Brigida brings new mysteries to the series, especially since the sorcerer in question (played by Fábio Assunção) seeks a settlement with the witch The Hague.

Acclaimed at the Berlin Film Festival, Desalma has been a success on Globoplay since it debuted on the platform in 2020. Written by Ana Paula Maia, the supernatural horror and thriller production has a score of 7.3 on IMDb and has in its cast names such as Cláudia Abreu, Maria Ribeiro and Cássia Kis.

Other productions that arrive in April on Globoplay

  • Day 04 – Loving Death [Novela exclusiva]
  • Day 06 – The Retribution [Série exclusiva]
  • Day 07 – The Lost Symbol [Série exclusiva]
  • Day 14 – Sissi [Série exclusiva]
  • Day 18 – Way of the Indies [Novela – versão completa]
  • Babenco – Someone has to listen to the heart and say: Stopped [Documentário]
  • The club [Série exclusiva – Novos Episódios da Temporada 2]
  • FBI [Série – Temporada 3]
  • Temple Station [Série exclusiva – Temporada 2]
  • Nudes [Série exclusiva]
  • Leonardo da Vinci [Série exclusiva]

Excited for the April premieres of Globoplay? Share in the comments which productions you intend to watch this month!

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