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Globoplay announced which news will enter the platform’s catalog next month. Three documentaries stand out — former Casseta Bussunda, singer Eramos Carlos and singer Lexa have been adapted from their lives. My Friend Bussunda will have four episodes. See the Globoplay releases in June of 2021, including the news for subscribers of the package + Live Channels:

News from Globoplay’s catalog next month (Image: Reproduction/Globoplay)

All Globoplay releases in June

Check out the complete list of Globoplay news:


Magnum P.I. – Season 1
Action Series, Cop (20 episodes)
Year of production: 2018 – in production

Synopsis: A former member of the US Navy returns from Afghanistan and uses his military skills to work as a private investigator in Hawaii.


Therapy Session – Season 5
drama series
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: Family life comes back to haunt Caio after the news that his mother died and left an inheritance.

Ten first episodes premiered on 6/04. Five new episodes every week, always on Fridays.


the cat ate
Year of production: 1985

Cast: Christiane Torloni, Nuno Leal Maia, Bia Seidl, Mauro Mendonça, Anilza Leoni, Laerte Morrone, Fátima Freire, Roberto Pirillo, Cláudio Corrêa e Castro, Marilu Bueno, Luís Carlos Arutim.

Author: Ivani Ribeiro
Directed by: Herval Rossano


Lexa: Show That Power
Documental series (5 episodes)
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: In this documentary, we will understand the difficulties of transition between anonymity and fame, with the backstage of a life with almost no time for rest. Dividing between leading a team and spending time with family, friends and husband. All this being one of the greatest artists in the country.

Other June releases on Globoplay

Erasmus 80
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: The 80 years of Erasmo Carlos, pioneer of Brazilian rock, are contacts with unprecedented images: the gang from Tijuca, the Jovem Guarda, international success, friendship with Roberto Carlos and his powerful influence on behavior, fashion and attitude throughout of decades.

my friend bussunda
Documental Series (4 episodes)
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: Documentary tells the story of the humor giant, following the life of Cláudio Besserman Vianna (he wasn’t always Bussunda) from childhood to his unexpected death in June 2006 while covering the World Cup. A trajectory that merges with the biographies of other Cassetas and a revolution in TV humor.

Coyote – Season 1
Drama Series, Police Officer (6 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: After working for years on the US-Mexico border, American Ben Clemens starts to cooperate with people he has always tried to keep away from his country.

Ruby – Season 1
Drama Series (26 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: Owner of limitless ambition, the seductress Rubi hurt many people to conquer a luxurious life. Convinced by a young journalist, the mysterious woman tells her story.

Nancy Drew – Season 2
Suspense Series, Mystery, Supernatural (18 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: In a delicate phase after a family tragedy, Nancy Drew returns to detective life to investigate a mysterious crime in a city full of suspects with secrets.

Wynonna Earp – Season 4
Action Series, Supernatural (12 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: After a long time away, Wynonna, descendant of the legendary Wyatt Earp, returns to the city of Purgatory and needs to protect her family, fighting demons.

Zoey and Her Fantastic Playlist – Season 2
Comedy Series, Musical (13 episodes)
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: After an unusual accident, Zoey acquires the ability to hear people’s innermost thoughts and desires through musical numbers that only she sees.

Izombie – Season 5
Drama Series, Supernatural, Police Officer (13 episodes)
Year of production: 2019

Synopsis: After turning into a zombie, Olivia, a medical student, starts working in a morgue to feed on brains and starts to solve crimes with her new gifts.

Soap Opera – Season 1
Comedy Series (11 episodes)
Year of production: 2015

Synopsis: Behind the scenes of a Spanish-language soap opera, star Ana Sofía lives the challenges of not speaking Spanish and also dramas of love, life, hate and even death. A real novel.

Mum: Mother’s Life – Seasons 1 to 3
Comedy Series, Drama (18 episodes)
Year of production: 2016 – 2019

Synopsis: In the midst of a difficult year over her husband’s death, Cathy needs the help of her troubled but loving family to rebuild her life.

Ray Donovan – Season 7
Drama Series, Police Officer (10 episodes)
Year of production: 2019

Synopsis: Ray Donovan runs a detective agency in Los Angeles to solve problems for the rich and famous. While dealing with celebrities, he has to take care of his troubled family.

Releases for Globoplay subscribers + live channels



Jojo Nine & Half

In each episode, Jojo Todynho receives a new guest on her talk show for a sincere and good-humored chat

New episodes every Thursday at 9:30 pm, live on Multishow. Friday – VOD


MSW Pride Day

6:30 pm – TVZ Pride: On the 28th, TVZ will be taken by the colors of the rainbow with a special program. Presented by Gloria Groove, who will interact with different guests for a (remote) conversation. The program will highlight clips by LGBTQIA+ artists, both established and new artists in the segment

20h – Multishow Pride Special: Multishow follows the LGBTQIA+ Pride Day celebrations with the Multishow Pride Special. The live event will feature shows by MC Rebecca, Preta Gil, Aretuza Lovi and a presentation by Pepita, as well as remote interviews, paintings and TVs on the subject. The event also includes fundraising for Casa Nem – a reception center that currently has 47 LGBT+ young people in vulnerable situations in Rio de Janeiro.


european cup

England x Croatia – June 13 at 10 am

France x Germany – 6/15 at 4 pm

Italy x Switzerland – 6/16 at 4 pm

Portugal x France – June 23 at 4 pm



Who Can Play?
Who Can Play? is a film that reveals how four brave transsexual athletes train, play, and face the barriers of prejudice in sport.

Brazil Channel


Original series Canal Brasil that portrays the history of the Colônia de Barbacena hospice, a hospice that existed for almost a century, through the story of the character Elisa, victim, like so many others, of an unjustified hospitalization.

New episodes every Friday at 9.30 pm


T3 transmission

This season, Linn da Quebrada and Jup do Bairro talk with personalities like Tiffany, Erika Hilton, Babu Santana, Mc Tha, Jean Wyllys, Teresa Cristina, Hilton Lacerda, Zezé Motta, Rita Von Hunty, Maeve Jinkings, Nanda Costa and Preta Gil. There are also two special episodes: the first, an hour-long special with the philosopherdiJudith Butler; and the last, in which Linn and Jup conduct an interview with themselves.

New episodes in the early hours of Monday to Tuesday at 12:00 am.

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