Girlfriends Are Not Sure to Match, 8 Celebrities Left Ex-Marriage – There Are Still Alone – Ever considered the most harmonious couple, this celebrity pair of the country had the spotlight. Despite failing to the altar, a series of couples also have to feel ended aground and just keep the match for someone else. In addition, after breaking up with a former lover, it did not take long for the celebrities to be left married by the ex.

The phrase mate in God’s hands is indeed true. Although it’s been a long time and is predicted as the most favorite couple, in reality God wills and must end up breaking up. In fact, among them still choose to be alone and focus on their careers. Here is a series of celebrities who lived ex-married. Who are they? Let’s just peek at the portrait.

1. Ali Syakieb

Phenomenal couple Ali Syakieb and Kirana’s image had been idolized by citizens because of their harmony. In fact, the two have been in a relationship for 6 years and are rumored to have planned a wedding. But unfortunately, their relationship had failed in the middle of the road and the woman who was familiarly called Ciki was married to Rezky Aditya at the end of 2019. Had focused on his career, now Nabila Syakieb’s sister is reportedly close to the beautiful artist Margin Wieheerm.

2. Giorgino Abraham

Handsome actor Giorgino Abraham also had a bitter taste in love. Because the love story of herself and a beautiful actress Irish Bella which is always in the spotlight must end aground. In fact, after breaking up with Ammar Zoni’s wife, it was reportedly difficult to move on and still at home.

3. Keenan Pearce

Name Keenan Pearce of course already familiar in the ears of the community. A handsome man who had knit romance with a golden voice singer, Raisa and could make the citizens baper with both romanticism.

However, after undergoing dating for 5 years, both must accept the fact that their love relationship must be broken. It did not take long, and for only one year of dating, Raisa was edited by the actor Hamish Daud. In fact, the older brother of Pevita Pearce was dubbed just looking after people’s wives. But now Keenan Pearce is married and happy with his wife and children.

4. Michella Putri

Michella Princess had a relationship with a handsome actor Randy Pangalila. In fact both of them have spent time together approximately 4 years. Not a short time indeed if they both decide to break up. Now the ex-lover has married the woman of his choice. Despite being married, it seems Michella Putri is still relaxed in enjoying her solitude.

5. Luna Maya

Love story Luna Maya indeed always succeed in seizing public attention. Had made love for approximately 5 years with Reino Barack, but in the end the two did not end at the altar. In fact, Luna Maya had to accept the fact, because the man who had stopped in his life finally married Syahrini as his wife. Even so, Luna is still enjoying her solitude and her career has skyrocketed.

6. Natasha Wilona

Getting married first by a former lover might not be an easy matter. This is exactly what a beautiful actress experiences Natasha wilona. The 21-year-old woman had experienced the bitter story of being left married after her love relationship foundered. The incident occurred after he broke up with Stefan William. Then, the handsome actor then married the woman of his choice, namely Celine Evangelista.

7. Nikita Willy

Romance Story Nikita Willy apparently not as smooth as his career. Apparently this beautiful celebrity was left married by 2 ex-boyfriend, namely Diego Michiels and Putu Gede Suarsana. Even so, Nikita also relaxed and did not want to quickly open her heart again.

8. Ranty Maria

Lastly there is a beautiful actress Ranty Maria who also feels bitterness in a love affair. Never lined up as the most romantic couple with Ammar Zoni, in fact both of them had to run aground in the middle of the road because Ammar Zoni married Irish Bella. The bitter experience apparently made a woman aged 21 did not rush to get a new lover in his life.

That’s a series of celebrities who left ex-married. Who do you think is the hardest move on?

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