George O. Gore II: Where’s Junior de Eu, Mistress and Children?

The series Me, the Mistress and the Children (My Wife and Kids, in the original) was a great success in Brazil for its daily humor and naturally hilarious characters.

The cast of the production included George O. Gore II, playing Michael Richard Kyle Jr, or just Junior, who captivated viewers with his plots wrapped in the discoveries of adolescence.

But #PorOndeAnda the interpreter of Junior de Me, the Mistress and the Children at the moment?

George O. Gore II: from start to success in the Kyle family series

Born in the early 1980s in Maryland, United States, George O. Gore II started acting as a child. When he was only four years old, he participated in the commercial for a fast food chain, impressing the advertising market and being invited later to star in another twenty campaigns by large companies.

When he grew up, he made small appearances in series like Law & Order and Touched by an Angel. In 1994, he joined the cast of New York Undercover like G Williams. George was present in the series until 1998, receiving three nominations for the NAACP Image Award.

(ABC / Reproduction)Source: ABC

Although his plans include the desire to study economics at a university, when the opportunity to participate in the series arose Me, the Mistress and the Children, things have changed radically.

The production, shown by ABC between 2001 and 2005, was quite successful and brought an African American family back into the spotlight after the closing of Family Matters. Junior Kyle stood out precisely for his irreverent way of dealing with the situations he was in.

Despite being somewhat clumsy, he was one of the characters that the audience felt most empathy for. Viewers hoped that throughout the series Junior would find his way. Even after becoming a teenage father, he finally seemed to have found the much-dreamed balance.

While showing the sitcom, he further expanded his curriculum by directing two episodes in the series. With the end of production, he continued to work with Damon Wayans, who played his father, but ended up giving up his career after a while.

Career abandonment and personal projects

His last work in the audiovisual field was in the series Second Generation Wayans, canceled after the 1st season. Even with some films on his resume and some attempts to stay behind the camera, no other character has borne him as much fruit as that of ABC’s family comedy.

With that, he started to dedicate himself to his academic career, leading a more private life from the Hollywood spotlight. A proof of this is that George O. Gore II is not very present on social networks. He has no Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, for example.

(ABC / Reproduction)(ABC / Reproduction)Source: ABC

Until 2017, it seems that he maintained a closed profile on the social network of stories, with just over 400 followers. Many fans argue that they miss the characters of Me, the Mistress and the Children, speaking whenever they can about a possible revival of the series – but, apparently, George O. Gore II does not have much interest in the subject.

In fact, in an interview published about four years ago, the former actor commented that he did not intend to return to artistic life and take tests to interpret new characters.

At that time, George commented that he had other plans for his life and that they kept away from the media. According to information reported by the international press, in recent years he has been acting as a university professor. But details of his current workplace are scarce.

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