Gavião Arqueiro: See who’s who in the cast of the Disney+ series

This Wednesday (24), Marvel launched a new series on Disney+, continuing the phase 4 of the MCU. Archer hawk (Hawkeye, in the original) promises to bring great conflicts to viewers, especially for the main plot, which involves some problems for the hero of the original group of Avengers.

Set in New York, the production will be broadcast weekly for the next few weeks on Disney+, finishing in six episodes. And, due to the proximity to Christmas, this end-of-the-year mood should be present in most scenes.

Want to know more about the characters in the series? Check out who’s who in the cast of Archer hawk!

Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton

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In a way, the Archer hawk he has always been a luxury supporting role in the Avengers films, and now it’s his turn to shine as a leading man in his own story. In the Marvel series, the character will face a family dilemma, in addition to training her successor, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). Obviously, other issues will be part of its plot, such as the confrontation with Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) and Echo (Alaqua Cox).

And his interpreter, Jeremy Renner, seems to have stood out in a different way in the narrative, especially after living great characters in cinema in films like war on terror (2008) e The arrival (2016), in addition to the series Mayor of Kingstown, recently released by Paramount+.

Hailee Steinfeld como Kate Bishop

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Making her MCU debut, Hailee Steinfeld enters the scene as Kate Bishop, one of the company’s most famous comic book heroines of late. The character grew up marked by a traumatic event, but tried to overcome all the difficulties of life improving skills that include melee and archery. Many critics have already praised the actress’ work in the production and, it seems, she still goes far.

Before Archer hawk, Steinfeld was known for her participation in the series Dickinson, do Apple TV+, e Arcane: League of Legends, from Netflix, in addition to the movie indomitable bravery (2010).

Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop

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Kate Bishop’s mother could not be played by any actress other than Vera Farmiga, who has great work in television and also in film. In the role of Eleanor Bishop, a highly successful businesswoman, it seems, the character will become involved with the schemes of Madame Masque.

Despite this, it is noteworthy that, in the comics, she would have supposedly died when Kate was still a child. It remains to be seen how this relationship will take place in the six episodes of the Marvel series.

Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne the Swordsman

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In the comics, Jack Duquesne began his saga as a relentless villain who worked alongside Mandarin, one of Tony Stark’s greatest enemies, Iron Man. However, he switched sides and became the mentor of young Clint Barton, teaching everything he knew. In addition, Jack is also Eleanor Bishop’s companion.

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez (Echo)

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There are great expectations for the debut of Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, on the MCU, considering that the character has a very controversial past. In the comics, there is not much connection between her and Gavião Arqueiro, but the series will try to explain how the two ended up getting involved. Echo is a deaf assassin with a thirst for revenge, who was originally manipulated by Kingpin Kingpin.

Anti-Heroin will return to Disney+ for a spin-off series in the coming years, so this introduction will certainly yield other issues to work on in the future.

Florence Pugh como Yelena Belova

(Marvel/Reproduction)(Marvel/Reproduction)Source: Marvel

The post-credits dinner of Black Widow (Black Widow, in the original) tried to connect the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier e Archer hawk, which recently debuted on streaming. As seen at the time, Yelena has Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) as one of her mentors. Willing to resolve some pending issues from the past, the character wants to meet again with Clint Barton for a reckoning.

other characters from Archer hawk

The cast of the Marvel series also includes other important members. This is the case with Linda Cardellini, who plays Laura Barton, Clint’s wife.

She is the mother of Lila Barton (played by Ava Russo), whose main conflict is linked to the absence of her father at various times in her life. Kate Bishop, on the other hand, has an extremely loving father. To play Derek Bishop, actor Brian d’Arcy James was cast.

The production’s narrative will also be full of dangerous villains, directly inspired by the comics, such as Kazi (Fra Fee), an assassin known as The Clown. Aleks Paunovic appears as Ivan, one of the leaders of the Tracksuit Mafia, and Piotr Adamczyk is Tomas, another member of the same group.

the cast of Archer hawk is completed by Ben Sakamoto and Cade Woodard, who play, respectively, Cooper Barton and Nathaniel Barton, the other children of Clint and Laura.

Stay tuned and be sure to check it out! new episodes of Archer hawk will be available on Disney+ always on Wednesdays.

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