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Watch users of Garmin have not been able to synchronize their data and physical activities since the morning of this Thursday (23). The application shows a “maintenance” message on mobile applications and is unavailable on the web interface, where the company reports that even its support services were affected by the crash. The cause of the outage would be a ransomware attack.

“We are experiencing an outage that affects Garmin Connect and, as a result, the website and mobile app are currently down. This unavailability also affects our call centers and we are currently unable to receive calls, emails or chat messages. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and apologize for the inconvenience, ”says Garmin on Twitter.

Garmin Connect centralizes health data, physical activity and other metrics generated by company devices, such as watches and scales. The application is also used to receive workouts and synchronize them with third-party services, such as Strava. With the fall, it is not possible to view the last physical activity through the cell phone, and the features that depend on the application do not work.

Garmin Connect offline

According to ZDNet, Garmin suffered a ransomware attack, which encrypts computer data with a password and asks for a ransom, usually in bitcoins, to release access. The most famous ransomware in history, WannaCry, spread to 150 countries in 2017 and caused drops in services from Telefonica and the UK’s public health system. It is not known what malware would have attacked Garmin.

The plague would have hijacked files from Garmin’s internal computer network and even production lines in Asia. To restore data and get your servers back online, Garmin should take several days. In Taiwan, where Garmin has factories, employees would have been advised of maintenance that would last until Saturday (25). The Taiwanese website iTHome says the company was attacked by a “virus”.

Garmin does not publicly comment on what caused the downfall of Garmin Connect and the company’s call center. In the early hours of Thursday (23), when the problem began, Garmin employees went to social networks to warn that the company was attacked by the WastedLocker ransomware.

Garmin’s downfall also affects aviation and inReach

The drop in Garmin’s services not only affects devices for end users, but also the aviation arm, the Garmin Aviation. A status page informs that satellite communication resources for voice, text, weather and position reports are “degraded in performance”.

THE Garmin inReach it is also unstable, affecting applications and the billing system. Garmin’s satellite communication service allows you to send danger alerts (SOS) and text messages; the company says that these resources operate normally.

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