Ganjar Pranowo Reveals Central Java Strategy to Press Case COVID-19

Jakarta, East IDN – As of Tuesday, June 23, 2020, COVID-19 positive cases in Central Java reached 2,766 cases. Until now, Central Java still has quite a number of districts / cities that enter the green or yellow zone. The amount is relatively small compared to the regions in Java.

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo also received praise because his province could reduce the spread of COVID-19. In a special interview via live Instagram IDN Times, Ganjar told about the steps to overcome the corona virus in Central Java. In addition, he also said that the province with the capital city of Semarang was preparing to enter the era new normal or new normal.

According to Ganjar, in handling this corona virus, communication between one regional head is indeed needed. He also claimed to learn from many countries affected by COVID-19.

“I learned from many countries. Continuing to provide pre-facilities, facilities, everything and it’s not easy. I still don’t feel exactly fit what I want. But we have to do it yes, “said Ganjar.

Ganjar said that the most important thing in handling corona virus is to keep trying and don’t stop. Although the method used is not perfect and many shortcomings, but still must be fought for.

Then, what is Ganjar’s way to deal with the corona virus in Central Java? Are you ready to enter? new normal? Let’s look at a special interview together IDN Times.

What is the current situation in Central Java? Are you ready with the new normal?

Dock. Central Java Provincial Public Relations

I have a meeting, I lead myself, I say this for new normal it needs new norms. So don’t be normal just yet, the norm was made. This must be an agreement and public knowledge. Agree to take a decision, agree with the people to follow so that later everyone wants to carry out. Because we see which graphs or curves have gone down, which ones have sloped and leveled. So the sloping figure is that the Rt is under 1 percent. So we check one by one. Don’t be in a hurry.

After that we normally prepare. What are the general norms, what are the sectoral norms. What about education, industry, then places of worship, schools, now this is still difficult public transportation. Now this is what we are preparing now, hopefully tomorrow the legal provisions are ready, then we will leave the special nature to those who will carry out it.

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How does Pak Ganjar socialize the new COVID-19 and normal to the lower classes?

[WANSUS]    Ganjar Pranowo Reveals Central Java Strategy to Press Case COVID-19Dock. Central Java Provincial Public Relations

There is formality through the structure of government. Then we continue to talk to the regents, mayors, sub-district heads, village heads (village heads), village heads to RT. There is such a thing as the Jogo Tonggo Program. Jogo Tonggo is guarding the neighbors. There is guidance little we give them, thank God we can save RW level so that they will look after, check who the vulnerable groups, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, toddlers, who are sick, just going home, who got laid off. It is mapped.

Who was involved? There are PKK mothers, there are posyandu, youth groups, village officials, TNI-Polri, religious leaders, this is what we are trying to move. That’s to keep the smallest level. We ask them to socialize. I do a lot of socialization using my social media. So that if I move, friends record, then we pick up.

Because if I scream at the market, that’s all right. But if recorded, then me uploaded on YouTube, Instagram, people will see ‘oh Mr. Ganjar do that. See, it’s really crazy because the socialization is even bigger. Those are the methods that I tried to use, although there are also those who don’t like them.

Before the new normal, Mr. Ganjar could inspect the mall. How is the preparation?

[WANSUS]    Ganjar Pranowo Reveals Central Java Strategy to Press Case COVID-19Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo inspected the Mall and public service office to prepare for the implementation of the new normal corona, Tuesday (5/26). Central Java Public Relations Doc

Actually I want to see it. when I snack it actually checks what kind of mall conditions, how many visitors, how the health protocols, including me, want to know what trade is selling or not.

Yesterday I asked someone who sold bags, shoes, belts, ‘really sell like this?’ ‘Yes, sir, there are usually 50 people shopping, now one’, ‘what do I do then?’, it turns out I got the knowledge from them, ‘we are selling it. Now I sell using Facebook, sir, using Instagram. “Does it sell?” ‘sell, sir, it sells better there’. That apparently also increased their income. So I know, I went to the mall to see more of them.

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Are restrictions also applied to visitors at the mall? What about restrictions elsewhere?

The amount used to be yes. The amount must be a distance, the amount must wear a mask, the amount must have a place to wash hands. That was the amount first. Now, from the amount we dropped. How long is the mall capacity? For example a day can be 3 thousand people. Okay, if so 500 first yes. Later, if you are able to walk, add 1000. We add 2 thousand and so on. Until then, if the capacity reaches 3 thousand, then whether or not the malls will be written in front of their capacity. If necessary, the campaign will be campaigned later on line.

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Our markets use boxes. This one is hard to ask for forgiveness. Difficult, I admit. But when the City of Salatiga made it become viral right? Put in the middle of the road, in boxes, controlled. That’s a good way to this day. I checked houses of worship, mosques, yesterday prepare. The church yesterday until the end of June worship there was a new decision whether to stream or come later. so between them already did that.

Including school. Earlier I talked with the teachers, conveyed to them with the Director General of Secondary Primary Education. We’re talking, who goes to one class first or just one level. For example, grade 9, grade 11. We try first. From the frequency of the quantity, then we try it first, then if it’s already running we raise it.

So the amount is like that. Including in boarding schools. Isn’t it easy at the boarding school? They came in a crowd. One room is inhabited by many. well, this needs to be reset. How do you do this, who hasn’t found it yet. whether they will be tested quickly when they come or isolated first. If the bed has to be spaced apart, it’s definitely not enough. If it’s not enough how to do it. These are some not yet finished, but the amount is so.

How to regulate traditional markets?

In Banyumas there is a half-modern market that is crowded for mercy. That cool Banyumas Regent. Two more days crowded before Lebaran, the crowd begging for mercy, the Regent down. Direct ‘eh where’s the owner? Can you arrange this or not? Immediately I give the first warning. You don’t listen to me ‘. Call me Regent. ‘Mr. Governor, I’m going to close it for two days.’ ‘Good, close’ I said so. Lid. Pas again busy crowded. This example gives one in shock therapy so that people understand about it.

In Semarang City, for two days, I kept looking at the Karangayu Market yesterday that there was a positive check, so it was closed by the Mayor. Then in 3 days starting yesterday it was sprayed. Then I got it. Please set the distance. Please arrange them must wear a mask. please arrange so if you can use plastic gloves. Now this needs education for them to change. If they don’t want to change, the danger is this.

If this traditional market is indeed difficult, yes. So I continue to encourage friends, regents, mayors of this city to regulate continuously. Never be bored because we want to protect citizens. Let’s arrange it. In fact, there is even a permit, ‘Sir, can we close the road or not?’ ‘Can. Just close the road, then traffic will be blocked, just turn on the computer. Because of this we are indeed with a new paradigm, if not later danger in a place like that.

What about public transportation arrangements in Central Java?

[WANSUS]    Ganjar Pranowo Reveals Central Java Strategy to Press Case COVID-19Dock. Central Java Provincial Public Relations

If Central Java is between busy and quiet. Transportation is quiet because the passengers are few, so they reduce naturally. Now we want a new normal. Later first, not normal just yet. How about you take the transportation later? In the meantime they use a lot of bicycles. Bicycle sales are all up. Children cycling, parents cycling. There are sports, and used for work. Not bad, it’s healthy and good too.

So yesterday I went around riding a bicycle, even though Semarang has climbed up and down, but people are enthusiastic. This atmosphere is like in the Netherlands. Hopefully a good start. But the public transportation is not yet. Now transportation is helped by the lack of people, because they are still WFH.

For the opening of the school, has anyone opened it? How is the preparation?

Not yet. So that’s why I said OK. Then the ones who miss school, are you the kind of people you can trust or not? Are you a disciplined student or not? If your answer is yes, we will open a school, but there are conditions, your area must be low. If your area is in danger, you will be in danger. But if your area is still green, let’s start with your discipline, with the right health protocol and you can give an example to your friends. So meet your friends with fun, neat, not like yesterday. If you find cipika cipiki, hug-hug, articulate, tomorrow is not. If you can’t, it will harm you.

But do you know what her parents say? ‘Mr. Ganjar, please don’t do that, schoolchildren are difficult to manage’, I was scolded instead. Even I want to make a pilot school with what kind of health protocol. Let people understand

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Will the tourism sector be simulated before opening? When will it open?

[WANSUS]    Ganjar Pranowo Reveals Central Java Strategy to Press Case COVID-19BETWEEN PHOTOS / Anis Efizudin

All (simulated). For example in Borobudur, this city of Semarang is still red. Not yet. Like on the Slopes of Mount Lawu, Eid is very crowded. But if we can manage it, the entrance is arranged, then digital numbers will be entered and then restricted, then our best method of control. So that in green areas, tourism is good.

In Banyumas there is Batu Raden, Mount Slamet, there are good places too. The regent is ready. Okay but don’t forget the simulation first. Now we push this. The most tourist villages. I have this COVID mapping to the villages. For green villages, please. But don’t do the red village, the yellow village practice first.

Pak Jokowi wants massive testing to be carried out, how about in Central Java?

[WANSUS]    Ganjar Pranowo Reveals Central Java Strategy to Press Case COVID-19Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo inspected the Mall and public service office to prepare for the implementation of the new normal corona. Central Java Public Relations Doc

That’s right because Mr. Jokowi asked, I totally agreed. In the beginning, why just calm down. Then I ask from the Task Force, Health Office, we do rapid test. Mr. President ordered 20 thousand a day, let’s chase. It’s just that the pattern of Central Java is not passed by us rapid test, we are looking for a crowded crowd. Is it in the market, in the mall, shops, houses of worship, sometimes there is a desperate to make event, Gowa cluster, migrant workers, and others. We are aiming at that cluster, that, that, we rapid test all. Yesterday we immediately sent. How many? 11,400, work immediately. Add more. Now it’s proceeding.

So, the theory developed by Mr. Jokowi is good, we will improve it to know. And the psychology is like this, the village chiefs, sub-district heads, regents / mayors, come on, let’s tracing, we test together massively. For us to know and not to be afraid suddenly high, it’s much better but we know. Instead of fear of image, fear of performancebully bad and so on, later it will never be tested. It’s dangerous too Then just test, just be honest. Its integrity is given to the community. When asked that Central Java is increasing, yes, we look for people. So I say to friends like that.

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