gamers are angry after the increase in the price of games

The PS5 will be available from November 19, 2020, from € 399. In the wake of the official announcements related to its console, Sony has published on its US blog the prices of the first exclusives that will accompany the console at launch. Suffice to say that the prices charged scandalize the players.

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After Microsoft and its Xbox Series X, Sony has finally come out of its silence this Wednesday, September 16, 2020. During a brand new Playstation Showcase, the Japanese manufacturer revealed the prices and the release date for its PS5 consoles. The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will be available on November 19, 2020 in France, at a price of € 399 and € 499.

During these 40 minutes of conference, Sony gave pride of place to the games that will accompany the console at launch, and later in 2021. We had the right to Final Fantasy 16, Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy, God of War Ragnarok or again Demon’s Souls. In short, very heavy and that’s good.

And then in the process, Sony published on its US blog a summary of the announcements of the evening. The manufacturer has also provided some additional information, in particular on the prices of accessories and the DualSense controller. The Japanese firm then focused on the prices of the PS5 games which will arrive at launch. For the players, it’s a cold shower.

An increase that goes badly

Indeed, Sony has just confirmed that the exclusives labeled Playstation Studios will be sold at 80 €. Faced with these prices considered exorbitant, players began to express their dissatisfaction on social networks and to question the interest of the PS5 Digital Edition: “80 euros for PS5 games, and you think I’ll take Digital ”, writes Tag_TobyOne.

80 euros the PS5 game will have to think carefully now to buy from Micromania ”, Tonybzh quips. ”@PlaystationFR we want the PS5 but 80 euros the game you force… it will be the same price in digital it’s crazy ”, Loularkilla complains about the blue bird. “80 euros some PS5 games, that’s a lot, isn’t it?! ”, Baddack likes Twitter too.

The interest of the PS5 Digital Edition called into question

It is true that if the owners of the PS5 will be able to turn to the second-hand market, rental or loan between friends to save money on games, PS5 Digital Edition owners will have no choice but to pay a high price for their games. Or take their troubles patiently while Sony decides to make some promos on the Playstation Store.

However, it is the manufacturer who manages the promotional operations on his store. And if discounts are frequent, it is not uncommon for Sony to take its time to sell off the most popular titles. There are still a few days, Call of Duty Modern Warfare was in “promo” at 45 €, not far from a year after its release.

And what do you think of the prices charged by Sony? Are you going to go for the PS5 instead of the Digital Edition? Or will you turn to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S instead? Tell us in the comments.

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