CEO talks about the success and future of the mobile platform

THE achieved great success by bringing to Android and iOS devices a great infrastructure to follow and participate in esports tournaments in a simple and convenient way. To better understand how the platform works and what are your plans for the future, we spoke with Rosen Sharme, the company’s CEO, and you can see the best moments of the following chat:

THE is still quite young, but has already won a good number of users and supported games. What are your plans for the platform to grow further in 2021?

THE it was launched just six months ago and, in that short time, it has already passed 11 million registered tournaments, making it the number one mobile esports platform! With an average of 2,500 new tournaments daily, we are hosting a new tournament per minute, which is an incredible feat!

The key to our growth is a combination of the gigantic interest of the gamer community with our assistant Artificial Intelligence, Tourney, which allows our platform to host multiple championships without major operational efforts.

As more and more influential players entered the platform, we saw an increasing interest from amateurs as well, and these amateurs see the platform as a way to improve their game and reach professional championships.

How do you feel about the esports scene on mobile platforms and its growth in recent years? Has she reached her full potential yet?

The esports market has seen unprecedented growth in recent years. According to newzoo, it is expected to grow by more than 650 million users by 2023, which is more than twice as many players registered in 2017, when we had 335 million.

According to Statista, the global esports market was worth $ 493 million in 2017, and is expected to reach 1.6 billion in 2023! With so many opportunities for growth, I feel that the industry is still in its infancy. The proportion of athletes who make money from video games is still less than 0.01%, which shows great room for growth.

How was the process of creating the IA Tourney, and how does it work in

We wanted to help player communities create, host and run tournaments more easily, taking the burden of organization off their backs while orchestrating a mobile esports scene. And that’s how Tourney was born!

She is an assistant who makes the automated management of our tournaments, and covers every aspect of them, from the time of making a match to helping the games run smoothly, determining their winners and losers. On the organization side, for example, Tourney automatically places all participants in the lobby, notifies players of the start time of the match and assigns their scores.

It helps to have matches with balanced skill level, validates the winners and transfers them to new lobbies whenever necessary, sending the prizes to them as well. We see this as a great way for amateurs to train before reaching the major leagues.

How important is the Does your feedback have any impact on development plans? How much?

The community is our backbone, and the platform is just a bridge to connect players. Here, amateurs can not only learn from influencers directly, but also find people to train and have fun together.

Their feedback is essential for us to measure and decide which games are most popular and which deserve more attention in major tournament events. We continue to receive a lot of constructive criticism that helps us plan for future updates too!

Free Fire is a very popular game here in Brazil and it seems that your players are enjoying the, which is also available in several other countries. What are some of the most loved games around the world?

We are in 20 different countries and we support almost 200 games, so we see titles like Brawl Stars, Call of Duty and PUBG very successful. We are growing very fast and our focus is now on delivering the best experience to our audience. We hope that more and more players will use our platform and find a way to become successful professionals!

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