Game of Thrones: see HBO series seasons ranking

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Undeniably the HBO series game of Thrones it was a big hit on TV, breaking several audience and popularity records. The program, which was based on the literary work of George R. R. Martin, won over a large number of fans around the world, who hoped that their favorite character could sit on the desired Iron Throne and rule all the kingdoms of Westeros. However, the end of the series was disappointing for most viewers, who did not enjoy the direction the HBO show took.

This disappointment was reflected in the rating notes made by fans on the main review sites, such as the Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, with the final season having the worst rating out of all eight.

Check out the ranking of all the seasons of game of Thrones – from the worst to the best – with an average made from the notes of the two sites mentioned.

8. Season 8 – 64.5

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As stated before, the end of game of Thrones it was disappointing for much of the audience. The final season has a score of 75 in Metacritic and only 54 in the Rotten Tomatoes. It is worth remembering that the last season had only 6 episodes, instead of the 10 of the first seasons, that is, the negative evaluation of only one episode has a greater weight in the final average of the season.

7. 6th Season – 83.5

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Even in 7th position, the 6th season has an excellent average of 83.5, which shows the true quality of HBO’s production. Season 6 accompanied Bran beginning his journey to become the Three-Eyed Raven and Daenerys being captured, while Ramsay Bolton tried to take the North.

6. 7th Season – 85

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Season 7 also had fewer episodes – 7 in total – which may also have had a negative impact on the average. In the plot, Daenerys finally made it to Westeros and began to trace her alliances to invade Porto Real. These alliances end up causing an important casualty in his army, when faced with the true strength of the Night King.

5. 1st Season – 85

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The opening season brought reviews from critics on the sites that may not reflect reality, as we still didn’t know exactly what to expect from the series. The fact that the show shows that no character is free from the dangers of Westeros – Ned Stark who says so – initially did not please everyone, which reflected on a more modest note, despite the fact that his production quality was high from the beginning.

4. Season 5 – 92

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This was the first season to diverge from the history of George R. R. Martin’s books. It is in the 5th season that some pieces begin to be positioned for the conclusion of the following seasons. Here we see Cersei being humiliated in public, Arya on her training journey to increase her skills, Daenerys continues to increase the power of her army, while Jon Snow learns more about the threats coming from the regions beyond the Wall – in addition to facing problems on the Night.

3. Season 2 – 93

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Season 2 brought the rise to power of one of the most hated characters in the entire series, Joffrey Baratheon. Which was very well received by the public and critics. The season reached a 90 Metacritic and an excellent 96 in the Rotten Tomatoes. Daenerys began her journey with the Dothraki in Essos.

2. Season 3 – 93.5

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It is in the 3rd season that the Red Wedding takes place, perhaps the highest point in the several times that the series surprised and shocked the audience. The impact of the event on the public’s assessment was extremely positive, with the season reaching the same 96 as the previous season on Rotten Tomatoes and 91 in Metacritic.

1. Season 4 – 95.5

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The best season game of Thrones it was his 4th year. According to the critics, the 4th season established the HBO series as one of the best TV shows. The episodes continued to bring the death of important characters and to develop others that gained more highlights during that period of the plot.

So, do you agree with the list? What was the worst season for you? And which was the best? Leave your ranking in the comments!

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