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THE Samsung announced, this Wednesday (11), the Galaxy Watch 4 it’s the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The pair of smart watches stands out for the presence of the operating system wear OS, Google, and the new body composition reader. Smartwatches also feature the new 5-nanometer Exynos W920 processor and other technical sheet improvements.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (Image: Press Release/Samsung)

The Galaxy Watch 4 is more like the Galaxy Watch Active 2, announced in 2019. Unlike the previous generation, the watch doesn’t have a swivel crown, but has a more compact aluminum body. Samsung offers the wearable in 40mm and 44mm options, with 1.19-inch and 1.36-inch screens, respectively.

Samsung even introduced new features in the accessory’s technical sheet. This is the case of the Exynos W920 processor, a 5 nm chip announced on Tuesday (10) with promise of energy efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the component improves CPU performance around 20% and offers ten times better graphics than its predecessor.

The other improvements are the 1.5 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, superior to the 1 GB RAM and the 8 GB space found in the Galaxy Watch 3. Regarding the battery, the 40 mm model has the capacity of 247 mAh. The 44mm edition has a 361 mAh component inside.

The new watches are also IP68 and military (MIL-STD-810G) certified, in addition to water resistance (5 ATM). The Galaxy Watch 4 has Gorilla Glass DX+ protection while the Classic edition brings Gorilla Glass DX glass. The other specifications are for Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has several color options and aluminum body (Image: Press Release/Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has several color options and aluminum body (Image: Press Release/Samsung)

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: swivel crown and stainless steel body

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is closer to the previous generation. Like the Galaxy Watch 3, the launch features a swivel crown to toggle between widgets, adjust volume, navigate system screens and apps, among others. The device also has a body made of stainless steel like last year’s model.

Samsung offers two size alternatives to consumers, one 42 mm with a 1.19 inch screen and another 46 mm with a 1.36 inch screen. The resolution is 396 x 396 pixels in the smaller model and 450 x 450 pixels in the larger variant, as well as in the conventional edition. The setting is 330 ppi in all cases.

The other features between the two watches are similar, including the Wear OS. Just like the Watch 4, the Classic model comes with the 5nm Samsung Exynos W920 inside with the same battery capacities according to the size of the wearable. The amounts of RAM and storage are also the same.

According to Samsung, the battery of the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Classic edition is capable of lasting up to 40 hours, depending on usage. “when you need more power quickly, 30 minutes of charging provides up to 10 hours of battery life,” they said.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has swivel crown as Watch 3 (Image: Press Release/Samsung)
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has swivel crown as Watch 3 (Image: Press Release/Samsung)

Wear OS and body composition reader

The new Wear OS, announced at Google I/O 2021, is one of the main new features of the releases. The duo brings the system under the One UI Watch interface and with some of their own solutions. This is the case of the function to switch the earphone’s audio between the cell phone and the watch automatically and the gesture control.

Wearables even allow users to take advantage of Google Play apps like Google Maps. Additionally, the devices are compatible with Adidas Running, Calming, Strava and other fitness tools. The Spotify app is still available on the new watches of the South Korean brand.

Another highlight is the new body composition reader. The Galaxy Watch 4 is able to quantify weight, body mass index and more with the aid of a sensor that performs bioimpedance analysis. According to Samsung, the tool gives users a deeper understanding of their overall health and fitness.

Tools for taking electrocardiograms (ECG) and measuring blood pressure remain available. Like the previous generation, the launches have a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). Smartwatches are also capable of tracking exercise, monitoring sleep and heart rate.

Price and availability

O Galaxy Watch 4 will cost from US$ 249.99 (Bluetooth) and US$ 299.99 (LTE), approximately R$ 1,300 and R$ 1,555, respectively, in direct conversion. The 40 mm model will be on sale in silver, black and pink. The 44mm edition will have the following options: silver, black and green.

O Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 42 mm and 46 mm will be more expensive: from US$ 349.99 (Bluetooth) and US$ 399.99 (LTE). The amounts are equivalent to approximately R$1,815 and R$2,075, respectively. Both sizes will be available in silver and black.

Samsung has not yet revealed the prices and launch date of the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches in Brazil. The new watches, on the other hand, were approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) at the end of May. They are expected to be announced in the country this year.

By comparison, the Galaxy Watch 3 arrived in Brazil in September 2020. With a stainless steel body, the 41 mm model with 4G started to be sold in the country with the suggested price of R$ 2,799. The larger option, 45 mm and also with 4G, landed in national trade for R$ 2,999.

The watches were introduced in Galaxy Unpacked. During the event, Samsung also announced the new folding cell phones Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. The other news of the day is the Galaxy Buds 2.

Collaborated: Bruno Gall De Blasi

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