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O Galaxy S22 and several other Samsung phones and tablets released in the last four years have been banned from Geekbench forever. All devices removed from the benchmark site have the controversial Game Optimizing Service (GOS) — a service from the South Korean manufacturer that would be slowing down 10,000 Android apps.

Samsung Galaxy S22+ (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)

In accordance with the internal policy of the Geekbenchif a cell phone is removed from the site, device cannot be added again in the database. This means that even if Samsung fixes the issues caused by the Game Optimizing Service in the future, banned devices will not appear on the portal again.

In addition to banning all models of the Galaxy S22 line, the Geekbench deleted device information Galaxy S21, S20 e S10including the popular Galaxy S20 FE e S21 FE. The site even accused Samsung of manipulating benchmark results.

Regarding the banning of Galaxy cell phones from the site, the Geekbench commented to Android Police:

“Earlier this week, we were told about Samsung’s Game Optimizing Service (GOS) and how it limits game and application performance. The GOS decides to choke (or not choke) apps using the app’s identifiers rather than the software’s behavior. We see this as a form of benchmark manipulation, as major benchmark apps, including Geekbench, are not limited by this service.”


GOS is the supposed culprit for the gagging

The GOS controversy began in early March. At the time, users noticed stutters in various android apps, even on the latest and most powerful Galaxy S22. After analysis, it was discovered that Samsung’s game optimization service would be slowing 10,000 Android apps on Galaxy phones.

This tool comes pre-installed from the factory on the devices and promises improve performance while controlling temperature of the cell phone when running games. However, instead of delivering what it was supposed to, the resource supposedly limits the performance of thousands of other softwareincluding everyday apps like Instagram, Netflix, TikTok and even Google platforms.

Samsung even commented on the problem, saying that the Game Optimizing Service only affected games. Tests carried out by users and specialized websites, however, said otherwise: only 3,200 apps of the more than 10,000 software in the GOS database were games.

In response to complaints, the South Korean manufacturer started installing remote updates to adjust the GOS, but only on Galaxy S22 line devices. All other Galaxy phones keep stuttering, and the supposed culprit is the tool, which it is not simple to be deactivated manually.

Galaxy Tab S8 tablets were also banned

In addition to affecting Galaxy phones, the GOS would still be limiting the performance of some tablets in the Galaxy Tab S8 line. For that reason, the Geekbench decided to ban two devices in the line from the site — the Galaxy Tab S8+ and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

The decision was taken after the Android Police perform benchmark tests on both tablets. To carry out the analyses, the site used the traditional application of Geekbenchas well as a modified version of the app, as the original app is not affected by GOS.

In the modified version, the software is recognized by tablets as if it were the game Genshin Impact running. With this, it was proven that, when running the modified version of Geekbench, the Galaxy Tab S8+ and S8 Ultra recorded much lower numbers, compared to the results obtained in the original application.

The exact numbers from the benchmark tests were:

Samsung CEO apologizes for the GOS

Last Wednesday (16), during a meeting with shareholders, Samsung’s CEO, JH Han, apologized to customers and investors of the company for the performance problems caused by the Game Optimizing Service in cell phones and tablets of the Galaxy line.

Han further said that Samsung “failed to appreciate customer concerns.” For the future, the CEO assured that “the company will listen to users more closely to prevent this problem from happening again”.

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