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Do you have a Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + or Galaxy S10e? The time has come to update: Samsung is releasing the Android 11 with One UI 3.0 for users in Brazil. The update brings improvements to the interface, greater privacy and adjustments to the camera app. The Galaxy S20 line has already been covered, including the S20 FE; the same should happen later this month for the S10 Lite, Note 10 and Note 20.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 + (Image: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

O Tecnoblog received reports that the Galaxy S10e and Standard S10 are being upgraded to Android 11: this involves a 1.8 GB download, which includes One UI 3.0 and the Google security patch for January 2021.

It’s the S10 +, when will he have the update? Samsung Brasil’s official Twitter account warns: “the update has already started to be made available; at any time your device can receive the notification, just wait ”.

About the Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G770F), it has been covered in other countries since December and should win the One UI 3.0 in Brazil sometime in January, according to Samsung’s official schedule.

Later this month, Android 11 should also arrive for the Note 20, Note 10, Note 10+, Galaxy Fold, Z Flip and Z Fold 2. In the case of models sold in operator, this may take a little longer.

What changes on the Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e with Android 11

Galaxy S10e receives Android 11 (Image: Reproduction / Francisco Bruno)

Galaxy S10e receives Android 11 (Image: Reproduction / Francisco Bruno)

Samsung mentions the same news for Galaxy S10e (SM-G970F), Galaxy S10 (SM-G973F) and Galaxy S10 + (SM-G975F). The quick settings screen brings the buttons closer to the bottom edge; animations and transition effects became more fluid; the camera app has improved auto focus and zoom thanks to artificial intelligence; and you can free access to the camera, microphone and location for an app only once.

The full list of changes for Android 11 with One UI 3.0 follows below:

Visual design

We’ve updated the look of One UI 3 in a variety of ways, large and small, from new, more consistent icons to smarter organization of the Quick Dashboard and notifications. The movement is smoother and more natural than ever, with improved animations and tactile feedback for common interactions. And the interface is compatible with different screen sizes, to offer the best experience on any device, be it a phone, foldable or tablet.

Improved performance

We have optimized One UI 3 with improved dynamic memory allocation, so that applications run faster and perform better. We also restrict background activities to offer better performance and energy usage.

Better customization

  • New image categories have been added to the Dynamic Lock Screen, and you can select up to five categories at once.
  • On the lock screen, you can add a widget to check your usage time.
  • Get an interactive preview when setting a wallpaper.
  • Adjusting the Always On Display screen and the Lock screen just got easier.
  • Include a call background to display a photo or video when you make or receive a call.
  • On Samsung Internet, you can rearrange and lock tabs.
  • Bixby Routines has gained even more controls to help you automate your life.
  • New Lock Screen icons and widgets make it easy to find and control your routines.
  • Use digital well-being with a separate personal and work profile.

Enhanced features

Home screen and lock screen

  • Include widgets by tapping and holding an app on the Home screen.
  • Turn off the screen by double tapping an empty space on the Home screen or Lock screen. (Configure in Settings> Advanced features> Movements and gestures.)
  • On the lock screen, touch the clock area to view widgets like Calendar, Weather and Music.

Calls and conversations

  • View conversations separately in the Notifications panel. Works with Messaging and your favorite chat apps.
  • Easily remove duplicate contacts stored in the same account in Contacts. The storage period for deleted contacts has been extended from 15 days to 30 days.
  • Ability to edit multiple linked contacts from a single added screen.
  • Inclusion of the Recycle Bin in Messages, so that recently deleted messages are stored for 30 days.

Photos and videos

  • Take photos faster with improved auto focus and auto exposure.
  • Easily view, edit and share photos and videos from the Gallery.
  • Find photos and videos faster with new features and search categories in the Gallery.
  • Revert edited photos to their original versions at any time, even after you’ve saved them, so you never miss a photo.


  • Settings got a new, simpler look. Your Samsung account is displayed at the top, and the Home screen settings are now easier to access.
  • Find the settings you need more easily, with new Search features. You’ll get better results for synonyms and common misspellings, and you’ll be able to tap marks to see groups of related settings.
  • The Quick Settings buttons have been reduced to offer only the most used features. You can also add buttons to create your own personalized Quick Dashboard.

Samsung Keyboard

  • Increased number of input languages ​​to 370.
  • It is easier to paste images and verification codes copied from text messages.
  • We include suggestions for emojis and stickers when you insert a text emoticon.
  • We have improved the keyboard layout to offer a larger space bar when entering email addresses and websites.
  • Keyboard settings reorganized for easy access to frequently used settings.


  • Maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life by minimizing repetitive and complicated tasks and dealing with them effectively.
  • New routines will be recommended based on your daily life and usage patterns.
  • Bixby Routines offers the option to return everything to the way it was before the routine was executed.
  • On the internet, you can hide the status and navigation bars for a more immersive experience and quickly translate web pages.
  • You will receive a message to block web sites that send too many pop-ups or notifications.
  • You can browse and select files from the cloud drive on the file selection screen in My Files.
  • You can now delete cached files in My Files to easily free up storage space.
  • Events with the same start time are displayed together in the list and month views in the Calendar.

Easy media and device control

Media and device control is easier with the enhanced media panel for notifications. You can view recently used media applications and quickly change the player. You can also check Android Auto settings in the Advanced features menu under Settings.

Identifying and improving your digital habits

The enhanced digital wellness features make it easy to check how you’re using your phone or tablet and help you form good digital habits. Check your usage while driving or see weekly screen time changes by function quickly, using up-to-date weekly reports.

Accessibility for all

One UI 3 recommends accessibility features that are useful to you based on your usage. The improved Accessibility shortcut makes it easier to start and use accessibility features. You can use the Read keyboard input aloud feature to get voice feedback from your typing even when TalkBack is turned off.

Stronger privacy protection

You can now allow an application to access your microphone, camera, or location only once. Any permissions that an application has not used in a while will be automatically revoked. You can no longer give apps permission to always see your location in the normal permission pop-up. To allow applications to access your location when they are not in use, you need to access the location permissions page for the application in Settings.

Additional improvements

  • On the Clock, you can hear the alarm time and preset name aloud when an alarm sounds.


Some applications will need to be updated separately after upgrading One UI 3.

Application copies made using Dual Messenger can no longer directly access the files on the memory card. To share the files on the memory card in an application copy, select the files in Gallery or My Files, tap Share and select the application copy.

You can no longer use Wi-Fi Direct to send files to other devices. You can use Nearby Share instead. You can still receive files using Wi-Fi Direct.

You can no longer connect to Chromecast using Smart View. You can use Google Home instead.

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