Funny But Romantic, Here Are 10 Portraits of Old-Age Celebrity Couples When Still Dating – Celebrity romance becomes an interesting thing to follow. Moreover, the love story of a celebrity couple that has existed for a long time and ends up being a harmonious family. Because, there is much that can be taken and imitated, especially about loyalty in commitment.

Some celebrities shamelessly post photos while dating them on Instagram to reminisce. Not infrequently, from the upload it revealed a romantic celebrity love story. But there are also celebrity couples whose journeys are unique and funny, so they often make fans feel exasperated.

Here are some old school portrait of celebrity couples when they were dating, compiled from their respective personal Instagram accounts.

1. Christian Sugiono and Titi Kamal

Christian Sugiono and Titi Kamal one example of a celebrity couple whose love struggle is very inspiring. How not, before marriage this couple had to undergo long-distance dating Germany – Jakarta. This was revealed from the videos on YouTube Tian and Titi some time, when they unpacked the memories of the two of them. Among the objects, there were photos from when they were dating first.

2. Andika Pratama and Ussy Sulistyawaty

Andika Pratama and Ussy Sulistyawaty some time ago also reminisce through old photos when they were dating. Because Ussy is 5 years older than Andika. However, this couple proves that age differences are not an obstacle. Married in 2012, currently Andika and Ussy are happy with the existence of four daughters, and will increase by another one in the near future. During their first courtship, Andika and Ussy were quite the center of attention.

3. Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty

Before becoming a married couple, Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty better known as a duet pair. When appearing as a duo, a number of hits were printed Anang Hermansyah and Ashanty was one of them titled My soul mate which was released in 2011.

Like a prayer, finally Anang and Ashanty formed a love affair, and ended in marriage in 2012. Now, with her children Anang and Ashanty live happily as a harmonious family.

4. Armand Maulana and Dewi Gita

You’re a musician, Armand Maulana no less romantic with Anang Hermansyah. Armand created a song called January 11th, which is the date of his marriage to his wife Goddess Gita.

Armand and Dewi have been married since 11 January 1994. However, it seems Armand has been romantic even before marriage. In photos during this courtship, Armand’s romanticism can be seen from the way he looked at his wife.

5. Ari Lasso and Vita Dessy Catur Purnama

The band may indeed have its own charm. With her appearance that is identical to long hair, Ari Lasso can captivate the heart of Vita Dessy Chess Full Moon. Ari’s appearance with long hairstyle and glasses, made him look very compact and harmonious with his wife at that time.

6. Ernest Prakasa and Meira Anastasia

Director and stand up comedian Ernest Prakasa and his wife Meira Anastasia just remembered their dating period. Ernest posted a photo of himself with his wife on his Instagram account. However, not only romantic sentences that Ernest wrote for his wife. Ernest tells more about his funny experiences while on vacation with family and invites Meira.

7. Annisa Pohan and Agus Yudhoyono

Annisa Pohan or who is now also known as Annisa Yudhoyono, has also posted photos of his courtship in the past. Be married Agus Yudhoyono On July 8, 2005, Annisa and Agus’ marriage at that time was in the public spotlight. Because, at that time Agus’s father, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was serving as president of the Republic of Indonesia. Today, Agus and Annisa live as a small, harmonious family with their daughter Almira Yudhoyono.

8. Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia

Glenn Alinskie and Chelsea Olivia dating when their careers are at their peak. Before dating, both of them had also been paired in soap operas NAYLA DAILY BOOK. This makes the relationship during their courtship also often highlighted by the media. Before getting married, Chelsea and Glenn chose the theme park as a place where they met and spent time together.

9. Frans Mohede and Amara

Actress and singer Amara Mohede or also known as Amara Lingua also includes celebrities who often reminisce through old photos. Amara posted a portrait of herself with her husband, Frans Mohede when I was dating. One of these photos, when both are on vacation at the beach. This photo was taken in 1994, and the couple married five years later. Since getting married until now, the family of Amara and Frans have been very harmonious and far from skewed news.

10. Randi Bachtiar and Tasya Kamila

Tasya Kamila and Randi Bachtiar, dating for 7 years until finally getting married on August 5, 2018. Tasya and Randi also had a long-term love affair. Because, Randi worked outside Jakarta and Tasya also had a chance to study in New York. Memories of Randi and Tasya dating, can still be seen in their Instagram account.

One of them is this second photo. Randi posted as the first and second posts on his Instagram account. In the first posting Randi wrote the caption, “First photo! With Tasya Kamila”. Meanwhile, in the second post, Randi wrote the caption, “Same place, same woman, different status”.

Those are some old school portrait photos of celebrities while still dating. Very romantic, yes. Which couple do KLovers think is the most romantic?

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