Full of Mysteries, Here are 5 Moral Messages at KDrama ‘Mystic Pop-Up Bar’

KDrama “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” entered the final episode on June 25th. This drama is comeback first idol and actor Yook Sungjae after he successfully portrayed himself as Goblin’s niece 3 years ago.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar “tells the story of Wolju (Hwang Jung-Eum) who has to solve the problems of 100,000 people within 500 years to undergo punishment. He has the ability to enter someone’s subconscious to solve their problems. To complete the target, Wolju is assisted by Han Kangbae (Yook Sungjae) and Chief Gwi (Choi Wonyoung).

Although “Mystic Pop-Up Bar” has genre fantasy-comedy, but apparently not only mystery and comedy shown. Many moral messages in this drama are suitable to be used as lessons for our lives to be better.

1. Knowing everything is not a good thing


Sometimes, we always want to know what other people think of us. However, it turns out it’s better not to know that. Han Kangbae has the ability to make other people unconsciously immediately tell his heart when he touches them. This makes his life for 27 years like a curse.

He often found people around him who just wanted to use him and were never sincere in making friends with him. Other people don’t want to get close to him because Kangbae can always know the feelings they really don’t want to show.

According to Kangbae, if you want to have a good relationship with others, it’s better to only know the “outside” and not try to find out their deepest feelings.

2. A promise is a debt that must be paid

Full of Mysteries, Here are 5 Moral Messages at KDrama 'Mystic Pop-Up Bar'jtbc.joins.com

When he was still a lover, the Crown Prince promised that he would always look after Wolju. However, unfortunately he did not succeed in doing so to make Wolju commit suicide. After he died, the Crown Prince begged Gods so he could keep his promise to Wolju.

After 500 years of convincing Dewa with his good performance during his time as chief of the police for the afterlife. The deity also reunited him with the idol of the heart until finally he could keep Wolju from various distress.

Even Wolju doesn’t know who is always by her side, so the sincerity and loyalty of the Crown Prince in protecting Wolju also deserves a thumbs up!

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3. Listen to a story from someone else’s side

Full of Mysteries, Here are 5 Moral Messages at KDrama 'Mystic Pop-Up Bar'jtbc.joins.com

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For 500 years, Wolju held a grudge against the Crown Prince because his girlfriend left him to marry someone else. In addition, he also thought that it was the Crown Prince who killed his mother to make Wolju commit suicide.

Wolju even expelled the Crown Prince after knowing that all this time his ex-girlfriend was always there by his side. He has only believed what he saw first. However, it turns out that everything that Wolju saw and thought was not all true.

After hearing confessions from others who saw the incident firsthand, Wolju finally wanted to listen to the Crown Prince’s explanation and they returned to good relations after 500 years.

4. A mother is willing to sacrifice herself for the child

Full of Mysteries, Here are 5 Moral Messages at KDrama 'Mystic Pop-Up Bar'jtbc.joins.com

After hanging himself in a sacred tree, Wolju was only told by God that it turned out he was pregnant with a child. This made him not only kill himself, but also he did not give the opportunity for his flesh and blood to be born into the world.

Wolju was told that the spirit in the sacred tree actually entered her child so that the child could not be happy in the next life. Wolju is willing to accept the punishment so that her son’s life can be happy.

After 500 years, Wolju finally found out the unfortunate fate of the child throughout his life after being reincarnated. Wolju feels very guilty and tries hard to meet her target so that the spirit of the sacred tree can leave the body of the child so that he can live normally like other humans.

5. A person’s tongue is capable of killing humans

Full of Mysteries, Here are 5 Moral Messages at KDrama 'Mystic Pop-Up Bar'jtbc.joins.com

To solve the 100,000 human problem, Wolju always listens to other people’s stories so he can solve them. One of the stories presented in this drama is when a grandmother who is seriously ill is hesitating having to tell something to her child or not.

After being excavated, it turns out the child is not the biological child of the grandmother, but the baby of her friend. When young the grandmother fell in love with a man who is her best friend’s husband. Because he did not like to see them live happily, the grandmother made a hoax about her best friend whom she told directly in front of the man. The couple’s household relationship was destroyed and her grandmother’s best friend died when she was hit by a car while chasing her husband.

From this, we learn that one’s tongue is also capable of killing humans. So, think before you speak.

Well, that’s 5 lessons that can be taken from KDrama “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”. Actually, not only the messages above are displayed in the “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”.

In each episode, the drama always provides life lessons with unique stories from every Wolju “customer”. If you want to know a unique story along with other moral messages, don’t forget to watch the “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”, yes! Available on Netflix too, you know!

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