Friends: 10 unusual advice from Phoebe Buffay in the comedy series

One of the most loved characters of the public in Friendsundoubtedly the fun Phoebe Buffay. Played by Lisa Kudrow during the 10 seasons of the series, her relationship with the other members of the production is quite interesting to see.

Throughout the episodes, viewers saw Phoebe giving advice, with her vast experience, to everyone. For better or worse, she managed to get a good laugh out of everyone when she set out to help someone – or she was also thrilled.

In this list, therefore, we will see some of his most unusual advice. Check out.

10. Advice to Monica about Chandler

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Sharing one of her mother’s teachings to Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe tells her friend that whenever she has any doubts about the relationship, she should never tell her husband about it. However, reflecting well on the life of her mother – who has been married several times – she regrets and encourages Monica to open up to Chandler (Matthew Perry).

9. Teaching Joey

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When Joey (Matt LeBlanc) decides to learn to play the guitar, Phoebe offers to teach him. However, Joey’s enthusiasm makes her friend extremely angry and she gives her advice on learning the instrument: that he shouldn’t play any, because he can’t do the chords the right way. Oh, that hurt!

8. The importance of friendship

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When Joey dismisses her to find a girl, Phoebe is offended. In this way, she tries to scold her friend by telling him that dating is temporary, but the friendship lasts for a lifetime. After that very exciting moment, Joey recognizes that the advice is memorable and embraces it in thanks.

7. Ending Mike’s relationship

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After some disagreements, Phoebe decides to break up with Precious (Anne Dudek) in place of Mike (Paul Rudd). However, this is not well accepted by Precious, who begins to question what is wrong with her, and Phoebe does not understand. In order to ease the situation, Phoebe advises Precious to have more self-love.

6. Encouraging Ross

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Ross (David Schwimmer) still couldn’t know about Chandler’s involvement with his sister, Monica. To cover up the fact in a particular scene, Phoebe needs to keep Ross out of the group.

And for that, she encourages him to dive deeper into the issues of his work, something that the character was needing in those circumstances. According to her, everyone should take the time to look beyond the obvious.

5. Emma’s arrival

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When Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) wakes Emma up unexpectedly, Phoebe had warned her friend about not doing so. Thus, with the child’s relentless crying, Rachel despairs and asks for help. Phoebe then says something about going back in time and listening to more friends around.

4. When everyone turns 30 years old

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During the 7th season of Friends, the public saw all the friends reaching a certain stage of life in which many have a certain crisis. Rachel then ventes that she feels at a disadvantage when she sees many people with various achievements at age 30.

Phoebe, then, is emphatic in saying that her friend should not compare herself to anyone, as each person, in their own way, achieves their own things in their unique path.

3. Suggesting a hen night

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Just before her marriage to Chandler, Monica is anxious about all the things she will miss when she becomes someone’s wife. When expressing her concerns to Phoebe, the friend then advises her to have a bachelorette party with any man who was at Central Perk. A rather inconvenient suggestion, by the way.

2. Talking to the Central Perk audience

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Speaking of the iconic cafe that all the characters go to in Friends, at Central Perk, Phoebe risked making musical performances. In one of her most hilarious presentations, she talks a lot with the individuals present, thanking everyone for their attention and getting applause at all times.

However, she releases one of her pieces of advice to the public and, taking advantage of the occasion, asks for money to buy a computer. We can’t deny that the character is practical and honest in her intentions, can we?

1. Name suggestions

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When Rachel was waiting for Emma, ​​she still didn’t know what name she would like to baptize her daughter with. Ross suggested a few names, but he and Rachel were in conflict at all times over the issue. Phoebe then advised friends about it, saying that they could put Phoebe, if she were a girl, and Phoebo, if he were a boy.

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