Friday 13: 10 horror movies that will make you sleep with the lights on

Another Friday arrived and, with it, the thirteenth of the month. That’s right, another Friday the 13th for horror fans to delight in plots that involve ETs, witches, zombies, spirits and all the creatures that the mind of a creative screenwriter can imagine.

To celebrate the date, we invite the employees of NZN, the parent company of the TechWorld, my series and voxel, to recommend some of your favorite horror movies.

Check out the full list (if you dare):

10 horror movies to watch on Friday the 13th:

IT: The Thing (2017) – recommended by Paula Verdan

inspired by the book The thing, by the king of terror, Stephen King, the film follows a group of children who face their greatest fears as they try to discover the cause of the disappearance of several children in their hometown. They end up encountering an evil clown-shaped force called Pennywise, whose history of death and violence has been repeated for centuries.

Midsommar: Evil Doesn’t Wait the Night (2019) – recommended by Joyce Macedo

“After experiencing a personal tragedy, Dani goes with her boyfriend and a group of friends to Sweden on a trip to a summer festival in a remote village. What begins as a summer vacation in a land of eternal light takes a sinister turn when residents invite the group to participate in viscerally disturbing festivities.” midsommar is that movie that, loving it or hating it, everyone who watches it comes out with the famous “mental disgrace”.

Hereditary (2018) – recommended by Ana Lívia Mendes

With the same director of midsommar, Hereditary was a great success when released in 2018. “After the death of the inmate grandmother, the Graham family begins to unravel a few things. Even after the matriarch’s departure, she remains a shadow over the family, especially over her lonely teenage granddaughter, Charlie, with whom she has always maintained an unusual fascination. With growing terror taking over the house, the family explores darker places to escape the unfortunate fate they inherited.”

The witch (2015) – recommended by Felipe Payão and Giovanna Fantinato

“New England, year 1630. William and Katherine lead a Christian life with their five children, living on the edge of an impassable desert. When their newborn child disappears and the harvest fails, the family becomes another. Behind your worst fears, a supernatural evil lurks in the woods next door.”

The orphanage (2007) – recommended by Rafaella Coury

“Laura (Belén Rueda) spent the happiest years of her life in an orphanage as a child. Now, 30 years later, she has returned to the place with her husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo) and their son Simón (Roger Príncep), aged 7 She wants to restore and reopen the orphanage, which has been abandoned for several years. The place soon catches the imagination of Simón, who starts to create fantastic tales. However, as the tales grow stranger, Laura begins to suspect that there are something lurking in the house.”

We (2019) – recommended by Helen Oliveira

Directed by the great Jordan Peele, the plot tells the story of a couple who take their children to the beach house hoping to relax and have fun with their friends. But when night falls, the serenity turns to tension and chaos after four mysterious figures show up uninvited.

the host (2006) – recommended by Camilla Silva and Guilherme Hideki

“On the banks of the Han River live Hie-bong and his family. His eldest son, Kang-du, is 40 years old, but rather immature. The middle daughter is an archer for the Korean Olympic team and the youngest son is unemployed. Everyone takes care of the girl Hyun-seo, daughter of Kang-du, whose mother left home a long time ago. A monster appears in the river, causing terror on the banks and taking Hie-bong’s granddaughter with it. With that, the family members have to face the monster”. It is noteworthy that the film is directed by Bong Joon-ho, responsible for Parasite, Oscar winner for Best Picture.

Hagazussa: The Heathen’s Curse (2017) – recommended by Jean Foss

“The German film follows a young goat farmer in the 15th century Alps. After the traumatizing death of his mother, he begins to feel a presence in the darkness.”

the blair witch (1999) – recommended by Rafael Farinaccio

“Three film students go deep into the Maryland state woods to make a documentary about the legend of the Blair Witch and mysteriously disappear. A year later, a bag full of film reels and videotapes is found in the woods. images recorded by the trio give some clues about their macabre destiny”. The film was a milestone in cinema for being the first of the found footage genre.

The Entity (2012) – Recommended by Isabelli Pivovar

“Ellison is a crime novelist who has just moved in with his family. In the attic of the new house he discovers old rolls of film, which bear images of people being killed. Intrigued by what they represent and with a strange symbol present in the images, he and his family soon run a serious risk of death”.

What about you, which horror movies would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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