Free, Sosh, RED by SFR, B & You, the top deals at knockdown prices

Sosh, RED by SFR, B & YOU, Free Mobile, take advantage of the winter sales to subscribe to a cheap mobile plan. That’s several tens of euros in savings to be made over the next few months. Discover our selection of the best deals not to be missed.

Winter sales mobile plans

Good deals on mobile plans winter 2021 sales: the best offers of the moment

Operators are constantly waging a merciless war to attract new subscribers. And when the sales come, there is usually an avalanche of good deals on mobile plans. We’ve taken a look at the great deals that are available right now. If you are looking to subscribe to a new package at a discounted price, You will be spoiled for choice.

For the most data-hungry, several 100 GB (and more) offers are currently available. And this for a fraction of the usual price. Cdiscount notably offers an envelope of 200 GB at 10 € per month only. And it is precisely with this offer that we are starting our selection.

Cdiscount Mobile 200 GB plan at € 10 instead of € 25

Cdiscount Mobile 200 Gb winter 2021 sales package

It is the largest data envelope offered for the winter sales. MVNO operator Cdiscount Mobile is selling off its 200 GB mobile plan for € 9.99 per month instead of € 24.99 per month for one year. And the offer is non-binding, and can therefore be canceled at any time. After the first year, you automatically switch to the normal rate.

In addition to 200 GB of data in 4G, this Cdiscount package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France. In addition, 5 GB of data in 4G during your travels in the EU and in the overseas departments. Allow 10 € for the SIM card when ordering.

cheap mobile package bouygues telecom

This is an offer that we are used to now. B & You is back with its 100 GB plan at € 14 per month in 4G without commitment and without duration condition. In other words, the rate does not normally increase after a few months. The package also gives you the right to 10 GB of data usable in Europe / DOM.

You also benefit from classic unlimited calls & SMS, unlimited MMS in mainland France. Best of all, the Spotify Premium subscription is offered to you for 3 months. The offer is valid until Sunday January 24, 2021 inclusive.

Free Mobile 70 GB plan at € 10.99 per month for 12 months

Free Mobile 70 GB

Until January 26, 2021, Free Mobile is once again offering its limited edition 70 GB at € 10.99 per month for 12 months. After this period, you will find the normal rate of € 19.99 per month or € 15.99 for Freebox subscribers, or even € 9.99 in the specific case of the Freebox Pop subscription. The data envelope increases to 150 GB on the 4G and 5G networks of Free Mobile.

If you are a Freebox subscriber, there is no data limit. Finally, the current offer entitles you to 8 GB of data that can be used by roaming from Europe and DOM. Not to mention the traditional unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in metropolitan France and overseas departments (excluding Mayotte) as well as unlimited SMS and MMS in metropolitan France (and unlimited SMS to overseas departments). The SIM card is billed at € 10 when ordering.

70 GB Sosh plan at € 14.99 per month


A 70 GB offer is also available from Sosh for those who prefer the Orange network. However, this package costs € 4 more than with Free. In addition to 70 GB of mobile internet, you benefit from 10 GB of data from the Europe and overseas departments, but also unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from and to mainland France / DOM. The offer is available until February 1, 2021 at 9 a.m. Allow 10 € for the SIM.

NRJ Mobile 80 GB at € 4.99 per month instead of € 16.99

cheap plans at NRJ Mobile

This is one of the more interesting offers. For 5 € per month without commitment, you benefit from 80 GB of data in 4G with the operator MVNO NRJ Mobile. You switch to the rate of € 16.99 per month after the first six months. This offer includes unlimited calls / SMS / MMS. If 50 GB of data is more than your satisfaction, the offer is also available at € 3.99 per month instead of € 15.99 per month for 6 months. You have until January 27 to take advantage of this good plan.

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