Free offers the fastest broadband Internet connection in France according to nPerf

Free wins the gold medal of the nPerf barometer. Understand that the operator offers the fastest broadband and very high speed network in France. It is thus ahead of Orange for the first time, now in second position. Bouygues Telecom is third and SFR is dead last. nPerf notes, however, a slightly lower latency compared to Orange.

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With the global epidemic taught us that working remotely is entirely possible. The tools are there. You just need to equip yourself. A good computer. A comfortable armchair. A desk. Software to stay in touch, like Teams or Zoom. And of course a good internet connection. Preferably in fiber. The influx of employees who work from their homes has encouraged the public authorities to invest heavily in the rapid deployment of optical fiber. In November 2021, we reported in our columns the government’s commitment of 150 million euros to help operators.

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But the comfort of teleworking will depend a lot on the quality of the Internet connection. Hence the interest of barometers such as those of nPerf. The latter published the 2021 edition of the version devoted to optical fiber and ADSL. And, according to the document, Free has become the operator offering the fastest fixed Internet connections in France, thus taking the place of Orange, yet at the top of the ranking for years. Remember that this barometer is based on the millions of tests in real conditions carried out by Internet users. The 2021 edition is based on 6.7 million tests carried out in mainland France.

Free’s ADSL and fiber optic network is faster than that of Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom

Let’s go into detail. All technologies combined (ADSL, optical fiber, etc.), Free greatly exceeds its competitors with a download speed of 225Mb/s, against 179Mb / s at Orange in second position. Free recorded an increase of 59% compared to 2020, allowing it to take pole position in the nPerf ranking. Bouygues Telecom, in third position, is behind Orange with 178Mb / s. SFR, in last place, offers an average speed of 162Mb / s. If you compare Free and SFR, the former offers an average connection 39% faster than the second. the difference between Orange and Free is 25.7%.

nperf 2021 fiber optic barometer

On the optical fiber side, the difference between Free and the competition is similar: a little more 30% in favor of the Internet troublemaker. This shows an average download speed of 556Mb/s, against 418Mb / s for Orange, which is dead last here. Indeed, the incumbent operator is left behind by Bouygues Telecom, with an average speed of 440Mb / s, and SFR, with 437Mb / s. In upload, same observation: Free continues to be faster than the competition: 150 Mb / s on average all technologies and 379 Mb / s in optical fiber.

Only shadow on the board, Free always offers a response time superior to that of Orange (and sometimes even higher than that of Bouygues Telecom in optical fiber). On this point, Orange retains the first place: perfect for network players. In a press release issued following the publication of the barometer, Free congratulated itself on its good results. ” Free offers its subscribers the best performance of fixed internet », Can we read there. Too bad the French troublemaker cannot say the same about the 5G connection. Last August, nPerf indicated in another barometer that Free is the worst operator, both in terms of speed and latency.

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