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the community of Free Fire is angry since last Tuesday (17), because of supposed new rules of Garena aimed at players who use emulators. There is still no confirmation if this regulation is real, but fans of the game are already desperate with the possibility that there is no longer a competitive scenario exclusively for emulators.

The commotion over the new rules was such that the community uploaded the hashtag “GARENA DESGRAÇADA” on Twitter to try to get the company’s attention. Most of the tweets are from people who prefer to play computer games via an emulator instead of the standard mobile version.

Some players even appealed to former presidents, such as Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to stop Garena’s plans.

In short, these supposed guidelines would apply to all championships in Free Fire, including unofficial tournaments, in which players use emulators to compete, such as NFA League, Copa Nobru and LBR League. Before, only Garena’s official competitions — exclusive to mobile — followed the company’s regulations.

O Free Fire Mania had access to these new rules of conduct through sources on the site itself. However, the portal stressed that the content was not disclosed by Garena, nor had its veracity confirmed by the company.

Among the items that most irritated players in this leaked regulation were the obligation to have at least two mobile players in teams in the championships, the ban on betting and strict punishments for offenses – such as discrimination, racism, homophobia, among others.

In all, 19 rules would be included in the championship regulations. Such controversial rules, published by the Free Fire Mania, would be:

1. The Championship must be deemed relevant and/or strategic by Garena.

2. Agreement of the Championship organizer on the responsibility for ensuring that all the following rules are followed during the conduct of the Championship.

3. It is prohibited to charge for registration in the Championship.

4. Exclusive or simultaneous transmission on BOOYAH is mandatory!

5. In case of release of chat, ensure that there is active moderation during the entire Championship.

6. All participants must follow the rules of conduct described. Subject to these rules (as well as their consequences) are players, coaches, managers, team owners, casters and staff and any other member of the team and the organization of the Championship.

The following items describe attitudes that, when committed, may lead to penalties.

6.1 conspire

Participants who conspire with other people, whether other participants or people outside the competition, in order to deceive, cheat or gain any kind of advantage, will be penalized and may even be disqualified from the competition.

6.2 Hacking

Any kind of modification to the game client, including the use of third party applications to gain some in-game advantage.

6.3 Bets

Any type of bet related to Garena competitions is prohibited. Free Fire.

6.4 Share Account

Using another player’s account, allowing them to use their own account, or in any way inciting or inducing someone else’s account to be played (even without the intention of doing so).

6.5 Bug Abuse

Take advantage of a known bug, to get some kind of benefit.

6.6 View Other Screens

Trying to obtain undue information by looking at the screens of opponents, or casters, or broadcast, etc.

6.7 Offenses

Entrants may not use obscene, defamatory, vulgar, insulting, threatening, or otherwise offensive or reprehensible language, nor promote or incite hate speech. This restriction applies, but is not limited to, studio environments, in-game, events, interviews, social media or any other electronic media.

Team members may not make any gestures or have any attitude, or incite them to do anything, that might offend, mock or insult anyone, whether a team member, someone from the Championship production team, the audience, or anyone else.

6.8 Respect

Abusing/disrespecting participants, members of the Production or anyone involved in holding the Championship.

6.9 Discrimination

Offenses, negative attitudes or any type of contempt for the integrity or dignity of a people, country, group, gender, language, ethnicity, skin color, religion, social origin, financial condition, age, sexual orientation, etc. will not be accepted.

7. No limitation of active content within the game (Prohibition of weapons, characters, etc…), without Garena’s prior authorization.

8. Championship rules must be approved by Garena at least 10 days in advance.

9. For each team participating in the Championship, there must be, at all times, at least 2 mobile players acting in the current match.

10. During the entire duration of the Championship, the use of names and/or brands of teams that are playing the LBFF series A and B is prohibited.

11. There should not be competition for audience with official events of Garena, both times and days.

12. The total prize for the Championship cannot exceed 30% of the total prize for the current LBFF Stage.

13. The participation of LBFF Series A or B players and teams is not allowed without Garena’s prior authorization.

14. No use of narrators, commentators and other members linked to the LBFF.

15. Members of the teams and the organization of the Championship may not make, incite or endorse statements or actions that have a detrimental effect on the Free Fire, or to Garena and its affiliates, either directly or indirectly.

16. The Championship recognizes and agrees that Garena and the Garena Entities exclusively hold all rights, title and participation in the name of Garena and in the names of the Garena Entities, and in any trade name, brand, or symbol used by Garena, by any Garena Entity, and any abbreviation or contraction thereof, including trademarks FREE FIRE®, GARENA® and their associated logos, whether registered with the competent authorities or not; at the Free Fire (including all versions, enhancements, derivatives and sequels thereof) and all related content, data and materials developed, displayed, reproduced, played, or otherwise made available in connection with the Free Fire, including the game interface, the data provided or collected by the Free Fire or generated from the game of Free Fire, including user profile and account information and player statistics collected by Garena Entities , the plot and the names of characters or people who appear or are described in the Free Fire, whether protected as intellectual property or not; the names of places, scenes, things and events described in the Free Fire, whether these are protected as intellectual property or not and short sentences, short sayings and the like that are used in the Free Fire, as well as any equivalent foreign language translations and combinations of the above items; any advertisements or promotional materials created or used in relation to the Free Fire, to Exhibitions, Promotional Activities or Tournaments; any audio or video recording, or any photograph or digital image of any Promotional Activity, Tournament or Exhibition and all goodwill, copyright, trademark rights (whether registered or not) and other related intellectual property rights and proprietary rights to all of the above.

17. Align all terms of this agreement with players and teams prior to the start of the Championship and ensure they are adhered to.

18. No broadcasts and/or Championships taking place within the 2 week period prior to each “Final” of official Garena Championships will be allowed.

19. Any request for approval must be made at least 10 days before the start of the Championship.

Free Fire Mania.

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