Most students mostly know what Chegg is. In the world of education, this service is believed to be very helpful because of the online question-and-answer facility. So Here We will discuss the most searched question how to get free Chegg answers or how to unblur Chegg answers.

Free Chegg Answers

Chegg has several subscription plans.

This includes the “Chegg Study Pack” and “Chegg Limited Pack”.

With the “Chegg Study Pack” plan, you will be able to get help with writing, math, quizzes, tests, and homework.

However, this plan costs $19.95 per month—pretty expensive for students.

The “Chegg Study” plan, on the other hand, only gives you homework help and costs $14.95 per month.

If you are a student, you may not be able to afford these prices.

Therefore, you might be looking for a free Chegg answer (without paying a penny).

In this tutorial, you will learn how to get Chegg answers for free, without paying or unblur questions and answer.

What is Chegg?

Before we discuss the contents of this discussion, first you must know what the Chegg application is. Basically, Chegg is a service platform specially made for students.

They provide special services that students can do, such as answering online questions, solution manuals, and an online library.

It’s just that Chegg is only available in subscription packages. Each one, of course, has a different subscription price, the first is for the Chegg Study Pack where the package with the most complete access is priced at $ 19.95 per month.

Meanwhile, the second Chegg Study package costs $ 14.95 per month. The average price is quite burdensome for students because most of them still rely on pocket money from their parents.

Chegg Features Or Services

In this discussion, we will provide a solution for how to view Chegg easily and for free.

If you manage to get access to this application for free, it is guaranteed that all needs in education will be made easier because all features have the benefit of solving solutions.

And here are some of the benefits.

  1. Online tutoring services are available.
  2. Interaction between fellow Chegg students.
  3. Free e-textbooks are available with abundant stock availability.
  4. Chegg provides book rental services or buys books at a lower price.
  5. Has a math problem-solving service. Makes it easier for you to get answers.
  6. Users can search for class books by scanning barcodes, titles, or ISBNs.
  7. Information is available about internships and the acceptance of prospective new students.

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How To Get Free Chegg Answers

Some students feel that doing assignments too often on a regular basis will make them bored and lazy in completing them.

Chegg is often an alternative choice because on these platforms you can request answers online quickly.

Then how can we access free services on the Chegg platform? Don’t worry, all of these discussions have been summarized below.

Method 1: With the help of the Telegram application

How to unblur Chegg answers easily and for free, let’s start with the Telegram help method. Who would have thought that a messenger application like Telegram could help answer your questions?

In this case, we want to find an answer in the Real Analysis book. Incidentally there we are assigned to answer questions on a particular page.

To find the answer, we can search for the name of the book on Chegg, then look for the pages where the questions are available, then select the number of questions. Complete below.

  1. Here we are assigned to fill in the answers in the Real Analysis book, in sub-chapter 5.6 with assignment number 8.
  2. Immediately we find the answer on the Chegg site. And search on Google “ Chegg Homework Help “. If it appears, please open it.
  3. Here you press the triple strip icon in the upper right corner.chegg answer by telegram
  4. Click the Books drop-down arrow.
  5. After that select the sub Read.
  6. Please write the name of the book you are working on in the search box.
  7. If it appears, please click on the book.
  8. Find the question location. By specifying the Chapter and ProblemThe chapter here is a sub-chapter, while the problem is the question number. Here the sub-chapter that we want to find is 1.2 while the problem is in number 2.
  9. A preview of the answer will appear below. But it’s a shame that usually the answer is blurry, to unblur we have to subscribe. But there is another freeway, which is to just copy the Cheeg page link.chegg answer by telegram 2
  10. Enter the Telegram application.
  11. Press the Search menu, then type the channel named  Chegg By Tnt [Free]. After it appears, please open it.
  12. Tap the Join button first. Wait until the admin allows you to join.
  13. First look at the information on the channel, usually the channel has rules such as sharing links only once an hour, and answers will be sent based on the time session. Listen first.
  14. If your account is allowed to join, Paste the link in the chat box and Send it.
  15. Wait a few moments for them to send back a new link.
  16. Tap on the link and a more complete preview of the answer will appear.

Method 2: Using the Website

If the above method is too long, please use the second tutorial tip, namely using the help of a web tool called

The system works, all we have to do is paste the link in the website search box, and after that search, then all the answers will appear below it.

  1. First, you open Chegg first.
  2. Find the book you want to know the answer to.
  3. Then select the sub-chapter and the question number in the book.
  4. If you are already in the Chegg answer preview, please copy this Chegg link.
  5. Enter the website
  6. If you have already Paste the Chegg link earlier in the following box. Click the Search
  7. Fill in the Captcha according to the system request command.
  8. Answers will appear below, scroll down to see the answers.


Method 3: Using Discord Group Help

Finally, the easiest and most way to see Free Chegg answers is through the help of the Discord group.

Actually, this third method is technically almost the same as the first, we enter the group/channel, then paste the link into the group, then wait a few moments for them to reply to our message.

Full explanation below.

  1. First, please join the channel/group in the discord. Just click the following link.
  2. Click the Continue button, and you will be directed to the Discord account login screen. Please log into the account first.
  3. If you are already in the group, pay attention to the rules that are available there.chegg answer by discord
  4. After that, we enter the Chegg website.
  5. Immediately, we use the Chegg search menu.
  6. Type a question in the Chegg search box. Then tap Search.
  7. After exiting you can click and change the sub menu to Solutions.
  8. Click on one of the answers listed here.
  9. Next Copy the link from Chegg’s answer.
  10. Open Discord again.
  11. Enter the server/group that you joined above.
  12. Paste the Chegg link in the chat box. Then press Enter.
  13. Wait a few moments until it boots to generate our answer.
  14. If the answer will appear there, click the download button at the bottom of the answer.
  15. After downloading you can open the file folder.
  16. Click a file to open it. You will automatically be redirected to a new browser tab.
  17. And here the answer will appear.

Interestingly, you can send more than one link on this bot server, so we can work on the questions faster without the need to wait for conditions from the channel regarding the minimum limit for sending links to answer questions.

Method 4: Free Chegg answers on Reddit

To get free Chegg answers on Reddit, you can join the /r/CheggAnswers/ community.

The community lets you get Chegg, Coursehero, OneClass, Scribd, StudyBlue, StuDocu, BookRags, Bartleby unlocks, and more.

You can do so by creating a post and providing a Pastebin link for the question you need help with.

Pastebin allows you to copy and paste any text into a document.

This will minimize your Chegg links being taken down.

The Reddit user will then give you an answer to the question.

The final word

That’s more or less how to see Chegg’s answers easily and for free.

How? Helpful enough right? Chegg is indeed a very helpful platform for students or students.

They can find all forms of educational services including the completion of certain answers. But unfortunately, to access it, we need a premium member with a pretty decent monthly subscription fee.

Share this article with your friends, so they also know how to get free chegg answer. Hope it is useful.


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