5 Free and Best Cloud Storage Services

5 Free and Best Cloud Storage Services – Currently there are quite a lot of cloud storage services offered by these service providers. Because this online-based storage method is quite useful for backing up files or data belonging to the user.

5 Free and Best Cloud Storage Services

In addition, online data storage is quite effective when we use it to store files. So that we no longer need to carry physical storage devices everywhere.

We can also access these files through other devices, as long as the device is connected to the internet.

5 Free Cloud Storage Services

This time I will give some references to 5 free and best cloud storage services. So we can use the online storage space, to store our important files.

1. Google Drive

5 Free and Best Cloud Storage ServicesThe first free cloud service is Google Drive, Google’s cloud service offers free storage space of 15GB. While for the paid one can reach 10TB. This service is the easiest to use because everyone who has Google e-mail can use this cloud service.

2. Dropbox


The best cloud service is also quite a lot of users. Because to use this free cloud storage service, we only need to register using email. After that, we can get 2GB of storage space. But we can add storage capacity of up to 1TB, by buying a premium account.

3. OneDrive


Microsoft also has cloud services, which we can use for free. This service gives us 5GB of storage space for free. But Microsoft offers premium services, with storage capacities up to 100GB.

But to be able to use the OneDrive service, we must first create a Microsoft account. After that, we can save our file to Microsoft’s cloud service.

4. MediaFire


Another free and best cloud storage service is MediaFire. The storage capacity of the service provided is 10GB. But we can also buy a premium account, to get a storage space of up to 1TB

5. Box


Another free cloud service that allows us to store files online is Box. This company provides a free online file sharing service.
This cloud service provides us with 50GB of storage space, but in one data upload, only a maximum of 100MB is allowed.

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Final Word:

That’s 5 free and best cloud storage services that we can use. Based on its use, the types of cloud storage services are divided into four, namely  Personal Cloud Storage, Public Cloud Storage, Private Cloud Storage, and Hybrid Cloud Storage.

We can also get the free cloud application mentioned above from the Play Store. So that we can back up important files on our smartphones to cloud storage media.

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