Foundation: Meet the cast and characters of the Apple TV+ series

Foundation (Foundation) is the new big Apple TV+ production. The series is inspired by the eponymous books by Isaac Asimov, which were written and published between 1933 and 1951. Asimov’s eight-book saga is considered an inspiration for major worldwide hits such as Dune, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Star Wars and Star Trek.

The show was created by David S. Goyer (Blade and Batman Begins), who wrote the scripts and is also the showrunner for the production. Apparently, the program will surprise the audience with its gorgeous and sumptuous aesthetics.

However, another important aspect of Foundation it’s the characters, who have changed a lot and are recurring pieces throughout Asimov’s eight books. To stay up to date, learn more about the names that are in the Apple TV+ series.

Hari Seldon

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The character played by Jared Harris, from Chernobyl and The Crown, is an important piece and practically the center of the narrative of Foundation. Hari Seldon is a mathematician who learned psychohistory and found a way to predict future social changes.

Harris finds his character fun and challenging to play. According to the actor, the fact that Seldon knows many different aspects of human history has turned him into a consummate chess player, a grandmaster who is countless moves ahead of everyone around him.

brother day

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Played by Lee Pace (Guardians of the Galaxy and Pushing Daisies), Brothers Day is the one who sits on the throne and is the leader of the Empire. The Emperors are a Goyer creation for the series and are a genetic dynasty, made up of clones of Emperor Cleon.

In Pace’s view, the character is a powerful figure in the story. “The Emperor of the Galaxy has no one to control him, he has a monopoly on violence in the galaxy, he has a monopoly on technology, on information. He knows what any individual in the galaxy is doing,” said the actor.

Brother Dusk

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The character played by Terrence Mann, from Sense8, is a concept added by Goyer to the narrative for the production of Apple TV+. Brother Dusk is the new role of an emperor when he retires, meaning when an emperor gets too old to reign, he steps aside and becomes Brother Dusk.

Like Lee Pace, Mann will have to deal with multiple interactions of the same character during the show.

Salvator Hardin

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The character played by Leah Harvey, from Henry IV, underwent some changes from the books to the series’ streaming platform. In Asimov’s story, she was the mayor of the planet Terminus, but in Goyer’s creation she will be the Director, a sworn supporter of the Foundation.

In Leah Harvey’s view, her character is a warrior with a strong personality. That’s because, according to Harvey, Hardin is a complex character who protects a group she doesn’t really fit in, showing her perseverance.

Gaal Dornick

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Played by Lou Llobell (Voyagers), is another character that has undergone some changes in the transition from pages to screens. The main one is the fact of becoming a girl. Gaal Dornick is a protégé of Hari Seldon and is also a super-intelligent person.

According to Llobell, the character’s intelligence is very broad, being “both math and science, but she also has a high emotional intelligence, which is amazing.” A confirmation of this is the fact that she solves a super difficult test and is invited to work with Seldon, who is one of her idols.


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The character played by Laura Birn, from On the floor below and The Last Ones, is one of the Emperor’s main helpers. Demerzel is another character whose gender was changed for the David Goyer production.

Demerzel’s name has a curious history. That’s because it’s a pseudonym for the android R. Daneel Olivaw, the big star of the book saga I, Robot, another Asimov success. Thus, it was a way for the writer to connect his two main works.

brother dawn

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Brother Dawn is the younger period of Brother Day and Brother Dusk, therefore, they are the clones of Emperor Cleon in early life. For the streaming platform version, two versions of the youngest character from the genetic dynasty are brought up.

Actor Cooper Carter, only 7 years old, will be responsible for bringing the children’s version of Brother Dawn. Meanwhile, young Cassian Bilton will play Brother Dawn in the character’s younger adult phase.

1. Raych Foss

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The character played by Alfred Enoch, from the saga Harry Potter it’s from How To Get Away With a Murder, is another David Goyer creation for the story. The character invented for the series is one of the students of mathematician Hari Seldon.

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