Forza Horizon 5: Check out the complete list of achievements for the new game

Forza Horizon 5 is one of the most anticipated Xbox releases of the year, expected to arrive next month. If you want to get a better idea of ​​what awaits you in the new racing game, take a look at its list of achievements. Altogether, there are 53 of them, worth 10 to 50 points each and can generate 1000 Gamerscore points, if you complete the new Forza.

The complete list of achievements of Forza Horizon 5

The following translations were done by Voxel and may arrive different in the final product, but you can get an idea of ​​the challenges that Forza Horizon 5 will offer — and the names of the achievements are full of puns. Check out:

Achievements are worth 10 points

  1. Welcome to Mexico: Getting to Horizon Festival Mexico
  2. Race to Action: Complete any Horizon Race event)
  3. Adaptável: Complete o evento “On a Wing and a Prayer”
  4. Icebreaker: Participate in a Horizon Arcade event
  5. Mi casa: Unlock the first “Player House”
  6. First Love: Buy your first car on Autoshow
  7. This is the Way: Start a new chapter of Horizon Adventure
  8. AWDissey (something like “4×4 Odyssey”): Build the Horizon Wilds Outpost
  9. Ask Any Runner, Any Real Runner: Build the Horizon Street Scene Outpost
  10. Away from the Muddy Crowd: Build the Horizon Apex Outpost
  11. There’s Always Money at the Baja Booth: Build the Horizon Baja Outpost
  12. Adrenaline Rush: Build the Horizon Rush Outpost
  13. How to Race with Friends and Influence People: Achieve three stars in the “Tristan” chapter of the “Born Fast” story
  14. Tourist Attraction: Complete your first Horizon Tour racing event
  15. Show off your Moves!: Play any EventLab game created by another player
  16. Good Karma: Kudos to another player
  17. Album cover: Take a photo with the Mercedes-AMG ONE 2021 for the Horizon Promo
  18. A Forza Edition in My Collection: Win a Forza Edition car on roulette
  19. Manufacturer Affinity: Earn a Manufacturer Bonus
  20. An Extremely Valuable Item: Discover and Photograph the Golden Tlatloc Totem
  21. Gotta Destroy!: Complete 5 Seasonal Smashable Challenges
  22. Cactus Makes Perfect: Destroy 500 cactuses during the rainy season
  23. A Real Affair: At sunset, take a picture of your car with monarch butterflies at the Hotel Mirador Balderrama
  24. Dust on the Lens: Take a photo with the Gran Telescopio and a sandstorm
  25. Spectacular Photo: Take a photo during a tropical storm
  26. Heart of Gold: Send a “gift drop” to another player
  27. You are the Champion: Win any event at Horizon Open
  28. New Sound: Find a place to install the Horizon Pulse Radio beacon

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Achievements worth 20 points

  1. Treasure Hunter: Find all treasure chests in a Festival Playlist
  2. It’s been a while: Win the “Goliath” (Goliath) event
  3. Jackpot: Complete a Super7 race
  4. Putting on a Show: Win all Showcase Events
  5. Cover to cover: Earn 3 stars in every chapter of a Horizon Story
  6. Walk and hide (a pun on hide and seek): Discover and drive all the streets of Mexico
  7. Unlimited Achievement!: Complete round three of all 5 Horizon Arcade themes
  8. Min, Meet Max: Complete All Events in a Festival Playlist
  9. Better Than New: Restore 14 “Barn Finds” in Mexico
  10. Water Performance: Earn 3 stars at Trailblazers Puerta Pétrea and La Marisma in 2 minutes
  11. Front Runner: Finish 5 Horizon Tour events in front of everyone
  12. Ford Winged: Earn 3 stars on the Eagle Perch danger sign with a Ford Supervan

Achievements worth 30 points

  1. Viva Horizon!: Unlock your first Horizon Final Event
  2. Unbeatable Triumph: Win 6 different races against Unbeatable Drivatars
  3. Maybe You Say I’m A Fan: Earn a manufacturer bonus for a collection of 25 or more cars;
  4. Perfect for Printing: Take 50 photos of legendary cars for the Horizon Promo;
  5. Chicken Dinner: Win your first game in “The Eliminator”
  6. No Stone on Stone: Complete your first expedition
  7. I Have the Superiority: Win 3 events from rivals in 3 different classes, driving the same car
  8. Complete Collection: Find and Destroy 250 Bonus Boards in Mexico
  9. Tycoon: Buy all 7 player houses

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Achievements worth 50 points

  1. Hall of Fame: Conquer the Horizon Hall of Fame
  2. Seasoned Veteran: Complete one Festival Playlist activity each season
  3. Race & Rhythm & Track: Win 80 different races in Mexico
  4. Legend Viva: Earn 300 stars from public relations scams in Mexico.

What’s up! What did you think of Forza Horizon 5’s achievements? Which one do you think will be the coolest to complete? Keep checking Voxel for more news from Forza Horizon 5.

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