Flu outbreaks increase in the country; see how to prevent disease

A few weeks ago, there was a significant increase in flu cases in Rio de Janeiro. Other states have also begun to warn of similar problems, such as the case of Amazonas, where the outbreak caused the death of more than 60 people during the month of November.

In Espírito Santo the numbers increased significantly, as well as in Minas Gerais and São Paulo, where the state government has already demanded the Ministry of Health about an urgent manifestation regarding the epidemiological scenario of the flu in Brazil.

The influenza A H3N2 virus is to blame and, despite the flu vaccine being composed of a strain of H3N2, it does not cover the Darwin variant that is in circulation in these cities, according to specialists consulted by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper. Originally, Darwin was discovered in Australia.

Wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible.Wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible.Fonte:  Shutterstock

“Every year we change the vaccine recipe [contra o H3N2]. For 2022, WHO has already changed. It will be influenza A H3N2 Darwin. It is the strain that Fiocruz identified in the outbreak in Rio,” Nancy Bellei, infectologist, professor at Unifesp and coordinator of testing at Hospital São Paulo, told Folha.

Prevention is the best measure

A few days ago, more than 21 thousand people had been diagnosed with the Influenza virus in Rio de Janeiro. To avoid this situation in other states, it is necessary to adopt preventive measures.

Among the symptoms caused by the Darwin strain are high fever, sore throat, body ache, coughing, shortness of breath, fatigue, chills, headaches, body and joint — they are also common symptoms caused by all types of Influenza.

8 measures to prevent

Wash your hands and use alcohol gel

Wash your hands even when not necessary, with soap and water. And if you’re not near a bathroom, especially when you’re out and about, use 70% alcohol gel.

Wash every corner of your handsWash every corner of your handsFonte:  Shutterstock

keep your distance

Whenever possible, in public and closed places, such as bank lines or supermarkets, try to keep a distance of 1.5 meters and avoid physical contact with people who are in the same environment.

Wear mask

The use of masks is excellent for preventing contact with different types of viruses, especially if you are infected. For example, wearing masks indoors reduces the chance of infection.

Avoid touching your face (especially eyes and mouth)

One of the simplest and most effective actions is to avoid touching your face with dirty hands, as you can get infected more quickly — if you need to scratch your face, use alcohol gel first and be in a suitable place.

avoid closed places

It’s not always possible, especially if you need to go out to work. However, try to avoid going indoors and crowded, and if you need to, follow the other tips on this list — don’t forget to go out with your bottle of alcohol gel. Always prefer open and ventilated environments.

Do not share personal items

Do not share food, glasses, towels and other personal effects. This way, you can avoid causing infections or becoming infected with a virus — in fact, all the tips also serve to prevent other flu and even against the coronavírus SARS-CoV-2.

have a healthy life

Exercise and stay in good shape as this will help boost your immunity, reduce stress, and stimulate circulation. Balancing it with a balanced and nutritious diet, you can strengthen your immunity against the risks caused by the flu.

get the vaccine

We know that there is still no vaccine for the Darwin strain, however, scientists explain that immunization by vaccination is the best form of prevention in all cases. That is, as soon as possible, get vaccinated.

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